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    • The Lord of the Mountain: From Life to Death to Life

      Hey partygang, felt this old headcanon deserved its own thread.

      Hyrule Compendium has this to say about the Lord of the Mountain:

      This noble creature watches over all animals that make their homes in the forest. Legends say this holy creature is a reincarnation of a sage that died on the lands it now protects. It has an acute awareness of its surroundings, so it seldom appears before people. It's sometimes known by its other name, Satori.

      In this thread I aim to look at the early life of Satori the sage, how he died and what his new form signifies.

      To just get the real world meanings out of the way first:

      Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term referring to a state of enlightenment.
      Furthermore, it's the name of a Japanese folklore monster (Yokai) living on mountains, who can read minds. The way to escape them is to clear one's mind, going into a zenlike, enlightened state.
      Lastly, the name might be a reference to Satoru Iwata, who passed away before the game was completed.

      Great Farmer Satori

      Satori Mountain is the greatest treasure trove of plant-based food in the entire game.
      It contains:
      • Swift Carrots (the only place these grow in the wild)
      • Endura Carrots (far more than any other location)
      • A tree that is surrounded by every single type of mushroom. All growing side-by-side, biomes be damned.
      • An apple orchard containing a whooping 157 apples. Activate stasis view here and it's like looking at the stars.
      • The only non-jungle place where Hearty Durian trees grow.
      • The only cherry blossom tree in the entire game safe for the Great Deku Tree himself.
      • 27 spicy peppers in one location - not the highest amount, but unusually high for an area that isn't in a cold or warm biome.
      • The highest amount of Silent Princess flowers in one area.
      • The largest cluster of Hyrule herbs.
      The only things not growing here are:
      • Mighty Bananas
      • Palm Fruit
      • Voltfruit
      • Wildberry
      • Fortified Pumpkin
      • Cool Safflina
      Most likely, Satori was a gifted and dedicated planter, as a lot of the plants on Mount Satori do not really fit their respective biomes and appear to be placed in some artificial looking formations.
      Proof that a great deal of these plants were cultivated by someone comes from looking at the discarded equipment around the mountain; a farming hoe, two pitchforks and a woodcutter's axe. The only other places you'll typically find these items are stables and villages.

      As Satori is stated to be the protector of forest animals, a great deal of animals can be found here as well. This was likely what drew Quince, a hunter by trade who had a traumatizing run-in with Satori.

      I'm going by an object map here, and some of the numbers don't make sense to me, so with that in mind:
      • 133 Mountain Goats. Let me just repeat that; one hundred and thirty ridiculous three goats on a single mountain. For comparison, there seem to be a total of 181 Mountain Goats in the entire game.
      • 20 Islander Hawks, making up almost half of the entire population of hawks in the game as well.
      • 17 blue winged herons, and 35 red winged ones. Again, I'm not sure if the object map is telling me lies as I've seen these guys all over, but supposedly that's a very substantial chunk of all herons in the game as well.
      • Seemingly every Hearty Lizard that is not covered by a rock, and pretty much all of the Hightail Lizards as well.
      • Almost every Wood Pigeon and a fifth of all Rainbow Pigeons.
      • A great deal of Summerfly and Winterwing Butterflies
      • Almost all squirrels (this is where my doubt of the map accuracy reaches peak levels as I distinctly recall seeing these in virtually every tree, yet they appear almost nowhere on the map)
      • Nearly half of all Bright-Chested Ducks in the game.
      • Easily the greatest amount of Blupees by far, as the Lord of the Mountain is clearly ruler of Blupees.
      • Last but not least, a whopping 141 Mountain Crows. The only other place these spawn is in the Lost Woods, and in far lower numbers.
      Now, the abundance of crows makes sense, as the immense amount of vegetables and fruits cultivated by Satori would logically attract these notorious farm pests.

      Crows are also globally known as black-plumed carrion eaters, which often makes them associated with death. And there's plenty of that going around these parts...

      The Skeleton War

      All around the base of the mountain, a great deal of Stal- enemies can be found. A mixture of Stalizalfos, Stalmoblins, Stalkoblins, Stalhorses and a lone Stalnox. Stals of every kind, many of them not popping out of the ground but rather laying low during the day as a pile of bones that assembles itself at night. The developers WANTED you to take note of these.

      Now, with the bloodmoon going around reviving every one of Ganon's soldiers, it always confused me how only some foes take on an undead appearance.

      This would be headcanon territory, but personally I believe this means these monsters had the misfortune to die and severely decompose long before the blood moon revival ceremony started, explaining their only-partial resurrection.

      I propose that, a long while before the events of BotW and the first blood moon, a modest army of monsters were trying to scale the mountain and defeat Satori.
      And succeeded.

      You may have ventured up the mountain on days you could not find Satori. In which case, you're likely to have met this nasty fellow:

      A lone Stalizalfos carrying a Strengthened Lizal Bow with Shock Arrows is located right underneath the cherry blossom tree, at a perfect distance to fire its arrows straight at the location where the Lord of the Mountain appears. Even if the Stalizalfos would miss their shot, they would hit the pond that Satori is standing in and electrocute him.
      This Stalizalfos is noteworthy because it is the only enemy spawning at this altitude of the mountain by a long shot.

      Taking that into account, we now know the extremely likely cause of Satori's death, a very rough timeframe and even the culprit!
      Satori likely died by electrocution through the powerful shock arrows of a lone Lizalfos that managed to best the steep mountain, several years before the first bloodmoon.

      Ceremony of Magic Money

      It is a well-documented fact that in Breath of the Wild, the patron deities of the land gain power through tribute. Tribute of the cold hard cash kind.

