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    Misleading trailers, what is acceptable to you?
    • Topaz Mutiny wrote:

      Orrrrrr, how about instead of trying to piss me off, you please understand and take into consideration that A: there's two and a half decades of technological and societal advancements in videogames to consider (such that it was LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE at the time to make game assets and manual/trailer/box art look even remotely similar and that dichotomy lasted WELL into the N64 era, liiiike, say, Ocarina of Time), and that this is a trailer for the game, not the introduction you see when you boot up the game in the system.

      There's very definitely a difference between a trailer and a boot up intro.

      Secondly, you are right, I should take a look at the trailer for the original game.


      Snark elsewhere instead of tying to pick on people who dislike the remake, okay? Bye.
      I wasn't trying to be snarky though. I meant to literally ask how is it misleading if they are showing gameplay in the same trailer? The animated scenes are also in the game, just like in the original, for the intro.
      "Can't post that on a Christian forum."