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    Dead in my (Spirit) Tracks - Help?
    • I had this problem when I originally played Spirit Tracks years ago, when I first got my 3DS. The segment where you had to play the pan pipes was so difficult to control due to having to blow into the microphone and simultaneously move them so you don't accidentally blow into the wrong pipe, or not blow into it long enough or too long. I think by the time I got to the third dungeon, it was simply impossible for me to properly do so, and I don't know if it was because the microphone was in a different place than on the original DS or what, but I had to get rid of the game because it just wasn't possible to proceed. I'm still frustrated with Nintendo for such a needless design flaw but there you go.

      So flash back to a few weeks ago and the Wii U eShop having 40% off of Spirit Tracks. I figured, well, the gamepad and TV screen can be used at the same time so maybe I can use that to my advantage and finally make it work and complete the game. Turns out it's even worse and I can't even get past the first pan pipe challenge. I think the microphone on the gamepad might be compromised, to be honest, but nevertheless, it's impossible to proceed.

      Can anyone think of anything I can do? I know Nintendo won't give me my money back and to be honest, I really would rather be able to finish the game. Are there any kind of cheats to be able to skip certain portions or anything like that on virtual console games?
    • Unfortunately, no, you can't skip the Spirit Flute stuff.

      Assuming you don't have an issue with your GamePad's microphone—you can test it in System Settings—it may be an issue of timing. When I played ST, I had no trouble until the very last Spirit Flute "challenge," but on that one, I spent about 45 minutes trying to do it. Then it turned out I apparently needed to match the rhythm of the song approximately—it wasn't enough just to play the right notes in the right order—because as soon as I stopped rushing through the song and played it exactly as the other character did, it accepted my performance.

      That's the kind of thing that the game should make clearer, if indeed it is true lol. As a musician, I can appreciate the attention to detail there, but I have to feel for non-musicians just trying to play a video game.

      The same does not hold true when you are just playing a song in the field; you can just do a quick "t-t-toot," and it doesn't care how rhythmically accurate that was. It's only the duets.
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    • Rayburn wrote:

      I just encountered this problem yesterday. I googled it and many other people have had the same issues. There just seems to be an issue with the 3ds mic. I guess my only option is to dig out my old ds lite and switch to thay for the flute sections. I would like some explanation as to why the new mic isn't compatible.
      Yeah, that seems like a pretty darn big oversight with backward compatibility. I'd understand if a third-party company's game didn't do that with one of their DS games once the 3DS came out, but this is one of Nintendo's flagship franchises, and it's also on the Wii U Virtual Console, so it's an issue on both, it seems. I don't still have my old DS so I can't just go back and try it that way anyhow.