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    Cedlan's beginning
    • Chapter 1

      There was only pain. Pain and darkness. Then, his eyes opened. There was still pain, but now light. He lay there for a while, without thinking, just feeling the pain all over. Hearing slowly returned, and he heard rushing water. As the pain lessened, he felt cool water underneath him. Finally, after what seemed hours, he had his first thought. Where am I? He slowly sat up, and looked around. He was sitting on a river bank, in the middle of an evergreen forest. His head throbbed with pain. Then he realized something, and panicked. I don't know who I am? Who am I?! The pain lessened, but was still there. I need help. He thought. He slowly stood up, and tested his voice. "Hello! Anyone there?!" There was no answer, so he started limping in a random direction, hoping to find someone.

      He finally saw a building up ahead. "Yes!" he exclaimed, and limped more quickly toward it. As he neared, he saw many more buildings, and many people. A village... he thought, and limped towards it. He was almost to it, when a man stepped in front of him. This man was wearing old armor, and was holding a spear.
      "State your name and business." the guard said.
      "I just need help! Please!"
      "State your name and business." the guard repeated.
      "I'm... Ummm... John. I'm here because I need help! Can't you see I'm injured?" John pleaded.
      "Where are you from?" the guard asked.
      "I don't know! I just need help! Please, I don't remember anything!"
      "I'm sorry if you really are human, and really need help, but with Gorgles in the area, I can't trust anyone. Go, before I have to kill you." the guard said, lowering his spear.
      "What's a Gorgle?"
      "Go! I'm sorry, but go!" the guard said, readying himself to have to fight. John turned away, and began limping, when a voice came from behind him.
      "Wait!" John turned around, and saw an old woman, standing right next to the guard. "I'll help you."
      "No Ms. Nya. He might be a Gorgle! He won't tell me where he's from." the guard replied.
      "But he might not. He could actually need help. He needn't come into the village, you know where I live, and you can send someone with me to keep me safe in case he does turn out to be a Gorgle." the lady named Ms. Nya said. "Now come along, young man."
      "Thank you." John said, as he followed Ms. Nya.
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    • Chapter 2

      Cedlan opened his eyes, and saw the wooden ceiling above him. He was in a small wooden room, on a soft mattress. Right, Nya had invited him and tended to his wounds. The smell of food drifted into his nose. Food... He couldn't remember the last time he had eaten, literally. He sat up quickly, and winced at the pain that shot up his back. It was better now, but not completely healed. He got up, and limped out the doorway into the main room of the hut. It was small, and lit by firelight from the fire place. There was a bookshelf against one of the walls, and a large chest against another. Nya sat in a small chair, holding something over the fire. She turned around at the sound of John's footsteps. "You've awakened!" she said. "Come over here and rest by the fire." She motioned to a second chair next to her's. John walked over and sat down.
      "Thank you for helping me." He said. "But what was the guard talking about? What are Gorgles?"

      The old woman sighed. "You really remember nothing? Very well, I will tell you. Gorgles are very small creatures, that are made of pure darkness. They can eat anything, but prefer human flesh. One on it's own poses little danger, as they can't even bite through skin, but there is never just one. Hundreds can form together to create any shape they wish. They usually take the form of a human. They can never create a backstory for themselves, however, since they constantly argue over it, so many act as if they lost their memory, and are injured. Once they get into a village, they will eat as many people as they can."
      "Why don't just launch a full out attack?" John asked.
      "They can't, because if they do, they will scare all the people and they will escape. They like to sneak in so that they can eat as many as they can before a panic. You are likely to find many abandoned villages in the area because of this." Nya said, sadly shaking her head.
      "Why did you trust and help me?" John asked, looking into Nya's eyes.
      "Because of the necklace you were wearing." Nya said.
      John felt at his neck, but did not find it. "What necklace?" he asked.
      "I took it off of you so that I could heal you. You had some interesting stuff on you." Nya turned around and picked up a leather pouch. She handed it to John. "Here is the stuff you had on you."

      John opened the pouch and found the necklace on top. It was a silver disc with an engraved lightning bolt on it. It had a silver chain to go around his neck. When John held it, he felt some sort of power rush through him, but he didn't know what. He put it one, and looked into the pouch once again. He pulled out a golden dagger, the blade about eight inches long. It had a blue gem in the hilt, and silver lines that resembled lightning going up the blade. He studied the blade, and tested the sharpness. "Ouch!" he gasped, cutting himself on it. "Was I some sort of rich person?" he wondered aloud.

      Nya began speaking once again. "No creature of darkness can wear that necklace. It is a symbol of the knights of old." She said.
      "The Knights of the Old Kingdom. You must be a descendant of them. That is the only way you could have that medallion."
      "I'm... A knight?" John asked, bewildered.
      "No. The order of Knights is long dead, but you may possess the powers of one. That dagger is also a weapon of the Knights of the Old Kingdom."
      "So, what kind of powers could I-" John was cut off by a blood curdling screech from outside. Nya stood up quickly and went to the chest by the wall. "They're here! The Gorgles are attacking. Quickly, hide-" A monstrous thing crashed through the wall, and knocked Nya down. It roared. "GIVE ME THE DAGGER!"
      "A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage. This puppet's role has just ended..." -Majora

      "A puppy can be fused with garbage. This puppy's role has just ended."

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