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    Links dream world theory
    • So, i remember back in the days there was a pretty popular theory where link is seen riding on epona in the lost woods after a long battle against ganondorf and his evil forces. The skull kid then finds link exhausted and knocks him off his horse, delivering a fatal blow to him. Link still tries to fight back the skull kid, but slowly begins to lose his consciousness to a point where things starts to get weird, like when he falls off the edge and down in the darkness where you see all those various symbols in different colors.

      Link then finally crosses over to the land of the dead by going through the twisted corridor that leads from the lost woods into termina field, where he meets people who are going through various emotional stages, such as denial, anger and sorrow, and after completing the game, link is seen riding into the fog on epona to finally accept his own faith.

      Im not sure if this is precisely how the theory was, but it was a pretty popular theory back in the days. Anyway, my question is, has anyone ever managed to debunk this theory, or has there ever been anything official from nintendo?

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    • Hyrule Historia confirms that the Hero's Shade is the spirit of the Hero of Time, who in turn is the ancestor of the Hero Chosen by the Gods (TP Link). This means that the HoT had to grow to adulthood and start a family, which he could not do if he died as a child in the woods.

      Even without that, the "Link is Dead" theory has always been tenuous, to put it mildly, with a lot of logical leaps and stretches to make the idea fit. To name only one such detail, it's often claimed that the five regions of Termina correspond to the Five Stages of Dying, but at best only a few individual characters kind of line up with that idea.

      It's on the whole a very weak theory that doesn't stand up to scrutiny well.
    • Debunked by the developers :

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      "It’s certainly true that each one of these different episodes you talked about has a different emotional cast to it. One feels like it’s tinged with sadness, and another with anger – that certainly was intentional. But, I also want to point out that it’s not that each one of these episodes only has the one emotion that they are conveying. There are certainly other notes that we’re trying to hit as well, and the reason we did this is always to allow the player to experience that emotion – to give them a chance to hook into the emotional tone of this scene and react to it and feel like they want to accomplish something in the game as a result.”- Eiji Aonuma, Game Informer March, 2015.

      So the 5 stages of Grief thing is total BS.

      It's also common knowledge now that Termina is a parallel World

      "It just so happened that this forest led to a parallel world known as Termina."- Hyrule Hystoria

      And Encyclopedia isn't canon, it's an interpretations, the Wiki needs to correct it as it confuses peoples more that anything else.
    • In this interview Aonuma commented on the Ballad of the Wind Fish in Majora's Mask and a bit on the dream theory:…view.aspx?PostPageIndex=1.

      Gameinformer wrote:

      There are hints in Majora’s Mask that Link’s whole experience in Termina could be a dream. One small example, the Indiegogo’s play The Ballad of the Wind Fish, which was featured in Link’s Awakening – which was revealed to be a dream at the end. Is Majora’s Mask all a dream?

      Aonuma wrote:

      The reason that this song from Link’s Awakening was used in this game really came down to a decision by the sound team. They were looking for inspiration, something that would fit the theme, and since the previous game was about collecting instruments it made sense that you would want to use this for a band in this case. For us, really, it was just a playful choice that referenced a previous game and nothing more than that.

      However, I love that people think about stuff like this, and I think it shows how they feel about the franchise as a whole that they’re interested in these possibilities.
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    • Since this is one of my favorite zelda games, i did a bit more thinking and came up with my own theory. My personal theory is, that the skull kid is angry that he lost his friends, so when he finds majoras mask, he uses its dark magic to create a parallel world where link goes through all of the skull kids emotions, which is personified in some of the characters, such as the angry deku king, the depressed zora girl and the grieving goron, with the outraged citizens of clock town representing a child who has an conflict within him.

      So when you finally beat the game, link is seen riding into the fog and the dawn of a new day begins, meaning that the skull kids mind has been eased and hes now happy that hes back with his friends again.

      I have always found this games many theories fascinating, but im glad i finally found the message in the game.

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