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    • The past few months, I've been spending my "listening" time on Podcasts rather than music, playing them in the gym, during work, driving etc. I can say they've given me great value. I wanted to make this thread to serve as a sort of library for such shows to come back to for recommendations and such.

      Post what you enjoy listening to and what mediums you use to listen to the Podcasts to give us accessibility. This doesn't have to be in the same idea as what I posted. @EzloSpirit & @Cody 's podcast stickied at the top of this website is a good one to listen to. I listened once and it made my beard grow 3 inches longer that day. (Ladies, I understand if you don't want the extra facial hair)…da-fashion-chuggaaconroy/


      My two biggest listens:

      Ed Mylett

      Tom Bilyeu

      The reason I listen to these is they are people who share my own mindset, interests, and beliefs, and it's a reinforcement I've been needing recently in a time when most of my friends who did share my mind have moved away and I left with those that just want to have fun (which isn't wrong, but it doesn't serve me that well).

      Ed Mylett made a come up with World Financial Group (which many would say is a scam pyramid scheme which makes it that more impressive) and now just does the coaching/investing people do nowadays. His message his training your mind and bringing people on that tell the story of the successes and struggles they've had coming up.

      Tom Bilyeu is a founder of Quest Nutrition (Godsend company lol) and does a similar message, but also dips into other areas such as medicine by bringing on doctors or a relationship show with his wife who stuck with him in his early, sitting on his ass, years.

      I'll admit they do have a couple bad guests on at times (Dean Graziosi is one I can't stand), but much of it is really good material

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    • I’ve got 3 in my rotation right now.

      My main one I come back to and listen to the most is the Giantbombcast. These guys have a lot of good insight into the gaming industry, and are pretty entertaining when they go off topic. Their Game of the Year awards podcast (this year was 5 parts around 4h long each) where they bicker at each other and fight for their favourites are always the highlight of my podcast year haha.

      Off Topic is my other main one. It’s the Achievement Hunter guys just shooing the shit basically. I like the main Achievement Hunter cast, so I find this one pretty entertaining to listen to. They’re louder and generally more drunk than the Giantbombcast, so I don’t listen to it quite as often. Just depends on my mood. Haha.

      Ghoul Intentions is my newest addition to my rotation. It’s hosted by J Michael Tatum and Jamie Marchi and they just tell ghost stories the whole time. Wether you buy into the stories or not, they’re generally pretty interesting and well read (I mean they’re voice actors so that makes sense haha). Their reactions to the stories they get are pretty funny.

      I listen to a lot of podcasts sitting at my desk all day. Haha. Sometimes the same tunes over and over just doesn’t cut it.
    • Hey guys, since this has to do with podcasts here is another plug for my favorite: ASTONISHING LEGENDS!

      It's two guys talking about various mysteries, some supernatural, others just unexplained mysteries or even continuing investigations. It's basically the only podcast I listen to, and it's all I need! Word to the wise check out the Dyatlov Pass episodes since the Russians are reopening the investigation on it.
    • As far as video games, I like THE ZELDA UNIVERSE PODCAST, and some others such as the Giant Bombcast / Beastcast, as mentioned by Ty.

      I also listen to some history podcasts, like Hardcore History and one called The History of Rome.

      For general entertainment I listen to general chat shows like My Brother, My Brother and Me, and some other fun stuff like All Systems Goku, which is people watching through DBZ for the first time.

      For politics podcasts I listen to the FiveThirtyEight podcast, as well as some others specific to Australian politics.
    • This may be weird as somebody who used to produce lots of podcasts, but: I don't like podcasts.

      I don't like listening to them. I usually find them boring, slow and long. I have no clue when I'm supposed to listen to them. I either want 100% entertainment, so I can put all my mind to it, or I want like 10% entertainment, so it's just in the background and it doesn't need much of my attention. But podcasts are like 50% entertainment. For me, that's not enough to really enjoy it, but too much to play in the background.

      When I made my own podcasts with 2 ZU buddies, I tried to make podcasts that I liked. I think I managed. I cut out the boring parts, I added music, screenshots, anything to make it worth everybody's time.

      Another reason I often don't like podcasts: I prefer reading. When I read the opinions of others, I can make a quick selection of what I read. I don't have to waste time on opinions that I'm not interested in, or on bad jokes. When listening to a podcast, I often realize I'm just not interested in the opinion of some people. But it's hard to skip it.

      And in the end I realized: it's too niche a market. Our podcast with the most 'views' was one about Zelda U where we also analyzed new footage. So even though I enjoyed recording podcasts, we pretty much quit.
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    • I love podcasts. I love that the barrier of entry is low so anyone can do one as a creative outlet. I love that there's a podcast for probably every subject and niche. I love that there's no standard format, no standard release schedule - some of my favourite podcasts release weekly, some only once a year. They're great.

