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    The Southern Poverty Law Center's Big Problem
    • The SPLC certainly has taken on quite the honorable mission, and done so with an openness that is almost awe-inspiring. For years, they have worked to list and categorize various hate groups and people with extreme views. To the point their list was considered authoritative by various law enforcement agencies, granting them a rare role outside of a governmental organization. To be labeled a hate group by them was to be outed as evil in an irrefutable manner in the eyes of many.

      And then it made the mistake of taking on a man named Ben Carson:…extremist-_n_6646994.html…tatement-on-dr-ben-carson

      Carson, despite holding extremist views, forced them to apologize for listing him. This probably would have been forgotten as a minor mistake that had to happen inevitably, if it wasn't followed up with them taking on Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali:…-an-anti-muslim-extremist…emist-list-201918193.html…a-once-vital-organization…z-and-quilliam-foundation

      At this point, the SPLC started to lose some of its respect as people began to question some of its choices and wonder why people who could not reasonably be remotely labeled as extremists were making the lists. Even more so right after making a similar mistake with a Presidential hopeful and having to so publicly apologize. People began to question on if, maybe, it was a political agenda and not categorizing extremists that was fueling the SPLC's lists now.

      Have you noticed that all of the people who received the focus are minorities? It turns out that was indicative of a different, and far worse, problem within the SPLC that may have been informing their lists:

      Turns out they're extremely racist and very sexist, to the point they had to purge their leadership and employees are still crying foul.

      Between going out of their way to sideline minority views within their own organization, the constant racist remarks, and the sexual harassment women within the organization received... Is it any wonder that I now sit here and wonder if, maybe, the reason why some of the people on those extremist lists are there primarily because of the color of their skin? The group outright admitted it didn't research Carsen, Nawaz, and Ali enough to know if they truly belonged; I don't feel it too far a leap of conclusion to note their systemic, ongoing racism may have informed their choice of including those three people far more than what those three actually said.

      And that's assuming it's not also a scam, as Bob Moser accuses:…uthern-poverty-law-center

      So, now, we know the SPLC is a racist organization and has been for years. Can we trust anything they have to say going forward?

      And, after typing this, I need a friggin' drink.

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