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    Ghirahim-esque Rival Villains that intercept you a la Yiga Clan
    • An idea that I had which could make a BotW style game feel more alive. Here's how it would work overall.

      • 1-4 humanoid boss enemies are designed, which, like many of the enemies in BotW (like bokoblins or Lizalfos), have pretty complex AI that let them adapt to a number of situations.
      • Each one has a number of areas in the overworld they are capable of spawning, and randomly/rarely when traversing, they will accost you, possibly with a short scene introducing them.
      • You can enjoy the fight, try to run or stealth away from them if you're low on health, or you can fast travel away if you can't be bothered.
      Some scenes I could imagine:

      • You are roaming through the overworld and you get to a dead end. From around a corner just behind you, your rival shows up and claims he's caught you.
      • You are in a town, when you hear screaming from outside. The rival has entered the town. Guards/citizens with sword approach him if you don't and get beaten down. He's searching for you, and you can try and hide in one of the houses alongside the rest of the citizens, or go out and fight him, the fight maybe going on top of roof tops or into houses as it develops organically.
      • You are exploring near a large hill. Your rival is on top of the hill and starts sending down boulders your way that you need to dodge.
      • As you explore, you hear the enemy ranting about how he's totally going to get you next time, somewhere in the distance. You can try and stealth up on him and get the drop on him, taking his weapon before he can pick it up and making the upcoming bossfight very easy, or you can try to avoid where he is, or you can constantly pester him from hiding and make him increasingly pissed as his campsite slowly becomes ruined.
      I'd like to think if it's not too frequent and that there are options to just ignore the encounters, it could make for a really dynamic aspect of exploration that makes things more exciting.