      You want your horse to be less, well, dead? First you gotta pony up some dough, pun intended, as these buddies simply cannot leave their flowerbuds without the power of payment.
      The Great Fairies claim that after the Calamity, people would no longer bring offerings. This is what caused the Great Fairies' decline of power. While they were barely holding on by a thread, Link shows up with fat pockets and restores them to their former glory.

      Suppose Satori the Sage, or Satori the Lord of the Mountain, had the same dietary requirements? As a patron saint to animals and agriculture living in solitude on a mountain, you're probably not going to get the moolah required from any humans.

      Luckily, humans aren't the only cashcows around.

      The Blupees are inexplicably connected to the Lord of the Mountain. Satori's general appearance highly mirrors them. Every so often, they have a meeting.
      My idea is that this meeting is to offer their Rupee power to the protector of the forest animals, and through this power, Satori was resurrected as the Lord of the Mountain and kept up his strength for all these years.

      In Conclusion (TL;DR)

      Satori was a mountain sage and an amazing farmer. He died during a war long ago and was shot by a Lizalfos in the exact spot he spawns now. Through Rupee tribute, gifted by his Blupee congregation, he has returned to life in his current form.

      Did I miss something? Let me know!

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    • gamtos wrote:

      • To just get the real world meanings out of the way first:

      Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term referring to a state of enlightenment.
      Furthermore, it's the name of a Japanese folklore monster (Yokai) living on mountains, who can read minds. The way to escape them is to clear one's mind, going into a zenlike, enlightened state.
      Lastly, the name might be a reference to Satoru Iwata, who passed away before the game was completed

      I wasn't aware of that one Yokai, well, this Satori is no monkey nor hungry(or thirsty) for flesh, only the spiritual theme and the Mountain location were kept from what it was it was partially inspired from. Our Satori is more "Equinoïd".
      Also, Satoru Iwata was more gentleman than those devilish monkeys. O_O

      The Bouddhism thing is what appeals to me the most, as he is said to be a Sage but we never heard of him before. He wasn't from any generations of the seven sages we know of.

      "What if he was the first one" was what I was thinking about, as Bouddha is a Teacher, Jesus had disciples and in ancient greece there was Seven Sages ... (Nah, no connection between each others).
      What if ... he was the "master of masters" or rather the "Sage of Sages" out of there ?
      That would make him pretty old, even without the 10 000 years blank, he would still be pre-SS ... But it's also the age of all those green pillars and Pre-SS constructions.

      A Farmer ? Hmm ... there are also the trace of a Traveler's Camp at that place, maybe it was just a traveler harvesting some apples for the Stabbles or something and it has nothing to do with Satori ...

      Also, I've noticed a lot of Stals within the Lost Woods too, maybe places with a strong spiritual energy flow attract them like Moth on a Lamp ? "Undeads hungry of Life" The Mountain becomes a Lighthouse of green energy when Satori is showing himself.

      What is that Gerudo Claymore within the remains of that Hinox(not a Stalhinox loot) ? An unfortunate ?

      On the west of the Mountain, near that pond, there are proofs that Monsters indeed once occupied that place, the Skull Houses burried and covered by moss.
      Maybe Satori killed those ?
    • gamtos wrote:

      Lots of questions remain, of course. Personally I doubt any farmer would venture up a legendary mountain like that.

      Lots of farmers prefer placing their homes on top of a hill to help have a decent overview of their land. That or he was looking for a water source or a specific plant that only grew at a certain elevation.
      Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to overcome it.
    • Aye, ElectricGoose and I joined around the same time.

      This one took a while. I've been posting a lot about Satori and Blupees before settling for this thread. More about tenacity than being especially observant, I think.
      I got into the object-mapping thing by coincidence too, was looking for a mountain crow to photograph for a no-Symin compendium run.

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    • gamtos wrote:

      Nope! My idea is they gather 'em though, and that's the reason rupees are no longer in tall grass.

      The Minish HATE them.
      I vaguely remember a thread about that.

      I've been wanting to come up with a proper theory (not just a headcanon) for a long time, but I really can't think of anything, and I don't want to force myself to. I'm reminded of when you said you came up with your Force Gems theory by looking at the Lokomo Sword. What can I say that hasn't already been said? You've made me sort-of want to go looking for details in Ever Oasis.
    • Side note, since they litterally called the Lord of the Mountain "enlightenment", I think the devs meant he's a sage in the classical hermit kind of way.

      I do believe for that reason that even as a human, he spent a great deal of time living on the mountain, much like the Buddha meditated under a tree for an extremely long time (note the cherry blossom tree he spawns under).

      Many tenets of Buddhism indicate a vegan diet. As someone who "watches over all animals who make their homes in the forest", I cannot imagine Satori as anything less than a vegetarian for that reason.
      For this reason, and because there is no sign of any animal pens or hunting equipment like bows and fishing harpoons, Satori was likely a self-sufficient farmer who not only provided food for himself, but for all creatures.

      Nevertheless, while the compendium states he watched over ALL animals, it's worth noting the majority of animals I mentioned in the OP are herbivores. It seems carnivores and hunters, despite having a bounty of prey on the mountain, are not very welcomed in the Lord's domain.


      It's hard to theorize about how the "Skeleton War" went down.
      There's not a large amount of rusty weaponry scattered about like in other areas.
      While I'm inclined to say Satori's army consisted of animals, the Stalnox paints a different picture.

      Stalnox carries in its body a Giant Boomerang, a Royal Spear, a Flameblade and its body rests on a Golden Claymore.
      I'd ALMOST be inclined to make a greater theory about how other sages from different cultures lent a hand, but the issue with that is that I'd be ignoring how EVERY Stalnox in the game carries a mixture of different cultured weapons in their body.
      A theory for another time, it seems.