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    Divine Beast Appreciation Thread
    • Zero_Origin wrote:

      Having the para-glider definitely opened up some avenues here in terms of "verticality." Climbing could have as well, though I'm wondering if future dungeons will be able to be constructed in such a way to utilize that mechanic, or if it is too inherently busted in such environments. What do you guys think?
      It seems to me that e.g. turning a puzzle room on its axis and the ability to climb are similar means to reaching a destination, and using both would make one of them pointless.

      In BotW, you climb a mountain to reach its top, but I guess you could, in theory, just as well have turned the mountain upside down on your map, had they implemented such a feature. Obviously, that kind of function works better in small, confined spaces.

      So, yeah, my guess is there's no consistent way of combining them both. But who knows, the fellows at Nintendo are clever and could possibly make even that work. :3nod
    • @nomen nescio

      Yeah, it depends on what kind of divine beasts manipulation mechanic we're talking about. Climbing may work with some but not others. To be honest though, I'm mainly curious whether climbing could be integrated in any type of 3-D dungeon going forward, even one that is more "traditionally" designed. The problem I see is that it might allow sequence skipping/bypassing navigational puzzles if the devs aren't careful to limit where Link can climb (adding wet walls/waterfalls, uncross-able brambles, horizontal overhanging ledges, etc.) But if you limit his climbing too much then what's the point of allowing it in the first place?

      At any rate, it's probably best not to go too far down this rabbit hole, which could derail the thread now that i think about it. I'll leave this problem to the dev team. That's what they get paid the big bucks for. :yeppers:
    • The way you could actually SEE Vah Rudania, an entire temple, walk up a crater, from the outside, in real time, blew my skull out.

      Look, y'all can talk about how the Sheikahtech aesthetic along with blights is all same-y and ugly, how the puzzles were simple and the areas short, but I AM INSIDE OF A GIANT ROBOT.

    • I like the feeling of importance while I was trying to overcome the Divine Beasts. Like, the Zora's/Rito/Gorons/Gerudo's knew I was fucking shit up.

      Unlike temples/dungeons of the past, once you beat the boss, that was it! No more Divine Beast!

      BotW, now that I think about it, is like past Zelda games, but after you beat half the dungeons.

      You start the game able to kill Ganon. Everything else has already happened.