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    Who is Cody Davies?
    • Who is Cody Davies 21
        The Jay-Z of Minecraft (7) 33%
        The Kramer of the Internet (14) 67%
      The newest episode of the ZUCast recently launched and there were a number of segments that were quite interesting including looking at Zelda fashion in games outside the main series and a plea to revisit and re-evaluate Spirit Tracks, but I was left with one question after listening to the podcast.

      Who is Cody Davies?

      The Jay-Z of Minecraft or the Kramer of the internet.

      I will leave it to you, the community of Zelda Universe to debate this very important question and come up to a conclusion for yourselves.

      And listen to the ZU Podcast for this and other interesting moments and discussions.…da-fashion-chuggaaconroy/

      Maybe next podcast we'll find out who's the Costanza of ZU... who are we kidding its Elias.

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    • I do not know why there is no more posts than this in this very fine thread.

      I will go out strong and say, Minecraft is a too small of a world for Cody Davies.
      Even tho Minecraft (the java edition at least) is an infinite world, I speak of the concept of Minecraft being "just" a game and thus its world is way too small.

      Jay-Z is big, like huge. You can't find many people who do not know who Jay-Z is.
      Jay-Z is not a commonly known genius either.

      We are left with the internet, which is ever expanding, have several layers of layers, and wildely known to everyone. This world is humongous. No one knows really how big it is!
      Would could say, it is a infinite world.

      Kramer, who is Kramer? Well, everyone will be able to tell you who Kramer is.
      I would argue that more people would know who Kramer is than Jay-Z.
      Kramer is also wildly known to be a genius AND having humor.

      Okay, there are the facts, now....
      Who is Cody Davies?

      Cody Davies, or just Cody as I usually call him, is wildly known to everyone who has ever gotten to know him.
      If you ask anyone who has ever gotten to know Cody, they would be able to tell you who he is.
      Would the same people know who Jay-Z is?
      Not as many, I would say.
      I would say that this is approaching the levels of Kramer.
      Cody also has humor.
      When Cody talks about stuff he really knows about, he sounds very intelligent.
      Maybe even genius? Who knows.

      First conclusion, Cody is a Kramer.

      Now, in what world does Cody, or now aka Kramer reside in?

      Cody lives in the real world.
      He also resides on the internet.
      If you googled Cody Davies you would get the following result:
      (Sorry, the content was a bit big, so I put it in a spoiler)

      That's right!
      You get Cody Davies!

      Second conclusion, Cody, aka Kramer, is of the Internet.

      Grand conclusion:
      Cody Davies is the Kramer of the Internet.