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    Great Bay Temple - Mad Jelly Midair Glitch
    • I was playing through the great bay temple, and I got to the Mad Jelly mini-boss, when all of a sudden, the frog threw me out of the jelly as expected, but I remained floating mid-air. I was unable to free myself, and I ultimately soft-locked myself by pulling out my sword and performing an air attack. I probably should've tried back-flipping, but I didn't think about trying it until it was too late. I was streaming at the time as well, here's a link to a highlight video that I created showcasing this glitch(skip to around 3:15 to see the glitch):
      (If/when the twitch video expires, it will still be available here)

      Has this happened to anyone else? I can't find anything about it online. For those who wish to re-create the glitch. I was in File 2, File 1 was not saved at any statue, and was relatively almost completed(fierce deity mask, beat Majora, etc.). In File 2, I had only progressed storyline-wise up to the point of reaching the Great Bay Temple, and had done only a couple side quests(gilded sword, bunny hood, Epona, business skrub piece of heart for 100 rupees...).
      When the glitch happened, I was spamming buttons trying to get the frog to release me from his grip, and right as he threw me, I believe that I pressed either B or the C button that my bow was on, I'm not sure.

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