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New Podcast and GotY comes to a close
  • Last week a new episode of the revived ZU Cast was launched and included great segments including an interview with Youtube Lets Player Chuggaaconroy in which Cody and Chugga discuss Zelda, Lets Plays on Youtube vs Twitch and whether Cody is the Kramer of the Internet or the Jay-Z of Minecraft. A question which you can discuss and vote on yourself here Who is Cody Davies? Other segments included what we hope will be included in the Link's Awakening remake which was recently revealed, a plea to re-evaluate the much derided Spirit Tracks and a discussion of Zelda related clothing outside of the main Zelda series. All of which you can enjoy here…da-fashion-chuggaaconroy/

    Finally we have a winner to ZU's GotY vote, in a very close contest by one vote Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beat out Celeste in the final round.

    In the GotY side categories results include "Waluigi being disrespected by Nintendo" winning Best Gaming Related Meme, "Diablo Immortal "Do you not have phones"" winning Biggest Communication Fail and Grim Fandango Remastered shocking the world by winning The Pietro Award for being Most Grim Fandango.