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    Subscription Box Thread!
    • boxes wrote:

      I've wanted to try a subscription box for a while but I can never find one that has value for me. If you shop sale items on a regular basis, the sub boxes end up looking expensive. I'm also not sure I buy enough of one specific thing to want more every month or every season.
      Yes, I know exactly what you mean!

      I am very careful about my subscriptions because of this. So, when it comes to the cost issue, I look for subscriptions that put together items that would be difficult for me to get myself. For the Japanese snacks, for example, bokksu ships directly from Japan and I know that these are not things that can be purchased here. I usually go to Japan once a year, but I would not buy this kind of variety because it would be expensive to get an entire package/box of each kind of snack.

      The way I look at it, I am paying for them to curate the box and ship it to me, rather than the price of the individual parts. I don't subscribe to things that I could easily find in a shop myself or just order through amazon.
    • My go to was from Japancrate. Specifically the Doki Doki crates. I was pretty satisfied with what I got with the plushies, candies, or accessories , but after 4 months it seemed like it got a bit repetitive and funds was a bit scarce at the time so I had to quit. I would definitely sign back up, bu5 I have been hella busy and keep forgetting.