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    Area and Region Types of Zelda Switch
    • Where would you like the next Zelda to be located (Hyrule or elsewhere)?

      Are there any particular areas you would like to return?

      What kinds of regions would be cool to see? Sick of some of the re-curring ones (forest, volcano, lake, etc); what kinds of twists would you introduce to spice them up?

      What would you like the overall tone of the setting to be like?

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    • I prefer a new land, just for the sake of variation. But if it is Hyrule again I really do hope that they bring back the Akkala region again since it is my favorite region in BotW. Other than that, Lake Hylia, and sure it is a really given if it is in Hyrule, I just hope that it will be a good Lake Hylia with unique properties like an own music theme, some houses, NPCs and minigames there. Lake Hylia in BotW was one of my biggest disappointments.

      But a new land could be so good just for the surprise-factor alone, with completely new landmarks, regions and all other stuff. However, if Hyrule is a lot bigger than BotW, then they could incorporate a lot of new regions and landmarks there as well that can surprise us. I doubt though that the next game will be significantly bigger than BotW's world, but who knows?

      Actually I would like to see a little bit more realistic world. Having just one forest, one volcano, one major lake, etc feels a little bit too gamey for me. Bring us multiple forests over Hyrule, multiple lakes, etc and I would be a happy camper. But some really "weird" places are also welcome, like a place like Ikana for example.

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    • I'd actually kind of like to see New Hyrule again. It's only been in one game, and I feel like it has a lot of potential as an open world game. Think about it: You can ride a train across the world, but if you see something interesting, you can jump out of the train anytime to check it out.

      I'd also like to see the Anouki in a snow mountain again. Those things were very unique.

      I don't think we've ever had a proper haunted forest in Zelda (ALBW lost woods doesn't count.) The most ghosty thing we ever get are graveyards, and a temple here and there. I'd like to see a haunted forest.

      I'd like to see sky islands again. Not the main hub like SS or just a dungeon, like TP, just a little town, and some explorable things, maybe.
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    • I would actually like to see another go at New Hyrule. It has all the basic regions, but for the most part it's an open canvas to build upon any lore they want. On top of that, the technology level in this region is much more advanced than we've seen Hylians in previous games with the exception of advanced ancient civilizations (the ancient Sheikah in BoTW for instance). Steam technology can change a lot of the world and have an interesting affect on how the player interacts with it. It's an interesting line drawn somewhere between medieval fantasy and steampunk, not quite being completely one or the other. It could be like the differences of worlds between the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra, where it depicts a transition between culture and technology that has an impact on the world. I think it could do well.
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    • I would like to see more New Hyrule too. It would be such a waste for it to be used in only one (handheld) game and then get forgotten. I also hope that they keep developing it into its own thing, rather than making it Hyrule Redux. Keep advancing its technology and have the land be threatened by new villains, or perhaps introduce a new major villain that becomes a recurrent character and remains New Hyrule's biggest threat. Ganon should be confined to the other timelines IMO.