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    What do you dislike the most about Zelda ?
    • Leaving aside that "player choice" is arguably a lot less important than a lot of people insist it is, I mainly object to choosing Link's sex on narrative grounds. It introduces ambiguity into whether or not the hero of the game is canonically male or female, and by extension, whether or not the events of the game actually played out as advertised. I know the series has "legend" right there in the name, but I've always been uncomfortable with leaning into that angle- the setting and storylines feel considerably more interesting as (for want of a better term) "real" events and places than as tall tales, and such ambiguity right up front with the player character strays over the line, at least for me.

      I'd rather have a confirmed female Link than an option to kinda-sorta imply that there might have been a female Link at one point, personally.

      But, I must stop myself before this well and truly goes off the rails. :XD:
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