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    Would you Like to See Controllable Companions Again?
    • I've said it before (maybe) and I'll say it again (probably) but I want a Link and Zelda side by side adventure. Like Spirit Tracks dialed up to eleven. Swap between the two with the press of a button, but Zelda is fully controllable, not just a follow-the-line automaton.

      Like, collect heart containers/stamina vessels/magic power for both Link and her. Link gets a suite of weapons/items/spells/skills and Zelda gets her own complementary arsenal.

      This could hypothetically also allow for two players at once, but that would just be a bonus.

      (Also something I think would be nifty is if "scanning" enemies mid battle returns and when Link does it it's Zelda telling him pertinent combat info about the targeted monster but when Zelda scans an enemy you're shown like a page from a book with more details about the creature, implying Zelda's got a photographic memory and she read a bestiary once just because and she's paraphrasing for Link.)
      (But that's neither here nor there.)
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    • @Benermerut

      I think it would difficult for the dev team to make a game with a companion that follows you around the whole game, especially an open-world one (it would need crazy good AI and bug/glitch testing). That said, I would totally be on board to see Zelda in even more of a companion role than Spirit Tracks; that would be crazy awesome if they could pull it off. It should be possible at the very least to have her playable in more linearly focused environments such as dungeons.


      I've also thought of companions as items as well. In this sense they wouldn't be controllable in terms of moving them around so much as using them to interact with the environment/puzzle solve. It would be cool if they could offer hints as well (only if asked) or even just comment on situations/lore as you progress through areas. In this sense they could offer more than traditional items, without requiring the complexity of controlling two different character movements.
    • Yeah, I just want to see the team experiment with playing as characters who aren't Link. Like I always want to play as Link, and Zelda without Link just feels wrong, but I'd like to see them dabble in other characters and explore how they would play vs how Link plays, which is partly why I liked the controllable companions in WW so much, because they weren't "heroes" or "knights" and as such were completely unequipped to deal with enemies, and thus playing as them resorted in a gameplay shift that requires you rethink how to move about an area.

      So basically, yes.
    • Well when I first saw Zelda's character model for BoTW wearing a more practical travelling outfit I was seriously hoping that she was either A playable at some point and/or B being used as a companion travelling with you in the game. You can imagine my disappointment when I figured out she was locked in a cupboard...again.

      I do think it would be interesting to experiment with some kind of system like this seeing how well it worked for games like the Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. I loved ST because you really got to see a lot of Zelda's character and more than usual from Link's. Imo it works great for building these characters because you get to see more of the little moments.

      But there's dozens of ways you can theoretically utilize this. My only thing is whether or not to make a character just a companion or playable, I do think Link should still be playable for at the least %50 of the time (unless you're doing like an AC: Syndicate thing) since he is the main PC of the series. Two I think that you shouldn't be locked into having a companion %100 of the time, solo exploration still goes a long way. That aside I'm very much in favor of trying a system like this out.
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    • Yes. Medli and Makar were awesome. (But let's not forget that Kafei was the first playable companion.) Zelda races are really interesting, too, so playing as them, even temporarily, is always fun. Since the next game probably won't have Divine Beasts, maybe they could even use companions as a sort of stand-in for the dungeon item like Divine Beast controls were.
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    • I want to see some team moves, like Link riding his rolling Goron buddy across lava or a Rito lifting Link into the air while he rains arrows and bombs down on enemies.

      And of course I'd be all for Link and Zelda getting to travel together. I'm picturing something like a mix of TLOZ and ALttP where you rescue Zelda at the beginning of the game, then travel with her to find the eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom. I think it'd be neat if her telepathic/magical abilities could be adapted for gameplay, like being able to sense not only the Shards of Wisdom but also other nearby items. She could even demonstrate other powers like levitating objects and manipulating time. Perhaps in each dungeon, Zelda gains a new power that helps you solve puzzles and defeat the dungeon boss? There could even be optional dungeons where she gains support abilities like healing you or doubling your attack strength. And of course she would presumably have the ability to warp herself and Link around Hyrule, say to Goddess Statues you've visited.

