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    • Serenity wrote:

      I'm just worried about all of the people who I pressure being exempt from suspicion if I'm revealed as scum.
      I mean, that's not how it works?

      Just because you pressure someone and you flip mafia that doesn't immediately brand them as confirmed town. The town still has to pay attention to what is said. It was because of the things you said that I was able to give myself a reason to vote Ruki on the last day. I didn't just think she was town simply because of the pressure you put on her. Any town vibes I got from her were from her own doing.

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    • But also I never really voted for Ruki/Purple. I said that the primary colors were my most suspicious when they were all already being pressured on to make myself look good, but I only ever really voted for Purple in the very beginning when I decided to vote for my favorite color before I realized oh yeah they're a teammate of mine. I didn't vote for Red until the last fifteen minutes when it was all but guaranteed that Red was going to lose his life. I tried getting everyone to vote for Yellow on D2, not Purple. I said that Purple looked suspicious based on her voting history, but that her points were good. I even said that I was more trusting of her than others, but everyone else kept voting for Ruki. It was not until the tie stuff that I really voted for Ruki, because I was forced to act without thinking. I should have just let myself die, but I'm a survivor, whether I'm literally one or not in the terms of the game.
    • And near the end of D1, I could have voted for Blue, but both Purple and Red had voted for him, and I'd be damned if I was going to vote the same way as literally both other Mafia teammates, so I voted for Red both because I didn't want to be traced, and because it seemed like he was going to die anyways. I want trying to ride on Red on D1. And on D2, Ruki and I pulled off that spectacle, because both maf lives were on the line. You shouldn't bus other Mafia members except it it's a last ditch effort, but that practically was a last ditch effort. It wasn't going very well for the Mafia up until that point, so getting me killed helped the godfather to an extent,

      but my problem with this game, I think, wasn't so much that I was trying to bus @Ruki and @gamtos, which I really wasn't and didn't want to, but that I was acting more like a survivor than a real Mafia member. If there were a survivor role, and I filled that role, I'm sure I'd be a hoot. Acting like a survivor worked for Digimafia and Solsetur Mafia, but it didn't work for this game. That was my biggest mistake, I think. Had I let myself die at the end of D2, I think Ruki would have stood a better chance.

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    • Aquamentus wrote:

      I imagine both Sabbo and Ruki have a lot to say for they have said a lot. I encourage the critical analysis. I shall let this game serve as a demonstration of what a game should not be.
      You give this game too little credit. While yes there should not have been a possibility of two kills in a night (in this case you should have already decided before the game started whether it would be doable, rather than negotiate with the mafia), it ultimately amounted to a night the town was fairly safe in due to good protection targets. Beyond that and the scuffle on Day 1though this game was pretty well balanced. I would not consider it worse than any of the other games I've recently run.

      What I find quite notable though is that this is the first game in some time which has resulted in a Town victory. I find that especially meaningful in light of how several recent games have also had a mafioso die on Day 1, so it can't be ruled as pure overconfidence on either side.
    • First of all, I want to say that this game was incredibly fun. You did really well as a host in my opinion, @Aquamentus. I really enjoyed this game. I didn't really get to know the inner mechanics of this, but I think the setup was okay. It seems we all had fun, and this is all that matters in the end. I personally would love to play in a game hosted by you again.
      I think I can't say many more things that haven't already been said, and most people can analyze your game far better than I can. So I'll keep this short. Just know that it has been a pleasure for me as well.

      Secondly, I think I owe an apology to all of you: I am sorry I literally didn't contribute anything on Day 1.
      @Aquamentus and @GuardianFIN, you're the best! :) Thank you for helping me out; because of you two, I still could enjoy this game very much. Thanks for being so nice, understanding and supportive about my situation.
      While I actively try to set up a reputation for myself since my first Mafia game that I only can be active for some limited hours each day, here I severely overestimated the amount of time I would have left at D1, because Baka-Medli didn't calculate things through. (I thought I would be around Mid of Day or something!)
      Adding in that I had to do a project for school the entire first half of last week, which didn't help either (I nevertheless thought about Mafia all day); so I had very little time to make a debut on D1. I just came to ZU two hours before EOD1, saw I would have had to read 7 pages of dialogue, form my own opinion of everything, and address all of your questions where I had been and convince you of not lynching me!... Yeah, I knew I couldn't have made it, and immediately talked to Aqua about it. I felt extreme stress at that moment, and I am glad everything turned out the way it did. Maybe it could have worked if I had actively talked about RL and addressing the questions all of you had, but I didn't really want to try it at that moment...

      Thirdly, I'm honestly not sure if Mafia is my thing. There are still a lot of things I don't understand, and to be honest I think I will have to make some or many more mistakes until I get an intuition for what to say and what not so say in Mafia.

      TingleMakesMeTingle wrote:

      That was a fun game, barring the moments when I felt bad and down for not playing as well as I should have (which was somewhat often, especially when I had to spend forever writing answers to questions because I still couldn't think of what to say or how to express myself correctly).
      Oh Tingle, I feel you so much buddy! :(

      Lastly, @Serenity and @Ruki: This was spectacular! I'm still awestruck by your plan.
      I am not worthy to be in the same game as you!
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    • @Romano-British Medli Mafia is a really complicated game, but I enjoyed talking with you over it. I'd love to see you play again sometime. Hopefully, we'll be on the same game sometime. I couldn't get everything in my first game either. Hell, in my first game, I was a godfather, and made a bunch of screw ups. It was a miracle I even beat that game. There's a lot of interrogation with Mafia, and I naturally play very aggressively regardless of what team I'm on, but it's still just a game. I might be manipulative, but that's just Mafia for you. I really tried to manipulate the town into not voting for Ruki while trying to save my own ass, but it was hard to do both at the same time. Again, I need to not play so much like a survivor. It took me seven games to finally get lynched lol I think that's pretty impressive.