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    Would you Like to See Controllable Companions Again?
    • I've said it before (maybe) and I'll say it again (probably) but I want a Link and Zelda side by side adventure. Like Spirit Tracks dialed up to eleven. Swap between the two with the press of a button, but Zelda is fully controllable, not just a follow-the-line automaton.

      Like, collect heart containers/stamina vessels/magic power for both Link and her. Link gets a suite of weapons/items/spells/skills and Zelda gets her own complementary arsenal.

      This could hypothetically also allow for two players at once, but that would just be a bonus.

      (Also something I think would be nifty is if "scanning" enemies mid battle returns and when Link does it it's Zelda telling him pertinent combat info about the targeted monster but when Zelda scans an enemy you're shown like a page from a book with more details about the creature, implying Zelda's got a photographic memory and she read a bestiary once just because and she's paraphrasing for Link.)
      (But that's neither here nor there.)
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    • @Benermerut

      I think it would difficult for the dev team to make a game with a companion that follows you around the whole game, especially an open-world one (it would need crazy good AI and bug/glitch testing). That said, I would totally be on board to see Zelda in even more of a companion role than Spirit Tracks; that would be crazy awesome if they could pull it off. It should be possible at the very least to have her playable in more linearly focused environments such as dungeons.


      I've also thought of companions as items as well. In this sense they wouldn't be controllable in terms of moving them around so much as using them to interact with the environment/puzzle solve. It would be cool if they could offer hints as well (only if asked) or even just comment on situations/lore as you progress through areas. In this sense they could offer more than traditional items, without requiring the complexity of controlling two different character movements.
    • Yeah, I just want to see the team experiment with playing as characters who aren't Link. Like I always want to play as Link, and Zelda without Link just feels wrong, but I'd like to see them dabble in other characters and explore how they would play vs how Link plays, which is partly why I liked the controllable companions in WW so much, because they weren't "heroes" or "knights" and as such were completely unequipped to deal with enemies, and thus playing as them resorted in a gameplay shift that requires you rethink how to move about an area.

      So basically, yes.
    • Well when I first saw Zelda's character model for BoTW wearing a more practical travelling outfit I was seriously hoping that she was either A playable at some point and/or B being used as a companion travelling with you in the game. You can imagine my disappointment when I figured out she was locked in a cupboard...again.

      I do think it would be interesting to experiment with some kind of system like this seeing how well it worked for games like the Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. I loved ST because you really got to see a lot of Zelda's character and more than usual from Link's. Imo it works great for building these characters because you get to see more of the little moments.

      But there's dozens of ways you can theoretically utilize this. My only thing is whether or not to make a character just a companion or playable, I do think Link should still be playable for at the least %50 of the time (unless you're doing like an AC: Syndicate thing) since he is the main PC of the series. Two I think that you shouldn't be locked into having a companion %100 of the time, solo exploration still goes a long way. That aside I'm very much in favor of trying a system like this out.
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