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    Are OoT gorons vegan?
    • If they only eat rocks, by definition they would be abstaining from animal products, right?

      I've read there's mention of gorons drinking milk in Twilight Princess. But it didn't sound like that made up a large part of their diet, and hey, that's another game. (Also, is there absolute evidence they are referring to cow milk? More than likely that's the case, but it's my understanding soy milk and other non-dairy beverages have been referred to as milk for quite some time.)

      EDIT: I'm mostly referring to veganism here as a diet, rather than an all-encompassing lifestyle. I know the bomb bag is made from a dodongo's stomach. While I'm not sure there is unquestionable proof to this effect, it seems reasonable to assume this is a goron craft.

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    • They don't eat vegetal products tho ...

      In the word "Vegan", there is the word "Vegetarian" which itself is the word "Vegetable" with the suffix "-arian", which means "supporter" or "believer", here a surpporter of vegetables, as this is what they eat. "Vegan" ads the suffix "-an" which means that it's someone or something.
      "Someone that is a supporter of vegetables"

      "Vegetables" can refers to any comestible parts of a plant, as it's "vegetal", so every organism of the Kingdom Plantae.

      So a Vegan/Vegetarian is someone that support the consumption of Plants, and so it is implied, over the consumption of Animals. (Let's forget about Mushrooms, some claims that since they act in a vegetative way, they can be considered as part of the Flora, which, in this logic, would include something like the Marine Sponges, which are animals(which some really do, lol), but that's not the debate here).

      However, your question would have been better if you asked if Gorons were herbivores, which are animals that only consume plants and are anatomically built for that.
      Pandas aren't herbivores, yeah, they are omnivores and physiologically carnivores. They do not only eat bamboo even if it's the majority of their diet, they often eat rodents or birds as their occasional source of meat.

      Milk and Eggs are not Flesh of Animals, they are produced by them (even if Eggs are technically just a giant Cells, but since "Flesh" is supposed to be made of tissues, a single cell does not count, we inhale a lot of bacteries everyday afterall)
      Herbivores, especially Mammals, consume dairy products in the form of the maternal milk. So, they would still be herbivores even if they consume Milk.

      Are Gorons Herbivores ? No ... Why ? Because they do not consume Plants.

      Gorons are ... Mineralivores !
      Of course they are, they only consume minerals from Rocks.
      Their favorite meals are Rock Sirloin from the Rocks of the Dodongo Cavern, Rock Roast and Rock Brisket. They also consume Lava, as Lava Juice or Soup.
      Their bodies are physiologically built to eat Rocks.

      There is an exeption tho ... the Goron Spices, which is a mix of Spice which are, at first, plants.

      My final anwser :

      They are neither Vegan(since they drink dary products) nor Herbivores (since they are not built to consume plants.) and probably not Vegetarian, as they do not support the consumtion of Vegetables.

      We could say that they are Mineralivores with omnivore tendances, but can't subsiste from something else than Rock.
      It is possible that they consume both Milk and Spices because that both of them are rich in minerals ( calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc for Milk) ( potassium, manganese, iron, and magnesium for Spices).
      They are surely not interested in the biological components of these products, as they work from minerals.

      Goron aren't Biological living beings, or at least they are not Carbon-Based organisms.
      They can be Silicon or maybe Iron based organisms unrelated to the other species.

      Gorons aren't Vegan
    • Arguably "Vegetarian" is used not to mean "eats vegetables", most people do that, but to mean "does not eat meat". That'd be why we also have the term "vegan", which wouldn't be required if "vegetarian" meant "only eats vegetables".

      In that sense, they'd be vegetarian, if they truly don't eat meat (and I'm not aware of them doing so).

      But is the question here "Does the term 'vegetarian' correctly describe the Gorons?" Or is it "Do Gorons eat meat/animal products?" The former is gonna lead to definition-quibbling, the latter seems likely to be "no", save for milk, and will be easier to answer using in-game information rather than a philosophy degree.

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    • John wrote:

      But is the question here "Does the term 'vegetarian' correctly describe the Gorons?" Or is it "Do Gorons eat meat/animal products?" The former is gonna lead to definition-quibbling, the latter seems likely to be "no", save for milk, and will be easier to answer using in-game information rather than a philosophy degree.
      I was going to quote the definition of veganism from The Vegan Society, but this is a good point.

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    • Sure, but is your question one of definitions or one of observations?

      That is, are you curious about if the concept of vegetarianism or veganism applies to Gorons? Or is it if they eat meat or animal products?

      The former will come down to how the terms are defined and used, the latter down to what we can find evidence of in the games and supplementary materials.

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    • As a vegan, I'd say they could be considered vegan in OOT, but since then in TP they mention drinking milk and since TP places such a large importance on goats, I'd assume that milk to be Ordon Goat Milk, and BOTW straight up has a stone slab stove in Goron Village used primarily for cooking meat, which to me would indicate that they're likely omnivores who primarily prefer the taste of rocks.


      vegan = not eating animal products.
      Rocks = not animals.

      Thus by definition yes, but their diet isn't applicable to humans, so it's not really comparable.
    • Benermerut wrote:

      Both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks have Goron Amber as treasure items.
      It's described as a "tasty Goron treat" and has a beetle encased in it, implying Gorons are also insectivores.

      You're not supposed to eat the beetle, that's like the stone seed in drupes.

      Well, even if they don't eat the insect, Amber is not mineral at all, it's fossilised resin and thus organical, a bunch of macromolecules stuck together, to the eyes of a Goron, that's Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen.
      I guess it's like us with Candies, zero nutritional values, just for the taste.

      I like to think that it's bad for their health and that there is a prevention against it.
      "Kids, don't do Amber"
    • There is a cow in a hole not far from Goron City. Some people (myself included) think the Gorons use that cow for milk occasionally, though it obviously isn't a big part of their diet. So even in OoT, they might not stick exclusively to rocks.
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    • And they killed a Dragon, Volvagia, which is a sort of animal, and thus it's "not vegan".

      If you are after "Vegans" in Zelda, do not look further than the Kikwis, Kokiris, and Koroks.
      Since they never really kill any animals and feed from fruits and plants of the Forest, or maybe photosynthesis for Koroks since they lack a mouth to eat.

      Koroks are the ultimate "Vegans" of the Zelda series since they kill nothing, not even plants, while substening themself.

      The second one would be the Kikwis, which are strict fruigivores/"fruitarians" and thus don't kill plants nor animals to get their food.

      I don't know if Kokiris do kill plants to eat but since they already use nuts as weapons, so they are horrible killers with sap on their hands.
      Those Deku Nuts were potential new trees, new lives expanding the forest and they willingly ended them by smashing them on the ground like savages.
      Taking the form of filthy humans was their biggest mistake, the Koroks are pure in any ways. XD
    • Fal Cie wrote:

      What if they eat rock from killing a stone talus?
      I'm not even sure if Stone Taluses can be considered living. They're not animals yet they're sentient and are show to recoil from having their limbs blown off...whether that's "pain" though I don't know.

      I guess I'd say no ultimately, just on the off chance that Taluses can feel pain, but the lines become blurry when you live in a world of monsters .
    • “Vegan” is a choice.

      The Gorons subsist mostly on silicate minerals and mineral-rich water. Inorganic material. That is how they survive. It isn’t a statement on dietary habits when granite is all you need to keep going. They aren’t vegans. They’re Gorons.

      Unless there are members of the species who solely eat petrified logs because they feel bad about eating fossilized bone, they are no more vegan than any other Goron. And even then, the best way to describe a Goron like that would be to call them a picky eater, as there would be so many other options.

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