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    Smash Tales [A Super Smash Bros Fan Fiction Parody Series]
    • Hey everyone, this is my first fan fiction in a long time. This time, this will be a simple parody series of Smash videos from Smash World. To start things off, here's the first episode and the story behind it. Also keep in mind that this is a parody, therefore not meant to be taken seriously. Though there will be serious plots later, as the stories progress. But yeah, everything in this series is completely made up just for fun. So it is not canon, it is not official, and it has nothing to do with any of the more serious projects I'm working on. It is a parody made only for fun. But I will say that the series is based on true personal feelings I've had for a long time now regarding certain characters like Mario. There isn't any main villains yet, but there will be. Anyways, enjoy the first episode!

      Smash Tales Episode 1: Mario's Punishment
      Here's the ID: KDHDKJ5N

      The Youtube video version uploaded to the Smash Youtube channel by the system of the game for those who don't have Smash or don't play it often:


      The story details absent from the video due to obvious limitations:

      It all started when Mario grew more arrogant and letting his pride as a hero get to his head. Link was the first to be tired of this new found arrogance. Link was visiting Termina one day, when Mario showed up to steal his thunder. Link was not happy about that and decided fight Mario. Link wins flawlessly, of course, defeating Mario, hoping that Mario's ego would end. Link even brought up to Mario in battle that he's tired of how he's been treating other heroes of late, even his own brother. Link had to at least try to put Mario down. Mario needed to be stopped! Link was successful in beating him, however, Mario survived.

      Mario turned over to Luigi, hoping to win him back, even after stealing his girlfriend, Daisy. But of course, Luigi would never forgive Mario for what he'd done! Luigi tried to finish what Link started on Mario. Mario lost again. However, it is unknown if Mario is even still alive or not. Did Mario die? Is he still alive? Will he ever turn over a new leaf and redeem himself of his wrong? That is a continuity of this tale reserved for another day.

      Anyways, that is end of episode one's story! I hope you all enjoy the first episode! Also, I'm think I probably shouldn't share the hidden Youtube video publicly, but I'm only sharing it anyways for those who don't have Smash or aren't frequently active with online functionality of Smash. So I wouldn't advice sharing the youtube version's link outside of here. I only shared it here to make sure the episode was fully viewable to everybody on here. So please don't share the link anywhere outside of here. I don't even have the authority to grant permission since Smash belongs to Nintendo and Mr. Sakurai-san. Please respect and support the official owners.

      Well anyways, that's all for now. Episodes 2, 3, and 4 will come when they're ready. This next tale will be multiple episodes long. And I will say that it will focus more on Link's story in this series. That's all I have to say for now.
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