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    Do You Want Shrines to Return?
    • Having a bunch of mini-dungeons scattered throughout the massive overworld of BotW provided a lot of incentive and reward for exploration in my eyes. Many of the physics based puzzles were really fun to play with and figure out. However, while part of me really enjoyed them and would like them to return, the fact of the matter is that their inclusion was part of the reason that we only had 4 short "dungeons" (Divine Beasts) instead of a larger number of full sized dungeon experiences.

      So, with that in mind, would you like to see Shrines return? And if so how many do you think would be a good number?

      Should they be modified in any way?

      Would you want the combat shrines to return?

      What about the blessing shrines?

      Let me know what you think!

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    • I wouldn't mind if they returned, BUT ONLY IF THEY'RE DIFFERENT.

      And not so many.

      Like, it would be cool to have traditional dungeons with traditional items, and a few shrines scattered about that all have different themes and require different items to complete.


      Best ones. I loved finding out I was in one, about to fight some badass mini-Guardian.

      If combat shrines return, I'd like to see more than just one monster serving as the boss in each one.

      One combat shrine can have a really strong Lynel, another can have a strong Dead Hand, one could be 50,000 Keese, one could be a throw-back mini-Guardian shrine, etc.


      Edit 2- Unrelated but kinda related: in MM, remember that place in Ikana you fought all the mini-bosses? That was awesome. I want more places like that. And of course, Boss Rush!
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    • @Guinea

      In what way would you like the Shrines to be different (in general)?

      About the combat shrines, yes they would have been good if they had included more enemy variety like you mention, instead of just being copy-pasted guardian enemies and slight variations of the same room/arena structure. Another possibility is that each combat shrine could be a mini version of the master trials challenges/gauntlet, where the game takes away your inventory and you have to rely on what's provided in the arena, so to speak.
    • To me, exploring is not a big incentive for playing Zelda games in the first place (hence my disappointment in BotW), so I personally want more quality and less quantity when it comes to world, shrines, everything.

      But the new physics and functions in BotW are great and definitely make the shrines bearable. I just don't want the puzzle elements spread so thin.

      Combat shrines, no thanks. Unless they contain unique enemies. Blessing shrines are fine, because overworld puzzles are fine, but I think you could just as well receive the blessings in the overworld itself.
    • I'd like to see something akin to the megaman series where you can enter a shrine and re fight the bosses of a temple. But at a higher difficulty or under restricted settings and challenges. Perhaps even an endurance run where you have to fight progressively harder enemies back to back with no rest in between.

      Shrines puzzle wise not so much. I preferred the more organic puzzles of the open world where a blessing shrine reveals itself after you completed task in Hyrule proper.

      I didn't really mind the number of shrines as it allowed to me find a reasonable stopping point so I didn't spend too much time playing the game in one sitting. It became a nice routine to find and beat a single shrine every morning before I head off to work and this routine helped extend the life of the game for me.
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    • I mean...I wouldn't mind if they came back, just they need to be treated differently. For one they can't be the main source of puzzle solving in the game. They're just too short to really allow puzzles to grow and evolve in a logical order, and if they get too big well you might as well just turn it into a full on dungeon.

      Two, the aesthetic has to change between shrines. It's cool the first ten times, but 120 of the same thing is bleh.

      Three, they really can't expect to overworld content to be held up with these things (seeds included). You need variety with the locations you explore and there were plenty of places in the game that would've benefited much better in the form of an interesting sidequest for example. The three Springs for instance. The Spring of Wisdom didn't need the shrine, the quest involved with it alone was enough, maybe just give the orb to the player upon the dragon's departure.
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    • Unless they can devise and even better mechanic to fill an enormous world with content, I do think the shrine concept should return in some form, though certainly with twists and modifications.

      Greater variety in aesthetic is an obvious and simple modification. That alone would increase the appeal a great deal.

      Fewer overall "shrines" (perhaps half or three quarters), but a greater number that are more involved (like the "blue fire" shrine). I'm all for more combat focused shrines as well.

