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    Ancestry/Health Genetic Testing (23 and Me etc.)
    • Good evening,

      Has anyone here ever tried one of these services?

      My wife and I ordered kits for 23 and Me for Christmas. We had a lot of fun with it, although I can see where it could cause stress if discovered you were at increased risk for disease.

      It was a little gross to spit into a tube, but better spit than shit I suppose!

      On the health side, I have elevated risk for age related macular degeneration. No big shocker, my grandma suffers from that condition.

      On the ancestry side, there were some surprises.

      I have less German ancestry than I would have thought (~ 35%)

      The big surprise was that I was ~20% British. I was not aware that I had any British ancestry (although my dad's side of the family was a relative unknown).

      I had ~12% Eastern European (Czech) and ~ 6% Scandinavian (Denmark). Everything else was "Broadly Northern/Eastern European" and a the wild card: .1% Chinese!

      And some fun stuff:

      -I had more "Neanderthal Variants" than 88% of those tested.
      -I had variants associated with efficient caffeine digestion (those who know me know this is true)
      -I had variants associated with little back hair (true)
      -I had variants associated with being a light sleeper (true)
      -I had variants associated with funny smelling pee when I eat asparagus (true)
      -Slightly increased likelihood of cilantro taste aversion (very UNtrue--I love cilantro)

      I found my results to be pretty fascinating/amusing, and mostly true!
    • I've been thinking of trying out one of those, actually, for the fun of it!

      My great grandmother was Scottish and I recently got to know a bit more about the family further back there. They're from Southern Uist and I'm planning on going on a biking trip up the Hebrides one day, so that might be fun :)

      My ex-wife tried one of those related to National Geographic, I think.
    • I've always been interested as well, but it seems like both sides of my family are incredibly knowledgeable on each other's ancestry, so part of me wonders what the point would be. Yet again, it still sounds like such a neat and fun thing to do, I think it's important that people are aware of where they're from, I feel it can make a person feel more pride and positive for something.

      I'm mainly Irish, English, German, French, and a sprinkle of Polish.

      I would like to know the percentage of these nationalities, though.
    • Here's the one by National Geographic:

      They proudly say that they have participants from more than 140 countries, but it seems they've stopped shipping them outside of the US. So I must say that I find that kind of confusing.
      "*The International and Canadian versions of the Geno 2.0 DNA Kit are no longer available for sale. We apologize for the inconvenience."