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    Health & Fitness Challenge IV
    • 1/7 on fruit 4/7 on veggies

      Workouts have been non existent. Excuses, but I'm in the process of moving and will be signing up to a new gym today. (Less than 0.5 mile away. Yay!) After that, it should be back to business. I can feel myself getting anxious with getting a workout in for so long so today and tomorrow I may send myself through hell to make up for it.
    • This week's gone really well.

      Week 1 Finished
      No Soda: 7/7

      Workout (Intermediate): 3/3
      I did one on Monday and two on Tuesday.

      Workout (Advanced): 4/4
      I did two on Thursday and one each yesterday and today.

      Run/Hike (Advanced): 1/1
      I had intended to walk once every day, but rain got in the way; I got to walk once at least, and I walked after I switched to Advanced.

      Butt Kicks (Intermediate): 3/3

      Butt Kicks (Advanced): 4/4

      High Knees (Intermediate): 3/3

      High Knees (Advanced): 4/4

      Planks (Intermediate): 3/3

      Planks (Advanced): 4/4

      Russian Twists (Intermediate): 3/3

      Russian Twists (Advanced): 4/4

      Glute Bridges (Intermediate): 3/3

      Glute Bridges (Advanced): 4/4

      Bicep Curls (Intermediate): 9/3
      I misread the instruction as "3 sets of 15 reps on each arm", and only noticed what it actually said the second time I worked out after switching to Advanced.

      Bicep Curls (Advanced): 6/4

      Tricep Extension (Intermediate): 3/3
      I didn't misread the information on this goal though somehow.

      Tricep Extension (Advanced): 4/4

      Week 1 Unfinished
      Fruits & Veggies: 6/7
      The clock was about 02:50 where I am when we were told about the goals, so I missed out on this then; this will therefore be finished tomorrow.

      Tomorrow I think I'll just rest.
    • Fruit/veggie: 7/7
      Cut out soda: 7/7 (Did that without really intending to about 15 years ago :p)
      Workout: 4/4
      Run/hike 2 miles (or 3,2-ish km for sensible people with sensible measurements) : Done (Took a local hiking trail on Tuesday and ran most the uphill parts)
      Butt kicks: Done
      High knees: Done
      Plank: Done
      Russian twists: Done (This I do every workout for the time being)
      Bicep curls: Done
      Glute bridges: Done
      Tricep extensions: Done
    • Wooo end of week one! Week two will be up in a couple hours! Once I get back from the gym xP gotta finish those arms up!

      How is everyone feeling? I got in a great hike with my parents yesterday for mother’s day! I was super happy about that. Except when a dog came over to us and shook wet hair all over us ...

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    • Week one victories:

      Display Spoiler

      fruit n veggie: ye

      Workout 3x this week: hurrah

      run or hike 1.5 miles: can I count grocery shopping for 3 hours as this? probably no

      Butt Kicks: I had to have this one explained to me. Back in my day we had people who would kick our butts for us, and then we tipped them a haypenny each

      High Knees: Something something bees I did this one

      Plank (40s): My ab challenge made me do it for 50 seconds so haha ;-;

      Glute Bridges: More like gluten bridges because bread or something I'll be here all week

      So assuming my kindergarten math is correct and there were 11 activities this week, I have accomplished 6/11.
    • damn it


      * healthy here meaning fruits, nuts, nothing processed. Use your head - a bag of cheetos isn't considered healthy, but a bag of skinny pop popcorn is okay. Veggies with peanut butter, tea with some crackers, half a corn muffin is okay. Try to stay away from anything with added sugars or artificial flavors. Questions? Ask!

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    • Most of the skinny pop calories are from fat, same as Cheetos, they're not that different gram for gram? Edit: I mean comparing the nutrition labels row for row, they're very similar. The popcorn has a couple grams of fibre per serving whereas the Cheetos don't. But if this is a snack, and you're eating healthy otherwise, that 2 g is not going to make a significant difference, I don't think. (25 to 30 g per day is the recommended amount of dietary fibre, so the serving of popcorn would provide less than 10% of that.)

