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    Tips for breath of the wild ?
    • Been playing breath of the wild but I’m having a bit of a hard time with it . Any useful wisdom you all can impart on this noob?

      Aldo why I am enjoying it ...I have a hard time getting into it . I try to set goals to keep myself invested and hey I won’t deny the fun of just going over that hill or mountain but it does feel kind of boring to me . Am I just missing something ?
    • Maybe you're bored because you already know what you will find? Or because you're just not into all that exploration.

      What I did was treat the exploration as a side thing while always keeping the main quest in mind. I'm the kind of person that gets distracted easily so a game like BotW allowed me to act on those impulses just fine. Maybe you don't get distracted easily?

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    • Maybe you could try using a nearby shrine as a motivator, that's what I did and it kept motivating me to explore. Assuming you also plan on doing the shrine (or at least activating it so you can teleport there).

      Doesn't have to be limited to just shrines of course, it can be anything you see in the distance that catches your interest.

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    • When i first left the Great Plateau, i sought out the Sheikah Towers as my first goal. Some of them pose a little bit of a challenge to get to, and even climb due to environmental and nature. Others have enemies including Guardians patrolling nearby, which are good fun taking down.

      Climbing to the top of each Tower gives you a view, which you can spot Shrines from and other places of interest.
    • I went for the towers first, then did a mixture of wandering around and hunting for divine beasts.

      Basically, up until you unlock all the stuff on your slate the game not-so-subtly directs you where to go next, and it can be a good idea to follow it so that you get a feel for the gameplay systems and acquire side-quests to do and stuff.

      What I found helped the most was setting two goals. The first would be distant ("Do the next beast" or the like) and the other would be close ("Do that shrine you can see" or "Find out what that thing over there is"). So I'd have something to be working towards but I'd let myself get distracted by anything interesting along the way. The really neat thing is that letting yourself get distracted usually shows you other interesting things you can go check out, or not, as you feel like it. You'll end up wandering in roughly the right direction but seeing lots of neat stuff on the way and finding more neat stuff to come back to later.

      Also, hunt down the memories. They provide a feel for the characters and history of Hyrule and can help you feel a lot more grounded in it. Also, most of them are fun to find (figuring out where you'd have to be to take that picture and all).

      Ultimately, there are over a hundred shrines and almost a thousand Koroks, not to mention numerous side-quests, useful NPCs, and landmarks that are just neat. If you want to rush through to the end you can totally do that, and more power to you, but if you want to say "what's that over there?" odds are good you'll get some sort of mechanical reward for checking it out, and will probably also get to just see something neat or find something new, and that can be a lot of fun.

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