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    Monolith's Involvement in Upcoming Zelda Game.
    • Supposedly Zelda Switch has been in development since at least December 2017. Since then Nintendo has posted additional job listings for the game. More interesting is the recent confirmation of Monolith's involvement in an upcoming Zelda project.

      Do you think they are merely assisting in the development of Zelda Switch to help complete the game in a timely manner? If second party support is the case, and given that the hiring process is ongoing, what do you think this suggests for the games development stage and time frame for release? Also, does Monolith's involvement suggest another open-world entry?

      Or do you think this could suggest that another title is in development? Either a completely new one (less likely imo) or possibly another remake such as SS HD?

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    • Considering they helped with BotW, I'll go with a new open-world game. This time, set in a more lively Hyrule, with the castle and capitol intact. I want to see a marketplace bustling with townsfolk, squads of soldiers marching in formation with spears and halberds.

      Of course, what would be really fun is if Link starts the game in a more rustic village like Ordon, and after a few stops wherein Link helps other towns deal with problems like bandit blockades, we make it to the big city and our jaws hit the floor as we see the majestic castle and town throwing some festival celebration. Confetti in the air, banners hanging over streets, games being played for prizes, music bands, the works.

      After how wistful BotW's Hyrule was, I want to see a Zelda game that starts off loud, proud, and cheerful, celebrating the series' history.

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    • That Monolith Soft helps out isn't surprising in itself, but it feels like they have got a bigger role this time around, I don't know? I mean they specifically are searching for people for a Zelda game, it sounds like a bigger involvement in my ears. And I hope so, since how good they are in developing big worlds.

      A personal theory is that their new supposed IP that resembles Zelda a little, has transformed into a Zelda title. That would be neat, even if I really wouldn't have mind a completely new IP. But this is probably wrong.

      And wouldn't it be kind of cool if Monolith Soft are making their own version of a Zelda title, like in parallel to Aonuma & co? As in two 3D open world Zelda-titles? Most likely not, but would certainly be neat, especially if they are very different from eachother.

      No, I believe in the new IP from Monolith Soft, AND a bigger involvement on their part on the next Zelda game, and this is probably for the best. All focus on one Zelda title, and make sure it will be the greatest shit ever. And is it wrong to hope for a significantly bigger Hyrule next time? I am not a super proponent for huge worlds, but as long as they have the manpower and competence, it could end up as something really good.

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