      But a few months ago I found myself getting burned out on podcasts. I wasn't listening that many (relatively. More than what's been posted in this thread so far, but far less than other people I know), but keeping up with all the regularly-updated episodes was starting to feel more like a chore. So I did a bit of a purge. This is mostly what's left.

      The Adventure Zone - Updates every other week - The McElroy family is well represented on my podcatcher (I use Overcast, which is great by the way). This is their tabletop RPG actual play podcast the three brothers have with their dad. Currently partway through their second "story" using the Monster of the Week system, I'm not as into it as I was during the highs of their initial "Balance" campaign, but it's still reliably entertaining.

      The Besties - Updates annually (hopefully?) - The only video game podcast on my list, The Besties started out as a weekly podcast hosted by Justin and Griffin McElroy, Russ Frushtick and Chris Plante, who all worked at Polygon. Russ and Chris left Polygon and it became an annual podcast. Then they came back and it became monthly. Then Justin and Griffin left and it's kinda up in the air? Anyway, in its purest form each host argues what the best game of the week/month/year is and they hash it out, culminating in a final bracket-style year-end showdown. But the real treat is to hear four people who have a great rapport and a lot of passion and knowledge about their subjects square off.

      Crimetown - Updates weekly, by season - I've only listened to the first season (the second season is exclusive to Spotify, and fuuckkkk thaaaat shiiittt), but this documentary series podcast about the corruption of Providence, Rhode Island as told through the rises and falls of former mayor Buddy Cianci has great access to fascinating people and records. It's well researched and has some great music and sound design.

      Dissect - Updates weekly, by season - "Longform musical analysis broken into short, digestible chunks." Pretty straight-forward, each season looks at a specific album and, generally track-by-track, analyzes the composition, lyrics, themes and background within. First season focused on Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly, season two is Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, season three tackled Frank Ocean's Blonde (and his previous releases, to a lesser extent), and a short mini-season deconstructed The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

      Family Ghosts - Updates weekly, by season - This one is a bit of a mixed bag, and not just because of the long gap in between the first season and the yet-to-be-published second. But the gems in this podcast are worth it. Each episode has a guest (or sometimes the host) explore a story that is a metaphorical "ghost in the attic" for their family - the kind of story that everyone in the family knows about, but nobody talks about. Some episodes are heavily guided by host Sam Dingman, some just have the guest monologuing the story on their own. But the best episodes, regardless of format, are the ones where the storyteller is clearly working through something in their own lives that they connect with something from their families history. Best examples are "No Brown Spots," where the storyteller struggles to with her family's history of mental illness, and "Lookin' Good, Charlie" where a young man tries to define his masculinity after the death of his father.

      Hardcore History - Updates infrequently - Probably the most popular history podcast out there, and for good reason. Dan Carlin's presentation of historical events is accessible and engrossing, making the hours-long episodes and series fly by, even with only a few releasing each year.

      Hugh Acheson Stirs the Pot - Updates weekly - Hugh Acheson is a chef who has judged on Top Chef and serves as one of the Iron Chefs on Iron Chef Canada. Each week he sits down with someone from the food world (typically chefs) to talk about the changing face of the restaurant industry, food culture, and cooking.

      My Brother, My Brother and Me - updates weekly - The aforementioned McElroy brothers flagship comedy advice podcast.

      Overlooked and Undercooked - Miniseries/one-off - Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt of The Worst Idea of All Time continue their weird journey into torturing themselves with bad media by watching every episode of Rob Schneider's self-funded/written/produced/starring series. I never really got into TWIOAT because it seems like a commitment to even hear these guys talk about the same bad movie(s) over and over again, but the charm of this show is that they bring on a different guest each episode who only watches the one episode they are there to discuss, sans context, and I'm also pretty sure they recorded the entire series in like, a day. That recording format makes this a pretty rewarding listen, comedy-wise.

      S-Town - Mini-series - Probably the best podcast I've listened to? What starts out as seemingly another true crime podcast turns into a deep character study of a subject that I still think about at least once a week.

      Sawbones - Updates weekly - Another from the McElroy family, this time a medical history podcast hosted by Dr. Sydney McElroy with Justin goofing off.

      Serial - Updates weekly, by season - Everyone knows Serial, right? The first season was the gold standard for true crime podcasts, and might still be. The second season is pretty blah, but the third (and most recent) is outstanding, perhaps better than the first.

      Song Exploder - Updates irregularly, usually a few times per month - Another music podcast, this one has a band or artist breaking down the writing and recording of a single song. Short episodes that often have a lot of good insight into various songwriting styles from a diverse set of artists - everyone from Weezer to Yo-Yo Ma.

      What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law - Updates irregularly - Hosted by Roman Mars of 99% Invisible and law school professor Elizabeth Joh, this show looks at the words, actions and tweets of Donald Trump and uses them to teach the listener about the application, analysis and precedence of constitutional law. An educational reprieve from the insanity.