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ZU Fitness Challenge III - Done and Done!


    This challenge will run from February 3rd - March 2nd. Let's do this thing!



    1. boxes
    2. Tinglemakesmetingle
    3. Embalistico
    4. Froyoclaus


    1. Moriquendi
    2. Pennington
    3. Winnie
    4. Rambo
    5. Monika


    The workout selfies is a BONUS and absolutely not required.****

    Yoga/Floor/Resistance band challenge ideas:
    Plank: 3 sets -- 15 seconds each
    Flutter kick: 3 sets -- 15 seconds each
    Wall Sit: 3 sets -- 15 seconds each
    Donkey Kick: 3 sets -- 5 reps each leg
    Static lunge: 3 sets -- 5 reps each leg
    Lateral Band walk: 3 sets -- 8 steps each way
    Bend-over Row: 3 sets -- 8 reps each
    Lying Pull-over: 3 sets -- 8 reps each


    Resistance band exercises

    Bodyweight exercises

    yoga poses

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  • I was considering putting this in the other thread but I decided it would go here.

    I really wanted to talk about my fitness journey as I look above at the challenges we're starting with. I don't usually like sharing specific numbers in terms of weight so bear with me.

    I've always felt a bit unrepresented. I know that sounds ridiculous and everyone has their own physical and health challenges but. I always felt my body type didn't fit in with the advertisements or conversations. I'm not a plus sized lady but I'm not a skinny one either. I am 5'1" - tiny. I have longer legs but my torso is fairly short. I have an exaggerated hourglass figure - and when I put on weight it all goes to the backs of my hips and the outsides of my thighs. I'm already getting varicose veins in my legs from where I've gained and retained the weight. When I lose weight it comes off my stomach but my hips don't seem to budge. I rarely have seen any other person with this body type. My waist can be a 27 and my hips will be a 42. My upper half is a small and my lower half is a large. Shirts don't fit right because they assume I have 6 more inches of torso and half the hip size.

    I'm not here to just complain - I'm here to say that it can be frustrating for anyone, especially women, to compare themselves to others, see their flaws, and start hating their body. And breaking that cycle is always an uphill battle.

    I was always an active kid with a high metabolism. My weight was the same for 10 years - and if it changed it was like, 2-3 pounds. I was always proud of the fact that I was 115, size 4. But 3-4 years ago that changed. I plateaued. I stopped being active, but I was still eating badly. I had a stressful relationship. I moved to the city for grad school. I started drinking daily. Everything tanked. By the end of grad school I was unhealthy. It looked like I had aged about 4 years, not one. My skin was horrible - I'd never had acne like this before. I was 136 on the scale. And before you scoff remember - I don't think I had ever been above 117 in 25 years, then suddenly I gained 20 pounds - and was still gaining? I couldn't fit into a size 8? No dresses or shirts fit anymore? My face looked bloated, I felt exhausted, I was always nauseous, my hair and skin were always greasy, and I hated how I looked and felt.

    And I decided I wasn't happy with this. I started watching what I eat. I even joined beachbody for a bit (wasn't for me though). I kindof started working out. I cut back on drinking. But then my mom was sick and I moved home and for 4 months it was me alone in the house, no job, my mom in the hospital, and me, depressed, and seeing no progress. Finally FINALLY January 2018 (one year ago!) I said to myself to stop. I finally had a part time job, my mom was on the mend, and it was time to quit excuses and really start doing the right thing. I quit drinking for 6 months. I went on a legit diet - nothing crazy, but just making every choice a healthy one. And I began hitting the gym 4-5 days a week. I found a strange love of cardio/running. I made up my own ab floor exercises. I started stretching slowly - and really enjoying the feeling of taking care of my body. I started a relationship, and I struck up older friendships. I made my life more positive. I played piano every day. I began doing crosswords, trying my hand at painting, reading more books, and became even more active on ZU. I changed my lifestyle. And it worked. But July of 2018 I was 118 pounds. Sure - weight isn't everything. I still have those fat spots that need years and years of work to really lose. But I felt so much better. I had energy, I felt good and clean. I wasn't as greasy. I cared.