      Uh. Like chocolate chip cookies, but also with butterscotch chips, ruffles salted chips, salted pretzels, and Fritos, and Graham cookie crumbs, ....

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    • Winnie wrote:

      week one stats:

      Fruit/veggie: 7/7
      Cut out soda: 7/7
      Workout: 6/4
      Run/hike 2 miles: done (5x with my dog)
      Butt kicks: subbing another cardio session to take the place of this, I don’t do bouncy moves in my apartment because there are neighbors below me. And I don’t want them to hate me
      High knees: same answer as above, subbed in a cardio session
      Plank: done (I’m planking daily with the ab challenge)
      Russian twists: done
      Bicep curls: done
      Glute bridges: done
      Tricep extensions: done
    • Boxesss- I don’t think it’s the worst thing ever to indulge every so often in a bag of Cheetos or anything (I do). But as Cheetos are legit one of the worst snacks for you out there, mainly because of the ingredients and the fact that they’re made to be addicting- I think it’s good to lay them aside for the week, especially for those who might eat this type of food regularly, it could be good to cut the habit. Here’s an article explaining the ingredients if you’re curious to know what’s in there.
      It was an interesting read.

      Those cookies sound legit fantastic! Pictures??

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    • Yeah I think it’s all in discretion, like putting away typical carb-ridden snacks/sweets that generally aren’t good for you. Swapping out things like potato chips for carrots, cookies for fruit, it’s all at people’s discretion and what works for them.

      For me carbs/sugar are the enemy so I won’t be eating either Cheetos of popcorn. Instead it’s nuts, fruit, veggies, and for a sweet treat once a day either rice pudding or yogurt.
    • Oh man, I have been meaning to argue that skinny pop popcorn isn't that great for you, not that Cheetos are okay haha. Yeah of course Cheetos are terrible. I did read the article and phrasing aside they did a good job of summarizing the ingredients. For those interested I'd read the explanation of what the ingredient is, but I'd ignore the side commentary. (E.g., whey is called "garbage" and I wonder why they chose that word, when the rest of their explanation was good? They also say later whey is not especially unhealthy. And you can still make cheese from whey, like ricotta for example.) Anyway.

      I am pretty skeptical of snacks that use names like "thin" and "skinny" etc, which is why I looked up the skinny pop nutrition information. There are probably micronutrients in popcorn that Cheetos don't have (the article talks about corn processing for Cheetos and how the cheeto manufacturing process adds some lost nutrients back in), but I've been trying to find a "popcorn kernel ingredient list" and haven't had luck this morning. The macronutrient profiles though are similar for both snacks so that's why I'm saying, we know one is bad and I'm pretty sure both are bad. But I'm not talking about all popcorn, just one brand (and I looked at the plain flavor, but they have other flavors too).

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    • Agree - skinny pop isn't even the best popcorn. Air popped from a machine is technically the "healthiest" of popcorn. But as Winnie said, honestly choosing a whole fruit or veggie is a better option than popcorn (especially if you're not eating carbs).

      And no I agree boxes, I take the word "skinny" with a grain of salt, I just happen to love the flavor of that popcorn which is why it was my example. XP
      And yes, I only eat the plain flavor, as the others add other things that I don't want to eat. Woop.

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    • I agree with Winnie on that too. Pineapple and raspberries are a couple of my fav snacks!!! Though I love air popped popcorn too and will probably have a bit of that....

      I normally have pretty unbalanced brunches but today I'm having lots of fruit and veg :) I have to say though I'm going to eat two of the cookies I made (I froze the rest) because it would be a shame not to eat a couple while they are fresh....

      Oh edit: I don't know if this will help anyone else, but I find that a lot of my snacking is mindless, like in front of the TV for example. And I don't even really think about what I'm tasting. As such I have recently been slicing cucumbers into chip sized pieces and eating a bowl of those instead of chips. Honestly I'm so zonked out after work I don't even notice after the first minute or two....

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