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    What are/were your most favorite cartoons EVER?
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      Batman the Animated Series was amazing for how much it did not talk down to its young audience....
      Avatar - The Last Airbender was just plain magical all over and throughout with amazing characters....
      But man, I just don't know if anything can top Beast Wars. That show just gets better every time you see it. Consistently.

      Also loved ReBoot, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, and Exo-Squad, but.... mmrrhrmhmmm sometimes I fear it's just my own personal fondness instead of deeply inherent quality. Maybe they were run-of-the-mill, BUT DANG IT THEY WERE SPECIAL!

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    • For me lets categorize this in childhood and adult hood because im a woman child who never stopped watching cartoons lol!


      Favorite Cartoon: Rugrats - That was my favorite show in my youth, I absolutely loved the show and being a 90s baby in contrast to today Tommy's adventures were so much fun to watch. I loved every character, and being a twin myself I found a lot of joy in watching Phill and Lill interact with each other <3

      Most Hated cartoon: I hated Bobby's world. - The art style really turned me off as a kid and that show took the world by storm for whatever reason I didn't understand why. as an artist myself I guess the style just rubbed me the wrong way.


      Favorite Cartoon - Gumball - That show is so enjoyable. The character dynamic between Anias, gumball and darwin is so unique. I love the parents Nicole and Richard. every single character is different and you have so much fun with each character whenever they are starred in an episode. Gumball also has VERY adult content that is subtly woven throughout it's episodes. The satire is priceless I love it.

      Most hated cartoon: Teen Titans GO! - Was so incredibly overrated I feel like when they rebooted this series so much of what I loved about the original got removed. They shoved this cartoon down everyones throats to the point as to why I now see it as overrated.
    • I really liked Batman Beyond as a kid.
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    • ReBoot!!! Definitely #1, I had all the action figures and LARPed with my friends at school hahaha! Except we had too many girls so I always had to be Enzo what a bummer.

      Sailor Moon. In the 3rd grade my friends and I made a really bad Sailor Moon play which we performed in front of our class after no rehearsals and it was a big disaster, much to my embarrassment at the time.

      Captain Planet (wait I remember making a Planeteer shirt for myself in 1st grade as well ha ha oh man), X-Men, The Magician, and Static Shock also come to mind as favorites.

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    • I'm not sure...I've watched far too many cartoons in my day to really pick a favorite or favorites. I mean i guess you got the classics like animaniacs and Tiny Toons, and then my childhood of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, PPG, Courage, and so on, and then stuff after that like Chowder, Fosters, and then the newer stuff like SU, Star. Vs, and so on.

      I guess thinking about the types of cartoons I like, the ones that are sorta the "plot of the week" that manage to be cohesive enough without being completely random, my favorites are: Spongebob (mostly the early spongebob,) Animaniacs, and The Amazing World of Gumball.

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    • Still watch cartoons a bit and grew up A LOT with them.

      - Spongebob (like the first three or so seasons are childhood gold)
      - The Last Airbender
      - Futurama, Disenchantment, and (to an extent) The Simpsons. I actually haven’t seen the Simpsons in years, but I remember liking the early seasons and such before. They get brownie points for referencing BTS in a recent episode.
      - The Amazing World of Gumball
      - Adventure Time. Similarly to Simpsons the later seasons lost me but I enjoyed the beginning.
      - Teen Titans
      - Samurai Jack
      - Bob’s Burgers. The episode about Boyz 4 Now is still my favorite.
      - CatDog
      - Rocko’s Modern Life

      Edit: How the hell did I forget My Life as a Teenage Robot? I loved the animation on that one.
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    • I don't mind being the genuine and true-to-self one of the group,

      I'd say Family Guy and YoutubePoops are my fav cartoons. :cool: They're both about 'how many funny algorithmic combinations can we come up with.'

      I do like a lot of the other suggestions, though, YTP for me always makes these suggestions more interesting. ie SpongeBob, Rugrats and King of the Hill are great, but watch them pooped and it feels like there's even more substance happening in the plot.

      What is a Zelda game? My take on it.

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