    Then I got this new job in September. I moved to a new state into my own apartment. It wasn't easy. I didn't have my gym 5 minutes from work AND home. instead of working 4 days a week for 6 hours a day its now 8.5 hours M-F. I have a half hour commute plus traffic. I make my own meals, shop for my own foods. All of my friends are back home. My family isn't around. I'm way more isolated and I have no access to my piano, so now I can't play. I stopped going to the gym because I was so tired and stressed from work. I stopped seeing friends. Over the holiday season I ate what I wanted and I drank more than I wanted to. And guess what happened? I stepped on the scale January 1st and was greeted with a 136. I felt devastated. All of my work last year felt undone. I had tried so hard, I had even been training for a 5k, and somehow I let it all go. And I've done a lot of reflection. I told myself it's okay. Life changes are hard. Things happen we can't plan for, or we get tired, or stressed, or our priorities shift temporarily. But I knew I wasn't happy with what was happening and just like last year, I resolved myself to starting again. I've gone back on a diet (still in progress). I've started back at the gym and I'm trying to get a good schedule worked out to go 3-4 times a week. I've changed my mindset to a positive one and I try really really hard to do the right thing.

    Yesterday at the gym I weighed myself - 132.5. I felt good. I'm not expecting to drop weight super fast, and my goals are related to endurance, and energy, and bloating, but it's also nice to see that number move especially when I struggle so hard especially with food and sugar. I can do this.

    Maybe I just needed to rant about it but I want you all to see that everyone has a story. Everyone looks in the mirror and thinks negative things, regardless of size or height. But changing your mindset and committing yourself to sticking to your goals is the best way to overcome these feelings. Learning to accept how you are now is the only way to change in the future. I try hard to love myself - I love my curves. I love my smile and strong eyebrows. I love that I'm not so skinny I could just be pushed over. And loving these things about me just gives me that much more motivation into improving myself in the long-term.

    ANYWAY that's what I have to say. I'm so happy to be doing this fitness challenge with you all and I hope everyone gets something out of it, whatever that may be. Even if it's just a shift in schedule or attitude. Thanks for reading this! If anyone wants to talk publicly or privately about their journey or any worries, my inbox is open and I'm always here to talk it out. You all are lovely! LET"S DO THIS <3

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  • Thanks for sharing, @Lady Sunshine. It's never particularly easy, but I have full faith in you :)

    I do believe there were a few links in the previous challenge threads to poses and such? I'm sure someone will come along with some good sites!

    I'm mainly posting to subscribe! I've had a somewhat rough, if very fun, weekend, but I managed to have a good workout session today nonetheless!
    My main workout playlist is this:…si=LV2if37mSty36cDss9tkIw

    As for my own challenges, I've been very skinny all my life and I've been struggling for years with being able to gain weight. I've never had more muscle mass or felt stronger og healhtier than I do now, though, so I must be doing something right.

    May your deeds live on in song

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  • Kind of going to open up a bit following LS' lead.

    One thing I've been working on recently is habit building. Not necessarily with just fitness, but building new habits pertaining to discipline, conduct, etc. This is mostly just to get in the habit of creating wins in other area of life. Trust me, having wins that let you have some feeling of accomplishment is crucial to well being and helps enable you to accomplish other, more difficult tasks.

    Not to hijack the competition thread, but I'd invite you all to pick a habit to create or a habit to rid yourself of during this competition that you feel would be important to you. Could be flossing every day or could be deciding to stop drinking soda, being negative, etc.

    Personally, I'll be cutting out alcohol this month. By no means is my intake that of a typical alcoholic, but I have let it be a problem the past couple years in terms of discipline, probably health as it's never good for the body, and simply attracting the type of people I typically want to be around (this doesn't just pertain to dating).

    Typically, when I stop, I let other temptations pull me back, such as a girl I'm seeing wanting to get drunk together. Not to say they're to blame for my own choices, but some things tempt you to slide into bad vices more than others.

    @Big Daddy Biggles @Ty. my Siege is going to suck for a while. Oops

    Retyping just for an easier read:

    I'd invite you all to pick a habit to create or a habit to rid yourself of during this competition that you feel would be important to you.
  • Let's go over my challenges:

    “One fruit, one veggie per day”

    Does that mean both a fruit and a veggie per day or does it mean a fruit or a veggie per day?

    “Workout 2x this week”

    For how long though?

    Is it up to us to decide?

    “Run 1 mile without stopping”


    …I'll definitely try to, but that's going to be difficult with how untrained I am and how wintery it is over here.

