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    Policy Updates and Site Rebranding
    • Hello! It has been a while since our last check-in update but we would like to inform you of some new changes coming to Zelda Wiki. We will primarily cover the recent news surrounding the new direction of The Legend of Zelda, but you can also see recent updates in our policy at the bottom.
      Please keep in mind that as this is an extremely busy period of change, it will take time for everything to be updated accordingly.

      The Legend of Tingle
      With the recent announcement that the Zelda developers reworked the timeline to coincide with the new direction and protagonists that Nintendo Japan recently revealed in their latest video titled "Development Update on The Legend of Zelda" (The video can be seen here:「ゼルダの伝説」の開発者アップデート.), several new things came to light.

      If you're not aware of the recent changes, allow me to explain. (If you already know, please proceed to the next paragraph.) According to GameXplain, Eiji Aonuma stated that they were "not retiring" the original Triforce trio of Link, Zelda, and Ganon, but they were interested in exploring new stories with different protagonists in a separate, parallel canon to the current "main series". Four new titles are in development, produced by Tri Force Heroes director Hiromasa Shikata that will focus on Tingle, Feengle (formerly "Linkle"), and a third character to be revealed later this year (presumably June). In addition to these four titles, Shigeru Miyamoto will be working with fledgling teams at Nintendo and related companies like Grezzo and Monolith Soft to reimagine existing The Legend of Zelda titles with these new protagonists. Additionally, Feengle's new design in her first canon appearance (which was recently leaked) shows her with a design closer to Link in the old canon, leading us to believe that she will be a playable character.
      1. The site has been redesigned to a green theme reflecting Tingle and Feengle. The most noticeable change at this time is on the Main Page.
      2. Until the release of these new games, we will be following current Zelda Wiki policy and each affected page will be moved to its new title (such as The Wind Waker moving to The Wind Tingler). Redirects to these new names will be up for the next sixth months as a courtesy for anyone unfamiliar with the directional shift.
      3. Auspiciously in accordance with recent requests, we will be restructuring our canon policy to reflect the two main series canons (currently known as the Old Canon and New Canon). Old Canon material will be marked as such while New Canon material will remain unmarked.
      4. Before E3 2019, we will be slowly transitioning to a new title that more accurately reflects the new The Legend of Tingle series. By June, we will move from zelda.gamepedia to tingle.gamepedia. For SEO purposes, the zelda.gamepedia domain will redirect to the new tingle.gamepedia until a later date.
      If you have any questions or concerns about these new changes, please put them down below.

      Policy Updates
      In the future, we will be documenting policy changes here. For future changes in policy, please refer to that section. There are two notable changes in our policy that we would like you to be aware of.
      1. We have now authorized use of a new template for use in infoboxes: Template:Media. With this template, we can document several files from different games at once. As it has particular uses, please refer to its specific guidelines here for more information.
      2. Foreign names (such as those in the Nomenclature sections or on Translation listings) will now be cited, but only if the name differs from what is present in-game. Please inquire in our Discord if you would like to assist in citations.
      If you need help adjusting to these policies, please contact the staff on the Zelda Wiki Discord.