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    • An old Castle that has been transformed into a Golem-like creature, that has become a hazard to the local area, Cows, horses, and unlucky visitors being eaten alive when they get to close. The interior no longer resembles the inside of a castle, but a parody of the innards of an organic creature recreated in stone and wood. For this situation, Link's Weapons are Useless against the Monster but the only way to slay it is to subdue the stone beast with intoxicants and infiltrate it's walls, where he must use water to extinguish the flame inside it's heart. It won't be an easy trip as the Castle's interior now behaves organically meaning the layout will shift constantly and the interior will become maze-like.

      Sort of inspired by a piece of lore form the 2006 animated film "monster House" that states that the titular house in the movie is classified as a rare Golem-like creature known as Domus Mactabilis a man-made structure that becomes physically animated by a human soul, usually a vengeful spirit instead of becoming just haunted. The heart of a structural golem contains the flame of vengeance. It is this flame the monster must feed, for when that fire dies, so will the creature. The more it eats, the more powerful it gets. In all known cases of structural possession, the monster was only put to rest by snuffing the fire within its heart.

      As part of the lore from promotional materials for the movie, there is the story, of Pretorius the second, a vengeful and tyrannical king, who spent his whole life fortifying his castle. Pretorius was literally killed by his aspiration for perfect shelter when crushed by a load of bricks. The king's soul merged with the stone and wood, bringing the castle to life. Cows, horses, servants, and unlucky visitors were eaten alive. Weapons were useless against the monster. Finally, a group of villagers were able to subdue the stone beast with intoxicants and infiltrate it's walls, where they used water to extinguish the flame inside it's heart.

      Aso inspired by an a personal observation of mine that states that Bouldergeist from "Super Mario Galaxy" looks like an animated stone tower.

      In short, A dungeon that also serves as the Boss.