      Dungeons and Powers

      Castle Dungeon
      Zelda can sense nearby secrets and items. She'll also inform you if you're close to a dungeon where one of the eight Wisdom pieces can be found.
      Zelda can receive visions that hint to where you can find pieces of Wisdom, sidequests, and other secrets in Hyrule.
      △ Rauru Temple
      When standing on a warp tile, you can use Warp to travel to another tile in the same area. Otherwise, you can Warp to any Goddes Statue you've already visited.
      △ Kariko Shrine
      Zelda projects a gust of wind in the direction she's facing. An upgrade allows her to charge a full-screen whirlwind that stuns enemies.
      △ Daru Mines
      Zelda lifts and moves objects such as boulders. She can even levitate Link!
      △ Sari Haven
      Zelda shoots a fireball that can light torches, burn wood, melt ice, etc. She can find an upgrade that allows her to charge a full-screen firestorm that incinerates enemies and scorches the ground.
      △ Booru Pyramid
      Zelda emits a beam of light that exposes Poes and stuns most other enemies. Mirrors will reflect the beam.
      △ Ruta Palace
      Zelda freezes a target in ice. She can create platforms on water this way. She can find an upgrade that allows her to charge a full-screen blizzard that freezes enemies and covers the ground in snow.
      △ Temple of Time
      Zelda slows down time.
      △ Tower of Hera
      Zelda zaps a target with a thunderbolt. She can find an upgrade that allows her to charge a full-screen thunderstorm that zaps foes.
      Faron Spring
      Zelda heals Link's wounds.
      Eldin Cave
      Zelda doubles Link's attack strength for a short while.
      Lanayru Citadel
      Zelda protects Link with a magic barrier for a short time. Link will not take any damage while the barrier is active.

      Also, I'd love to see cute scenes between Link and Zelda commemorated as photos, like Zelda watching Link fish, only for him to snag a big fish that pulls him into the water, or the two running away from a swarm of bees after they accidentally disturb their hive.

      There's so much you can do with a Link/Zelda adventure that I'm surprised they haven't done a proper one already. Yes, Zelda does technically accompany you in Spirit Tracks, but most of the time her interactions are limited to dialogue due to being a ghost. I want an adventure where Zelda walks with Link, talks with Link, and cuddles up with Link when they're tired.

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    • @Miles

      Wow! Really well thought out in terms of the dungeons and powers for each! I've also thought about Zelda gaining powers throughout the game, maybe one for each of the three major Goddesses (Fire, Water, Wind based) and Hylia (Time based). I think your version takes the cake though.

      Being a bit of a Zelink fan myself, it would also be awesome to see the kinds of interactions you discuss take place over the course of their adventure, and to see their relationship unfold/evolve over time.

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    • I'd like to see some combination of Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks.
      I like how you could set a path for Zelda and she'd go ahead without you having to control her, but I'd also like to have the option to control her.
      Medli and Makar were great, but didn't have too much utility and were a liability sometimes :/

      So what I want is Pikmin 3, basically.
    • CielBell wrote:

      Medli and Makar were great, but didn't have too much utility and were a liability sometimes :/

      Having the companion's be something of a liablity can actually be good depending on how it's handled. For instance, if they let Link climb in dungeons this time around, but his sidekicks aren't able to, this could generate puzzles around how to create a path or find a way for the companion to make it to where Link is. Sometimes this could go the other way around, giving the companions enough utility do things or reach places that Link can't, and then finding a way for Link to catch up.

      It would also be cool to have companions assist in combat as well. But in order to do this there would need to be a way to switch between Link and the companion on the fly, say by the simple press of a button, and to have whichever character you are not using be controlled by AI in the meantime.

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    • Zero_Origin wrote:

      Medli and Makar from the Wind Waker, along with Princess Zelda from Spirit Tracks, added some interesting gameplay mechanics to the dungeon's in which they were present. Would you like to see a mechanic like this return? If so, what kind of ideas/types of characters would you like to see implemented?
      I remember them being some of the most frustrating parts of my least favorite game in the series. At a minimum, you'd have to streamline the system for switching between them and Link. Having to play a song every time you want to do that is unacceptable.

      But given how the Masks system worked in Majora's Mask, it would seem that requiring partners would be somewhat redundant if Link could simply perform all such actions on his own just by transforming into one of the many different races from Hyrule. The only difference would be for puzzles that require you to be in two places at once so it might just depend on how much more varied and complex they can make those to keep them from getting stale if they're what would have to be relied on more frequently to make having partners the superior option.

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