    “Plank: 3 sets, 15 seconds”

    Should be doable as soon as I understand what planking is and how to do it.

    “Balance tree pose, both legs, 30 sec. each, 3x”

    Same as the above.

    “Single leg deadlift: 3 sets, 8 reps”

    Same as the above.

    “Update/Share playlist or podcast”

    I don't have either of those, but I tend to listen to a bunch of different songs when I workout.

    Otherwise I have 150 OC ReMix songs on my phone that I listen to when I walk, so I guess I'll just share a link to their site.

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  • Wow even just reading less than half of this thread makes me understand why so many people appreciate the Fitness Challenge threads. You guys are all cool, beautiful, and strong already and it's great to hear the inspirational things you all are saying. It's making me want to make the most out of this challenge, too, and I just joined it on a whim and a poke ( @Lady Sunshine ♥ ).

    For each of my benchmarks (running 1.5 miles, planks, etc.) I'm tempted to try doing each of those for each of the 3x I'm supposed to workout this week, but I feel that isn't the intention of the challenge plan ahaha~
  • @Monika actually I want people to incorporate these into their workouts as much as possible during the week! So you’re good!

    @Colu Yes. I have a list with explanations that I will post links to exercises and the like. I was rushing this morning and forgot >_>

    If anyone is confused you can always ask in here too and anyone who wants to answer can.

    @TingleMakesMeTingle - both one fruit and one veggie! Per day!

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  • @Lady Sunshine Thank you so much for sharing! I think another thing that's unrepresented are just people like us who are in the middle--generally healthy with cake in the bathtub moments but not fitness models OR your typical "I was 300 lbs and now I'm a Fit Girl" scenarios. Sometimes we want to be healthy and make gains and it's just the daily struggles of knowing you could be at your best but you just aren't there yet--or like us fighting our way to get BACK there.

    Similar to you, things were going great for me over the summer, but then I dealt with so much change over these past few months between travel, commute and job changes, that I lost my gains and it's almost like this annoying cycle. And it's not THAT MUCH of a change but it's enough that I don't like where I'm at and it's just bugging me--no excuses though, each choice I made was my own and I'm owning it now with literally trying to work my ass off.

    Plus I'd like to call out that karma is a b*tch because most of my life I had friends that say they have to eat healthy or they'll get fat and I'm like ehhh sucks to be you, as I stuff another cookie in my face. BUT now that I'm over 30 I now understand what they mean, where diet impacts weight! And it sucks!

    So with that in mind, and go to along with Rambo's recommendation, my habit challenge for this month is to cut down on sugar and sweets. I'm still going to eat yogurt as a dessert, but substituting cookies and cakes with fruit is my new thing.

    Edit: I'm still baking cookies today for our ZU food challenge though. But they are snickerdoodles which are not my favorite cookie so most of them will survive to live another day.

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  • So normally I'm able to go get whatever food I want from the dining hall at my university. But for whatever reason for the Super Bowl, they decided to have hardly anything available. I was able to scrape together a plate of cauliflower, but there were absolutely no vegetables available for me! I didn't want to go to the store to actually spend money, so I went to a cafe-like place nearby so I could spend some university currency on a strawberry smoothie. I hope that isn't cheating too hard, since I was able to get about a dozen strawberries in it.
  • Currently eating my carrot of the day!

    As for my "playlist", I don't have one specific playlist on Spotify, nothing like that. I just take a random lofi compilation from my YT suggestions and listen to that. I like this one:

    Also I'm still waiting for an answer to my last question...!
  • Hi@'Embalistico' ! When you do each workout -try- to incorporate them in! But as long as you do them once a week it does count!

    *** ALSo guys I edited the OP to include links that I promised!!*** @Colu

    Also PLAYLIST so I don't have anything specific BUT when I do ab/floor exercises I actually listen to the Castle Crashers OST soundtrack.
    If you need something to Zen/groove to when doing yoga poses, or any ab sets, you goooota listen to this track, which also has the best name- (Please) Don't. I also like Landfall, Vain Star, and Archetype.

    Aside from that Daft punk is pretty great. Anything with a great beat and bass.

    When running I listen to more upbeat rock or even like, Selena Gomez or J-Lo, something I want to dance and shake to. Whatever works, right?

    Get low

    On the floor

    Slow down

    I know how to say

    Daft Punk Mix

    Knights of Cydonia

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