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    Favorite/Best TV Show Theme Songs
    • Hey folks, I was reminiscing about some great TV show themes from my childhood and was wondering what people actually considered to be a good or enjoyable TV show theme song. (I'm going to count YouTube in this too, since many channels have episodic content with an opening theme.)

      A couple of my favorites are...


      for very different reasons... the former for being actually awesome, super catchy, and something I still listen to on occasion, and the latter for the lines "He'd rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear/he'd rather eat the rotten asshole of a road-killed skunk and down it with beer"... golden ...and so applicable to daily life ....

      "Oh hun, ... somewhere out there, there's a planet for you. It's not this one." -- Foo

      "We are very dirty beings. And if we go to Mars, Mars will become dirty as well." -- NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

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    • It's fun (well, to me) to track the evolution of TV head credit/theme songs. They used to be everywhere and pretty long, even on half hour shows like Cheers. A lot of times they'd reintroduce the concept of the show each week, like a Brady Bunch.

      Me, I always liked the Buffy the Vampire Slayer credits, and not just cause the bangin' Nerf Herder song. It was fun to see which clips they would switch out as the show went on vs which ones stayed the same throughout.

      But then as commercial breaks got longer, credits on network TV started getting shorter, so there'd be more time for show. Think about Lost's slow fade in of the show's title. But you could still have a short-but-sweet set of head credits with a nice musical sting. Like on Scrubs.

      While cable shows, especially ones that ran without commercials like on HBO, could still afford to have long opening credits, it wasn't until Netflix and other streamers started to really take over that a long title credits with great music came back in full force. Two of their shows have some of the best.


      Also special shout-out to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which changed up its opening credits sequence and song every season to evolve with the main character's story.