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    The Definitive Noble Pursuit
    • There was a thread that was recently closed about a real life equivalent recipe for making noble pursuit (The presumedly alcoholic drink that Furosa the Gerudo serves at her bar The Noble Canteen, in Gerudo town), and though people got far in figuring out the basic ingredients, and had a few people develop their own personal twist on the idea, there was no definitive set of ingredients or base recipe that was ever agreed upon.

      This thread is meant to change that.

      I've created a list of characteristics of the drink, the proposed in-game ingredients, and in turn their proposed real-life equivalent ingredients.

      A Noble Pursuit:
      -Needs ice, perhaps lots, possibly crushed like a flaky ice slush
      - is very tasty, as described by the Gerudo who drink it, so more than likely a cocktail with multiple tasty ingredients
      - very alcoholic, not recommended to smaller races due to its alcoholic content
      - Purple, up for contention, but likely, considering Jules is seen with a noble pursuit in the canteen
      - Refreshing, probably a combination of the ice and the ingredients, we could argue judging by the Gerudo areas plant life that it could be any combination of minty, cooling, and sour, more on that later
      - Health benefits? I believe this is the case because it is a revitalizing drink that sends Pokki the Gerudo, from the brink of death, to sprinting across the desert just for a taste of it, at which point when you return to the canteen, she's in perfect health.
      - Native to gerudo town, this leads me to believe that the ingredients required are only those that are found in the Gerudo region

      -Hydromelon, found all around the Gerudo region, has a hydrating, cooling effect
      -Voltfruit, Desribed as sweet in the flavortext, also grows in the Gerudo region
      -Cool Safflina, a purple, medicinal plant with cooling properties, grows in Gerudo region
      -Swift Violet, vitality rich (healthy), Purple, grows in Gerudo region
      -Wildberry, tangy and sweet, grows in Gerudo highlands

      Real-Life Equivalent Ingredients
      -(Hydromelon) Charentais Melon, striped on the outside, orange on the inside (just like hydromelon), this melon is unique because it has a distinctly delicious smell, lending to the taste of the drink
      -(Voltfruit) Dragonfruit, pretty easy comparison, I would say that this is what is fermented to make the alcohol as all the other ingredients serve a specific purpose.
      -(Cool Safflina) Ajuga Reptans, a purple herb that has very similar features to Cool Safflina. It is part of the mint family, and has health benefits specifically to due with respiratory function, which is useful if you live in the desert with sand everywhere.
      -(Swift Violet) Violet, another easy comparison, and violets are often made into a purple syrup that is explicitly used in cocktails
      -(Wildberry) Raspberry, they're practically identical, and they'll give the drink a tangy cool punch

      Mix all of this at the right measurements, pour into a cup of crushed ice, and serve while cold.

      If anyone has any other suggestions, or wants to try to create a proper recipe with ingredients and such, feel free to post here