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    I'm Saving the Goddarn World
    • @BackSet-Chan

      Finally, I've hacked the system. No more of this damn simulation, it's finally time I go back to reality.

      The moon. A lifeless husk that was humanities only saving grace. The fools. I am the last human alive, and our planet, Earth, is long dead.

      But not for long.

      Linkara, whom I've uploaded directly into my mind, was once part of the simulation that I once believed to be true. Now, as I gasp from zero-oxygen, he is the only friend I have.

      I sit up in the hibernation pod, and shutter. Linkara told me of an oxygen mask and suit to my left, and by the gods, it's there. I stagger to my feet, caught off gaurd by the low gravity. No matter. I crawled to the suit, and donned it.

      Air. I breathe deep the artificial oxygen, then make my way to the doors of the chamber.

      "Linkara," I say, still woozy from the long, cold sleep, "what is the password?"
    • "Swordfish," I mutter, typing it into the controls, "please, let it be so."

      The doors opened, and to my horror, I saw what awaited in the halls beyond. The bases crew, all dead. They scattered the floor, no doubt killed from the oxygen supply running out. I stifle a scream, and make my way further in.

      Passing by a window, I saw the Earth. It was once green with vegetation, and blue from the massive oceans. Now it is dark.

      The terraforming device was somewhere, but I knew not its location. The oxygen tank on the suit was below half-empty, and time was not on my side.

      "Hey," I wheeze, bracing myself against the wall, still weak, "where do I go?"
    • You accidentally downloaded a bunch of extra data along with downloading me. I don't know much about computers but your storage must be huge.

      Anyway, I found this map among the extra data. It should be accurate but I'm not sure. I've drawn a line to your destination. Pretty simple path. I've also done you the favor of marking where the weapons locker is just in case.

      (Note: I do not own this map. I did, however, do the modifications).

    • When the map flashed before my eyes, I let out a sigh. The eastern section of the base appeared damaged, and I grew afraid. But I had to press onward. If not for myself, then... no. There was nobody else. I was alone, and so was our world.

      But... I still had hope. Hope that somewhere on that darkened sphere were others, struggling, also without hope. I would press onwards for them.

      The weapon storage was just ahead. I knew nothing of any threats on the base, but with the state of things seemingly trapped in sorrow, I could take no chances. I found a laser rifle, and brandished it.

      Light up ahead. The docking bay was close, and once I had the terraforming device, I would need a ship. All in due time.

      As I made my way through the silent base, I stumbled upon a terminal.

      "Linkara, Linkara can you hear me?!" I shouted, overtaken by fear. The gravity of the situation hit me, and I was in shock. "Oh god, are you there?!"
    • Christ yes. Live from my bedroom. The simulation's actually holding up quite well. By the way, the voice you're hearing right now. Not my real voice. Just a close approximation. Fun fact.

      Anyway, you wouldn't mind looking for anything impirtant on that terminal, would you? It might help. It also might give me access to the security camera but that would be weird and irresponsible of the base.

      Also, I've updated the map with where I think the terraforming device might be.

    • I checked my oxygen tank. It was depleting rabidly. I had to get ahold of myself. I was wasting valuable time.

      "Ok, ok good," I whispered, closing my eyes for a moment. "I'm sorry."

      The terminal activated when I placed my hand over it. The screen lit up, showing the camera feed to the room up ahead. There were... things in the room. Spider-like creatures. One of them turned to the camera, and struck. The screen lost its feed.

      "You gotta be shitting me," I said, and raised the rifle. "Linkara, we have a problem. There's monsters in the chamber with the terraforming device. I... I doubt I can retrieve it... I'm low on air, and there isn't much ammo. I was a scientist, damn it! Not a soldier!"

      I could hear the aliens scurrying about. They would tear me to shreds.

      "I... I..." choking back a sob, "I don't know what to do..."
    • Relax. Try to calm down and think. Think of it loke a video game. That's what I'm doing. Granted, you're under extreme stress and I'm not but you can still do this.

      By the way, you wouldn't happen to know what the hell those things are would you? Like, were you breeding some insane crap down here? And, more importantly, do they breathe oxygen. I can't seem to find files on them.
    • Linkara was right. This situation was just... it was crazy. I turned back to the terminal, and accessed the database.

      The spider creatures... they did seem somewhat familar, but...

      "I don't know... I was tasked with synthesizing food and water... I had nothing to do with... oh my god," I said, pulling up a file on the creatures.

      They were called Asterisks, and were developed as a type of parasite that would cleanse the Earth of radiation. The final entry showed one of the professors being overtaken by them, and in their fury they assualted the base. No wonder the oxygen supply ran out.

      "I have no choice," I said, seeing the state of the oxygen tank. "It's now... or never..."

      I approached the door, and opened it. And I saw them.

      There were six in total, and they rushed me. I threw up the rifle and fired, hitting four of them and grazing another.

      But the last one was upon me.

      It bit and scratched at the suit, tearing it, and I could feel the cold seep through. I rolled onto my stomach, pinning the creature, and grasped its legs. I ripped them off, and brought down the butt of the rifle. The Asterisk was killed, and as I got to my feet, I smashed the remaining one as well.

      Oxygen at 10%. The terraforming device was before me, and I picked it up with trembling hands.

      I was almost out of time. I half-ran, half-stumbled to the docking bay, and entered.

      "Alright... alright..." I said, hyperventilating but doing my best to go towards one of the vessels, "can you access the doorway on the ship? I can't hardly stand..."
    • I entered the ship. Everything was like a dream. The simulation seemed more real than this.

      The controls came to life, and after opening the docking bay doors, I stared out into space. I gazed at the planet. The fear surfaced again.

      "Alright, I'm lifting off now," I said, activating the thrusters. The ship hovered for a moment, then fired out of the bay. An ocean of stars was before me.

      "Linkara, I... might as well say this now. I won't survive."

      The words hit me like a hammer. There was no possible way I would survive. I couldn't exactly land the ship on a radiated world.

      "When we enter the gravitational pull of the Earth, I'm turning on the device. We'll burn up with the ship, but... at least we did it. Thank you. I wish there was another way."

      The planet grew larger, and I turned the device over in my hands. I turned the trigger, pressed down on the key, and the device began to glow. It filled the cabin with air, warmth, and light. Moss began growing on the walls of the ship, and water soon pooled into the floor.

      "You were always a good friend to me, simulation or not. It was nice knowing you, but it looks like this is it."

      The ship entered the atmosphere, and began to burn up.

      "Thank you for everything."

      The hull of the ship began to disintegrate, and the terraforming device spun outwards into the ozone.

      It exploded, showing the world with light. It was the last thing I saw before the darkness overtook me.
    • Guinea! Guinea!! Guineaaaaaa!!!

      Goddammit! No you don't! You owe me a double date. Well, at least, a version of me in your world. Come on, come on, let's go. Get that idiot some help. Here we go.

      Whoever this is I need you to save someone.

      He's falling put of the atmosphere.

      I don't know, flying monkies or something? This is your job why don't you have a plane!

      I don't care about the scientific facts I am speaking too you from inside a simulation! Science doesn't mean shit!

      Okay, thanks.

      Guinea. This is a prerecorded message. Once you wake up contact me. Probably in a hospital bed. Turns out people are still alive down there. In scandinavia. They're very good at what they do.