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    • Throwing my opinions into the mix:

      Although I understand why Nintendo used the same outward structure design for each Shrine (to make them easily identifiable in the over-world), it would still be for the best if they were more organically incorporated into the world as caves and other unique structures (the HD rumble, which could be turned on/off, could still be used to help identify when your close to one). This would also solve the issue of the interior design always being the same, which as most people have noted, was way too repetitive.

      As for combat shrines, it would be cool if the reward for these could be new combat moves like in TP.

      Blessing "shrines" could return as outside puzzles, but like a couple of you have said, once you solve them there is no need for a structure to show up.

      And for the love of god, no more motion control based shrines. I don't know how those even made it into the final game.

      Overall I'm thinking maybe half the amount we had before would be good (especially if the overworld ends up being smaller/quality over quantity next time, which would be nice).

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    • Only if the majority of them were combat-focused. Leave puzzles to the proper dungeons. This would be preferable to something like that pit in Twilight Princess since it's able to limit how many successive battles you have to survive.

      For those that aren't just about a combat challenge, let them require the particular dungeon item and possibly need to gather certain hints in the overworld before you'll know exactly how to proceed. Like you'll find the solution (or the completed riddle to help you figure out what to do) in three Gossip Stones somewhere out there and only after finding the three that correspond to that shrine, they'll form into a fully coherent riddle that spells out what to do to complete a shrine. At least that way it'll be equivalent to just one BIG puzzle instead of a series of smaller ones.
    • Not particularly. I find them to be enjoyable and challenging but it always felt out of place (at least stylistically). I'm not opposed to an emulated concept of it where mini dungeons exist in an open world like in Skyrim (which BOTW was inspired by). However, it certainly is not a deal breaker if they were continued in the same fashion in the next game. I feel like more main dungeons with more diversity within its puzzle components and style is always an attractive feature in a Zelda game.
    • They can honestly stay in the current form as long as they are not the main thing to look for (like they pretty much were in BotW). If there are like 10 main dungeons, a lot of random caves/ruins/whatever and other interesting spots on the map, I could see shrines (but with a different name/design) work as they did in BotW, like 50 or so. But I much more rather see huge variations in pretty much all regards. Shrines in the form of minidungeons, that can be very small and pretty big, different themes, different designs, different structures, different music, etc etc. One minidungeon could be a ruins, another could be a sunken ship, etc.

      Combat shrines can return, but in another form... and not reusing the same enemy 20 times please. Here would be the perfect opportunity to bring in an advanced tech Iron Knuckle or Darknut. Or some other out of the hundreds of enemies/minibosses of Zelda's past games in the form of the Sheikah design.

      The blessing shrines can go. They are just there so Link can get his "magical orb". Hopefully they don't exist in the next Zelda. Too gamey for me.

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    • Zero_Origin wrote:

      So, with that in mind, would you like to see Shrines return?
      I like the idea of having numerous minidungeons scattered across the land, especially in a land as vast as BotW Hyrule. However, I'm not a fan of shrines as such. I can see why they were made as they were; they were a decent excuse for blatantly puzzle-focused sections catered to Link's abilities and their uniform appearance from the outside ensured that we always knew what we were looking for. But because of that, they were repetitive both from an aesthetic standpoint, and in that no individual shrine added much of anything to the lore or the world. I'd rather have caves, graves, mines, maybe the interiors of some buildings.

      Zero_Origin wrote:

      And if so how many do you think would be a good number?
      I have no idea, but I wouldn't mind some being sacrificed for more full-sized dungeons (whatever form those take) or being combined into a pseudodungeon like the Lost Woods.

      Zero_Origin wrote:

      Would you want the combat shrines to return?
      Yes, those were fun. I think graves are particularly well-suited to that, with specific stalfos or redead enemies whose weapons and shields would give us clues to the identity of the person buried there. I also think, depending on the bosses and minibosses of dungeons in the next game, that they could both be recycled as enemies for combat 'shrines.'

      Zero_Origin wrote:

      What about the blessing shrines?
      No. Blessing shrines should be replaced with treasure chests.

      Basically, I want the successor to shrines to add to the world beyond "this was placed here to be a test for the hero."
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