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ZU Fitness Challenge III - Done and Done!
  • Omg I had a horrifying week with class and forgot about it entirely D: sorry! Will do my best to properly get the reins of things tomorrow ^^;

    Re: playlist, I don't really listen to anything while exercising, since 1) there's usually music already playing at the gym, 2) I'm not really one for music :b and 3) focusing on anything other than the counter makes me forget how many reps/sets I have or what I'm even doing x.x

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  • I can barely function right now at home, I ate too fast, and I can't stop yawning... but freaking heck if I didn't run 1.5 miles without stopping tonight. I am so proud of myself honestly guys I haven't even run over a mile in prolly 8+ months and I was hungry and it was after work and raining and blah blah so hell to the yes! Hoping to keep running up as much as possible. My future goal (in like a year) is to run 3 miles without stopping which I have done in the past because I do eventually want to do that 5k!

    * BTW that number is 17:58 I am not some freak of nature who can run a mile in like 5 minutes *

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  • Soo by far:

    Fruitsies and veggsies: 4/7
    Ran 2,2 miles without stopping
    3x 15 second planks and 3x 30 second planks
    Tree-pose 30 seconds 3x on each leg and tree-pose 45 seconds 3x on both legs
    Single-leg deadlift: 10 reps on both legs
    Playlist shared
    And definitely not forgotten workouts...!

    I didn't really understand how many deadlifts I was supposed to do, so I just tried it out.

    Also I'm going to have to workout 3 times, and there's 3 days left for this week! Thank you procrastination!

    Fruit 'n' veg: 5/7
    Workout: 1/2
    Walk a lot: 1/1
    Plank: 1/2
    Tree pose: 1/2
    Single leg deadlift: 1/2
    Playlist/podcast: 1/1

    Re: walking, I wear one of those fitness tracker watches, and looking back over the last couple months I, on average, walk about 45 km/week. I'm hoping this makes up for the lack of running.

    I put a timer on for my tree poses yesterday (done after my workout) and I zoned out for several minutes on each side hahaha. I love tree pose.

    I thought the deadlifts would hurt my back but I'm feeling OK today after doing them yesterday. Yay!

    Also, the veg soup I made is freakin delicious. Going to be eating that for the next couple days. :)
  • I just finished my second workout. Bad news is I would have done it yesterday but my first workout was so tough on my body every part was too sore for me to feel I could get a good workout. The good news is that I ran for a mile and a half without stopping, despite me feeling almost every step of the way like I would die. Now all that's left for me is one more workout trip and to finish the food challenge!
  • Rambo wrote:

    Fruit 'n' veg: 0/7 3/7 (purposely not eating fruit)
    Workout: 3/3 Monday was a light recovery session, but it still counts
    Run 1.5 mile: 1/1
    Plank: 3/3 Knocked them out today as part of my ab session
    Tree pose: 2/3 Saving a set for leg day lol
    Single leg deadlift: 0/3 Saving for leg day
    Playlist/podcast: 1/1
    Fruiteggies: 0/7 5/7
    Workout: 3/3
    1.5 Miler: 1/1
    Plank: 3/3
    Tree pose: 3/3, but doing the last one with my legs being jelly was a test of will.
    Single dads: 3/3 It's been an interesting morning.
    Playlist: 1/1
  • The week so far:

    Fruitsies and veggsies: 5/7
    Ran 2,2 miles without stopping
    3x 15 second planks and 6x 30 second planks
    Tree-pose 30 seconds 3x on each leg and tree-pose 45 seconds 6x on both legs
    Single-leg deadlift: 10 reps on both legs x3
    Workouts: 1
    Playlist shared

    Oh boy

    Thanks for this challenge! It has made me realise that doing stuff like this, can be fun! I now want to do this stuff every week! Which really good, because I don't really usually work out. Maybe I'll get into good shape if I stay motivated. Thank you!
  • Hey Fitness Folks! Here is my end of week update:

    Fruit 'n' veg: 7/7 (every day I start the morning with 1/2 grapefruit and every day with lunch I have cauliflower rice, so the rest is gravy)
    Workout: 3/3 (worked out more often but the goal was to get at least 3 so hooray!)
    Run 1.5 mile: 3/3 (with cycling and the elliptical, not running outside or anything. But I figure since I did more than just 1.5 miles it should make up for it... taking cycling classes should count!)
    Plank: 3/3
    Tree pose: 3/3
    Single leg deadlift: 3/3 (these are my favorite)
    Playlist/podcast: 1/1
  • And here is my end of week update:

    Fruits & Veggies: 7/7
    Workout (Beginner): 2/2
    Workout (Intermediate: 0/3 (I'll try to get these done in the next week, which will include the missing intermediate Planks, Balance Tree Poses, and Single Leg Deadlifts below.)
    Walk (5 km – 3.1 miles): 6/7 (I was planning on walking today but it was way too rainy, so I'll do the last* one for this week tomorrow instead.)
    Plank (Beginner): 2/2
    Plank (Intermediate) : 1/4
    Balance Tree Pose (Beginner): 2/2
    Balance Tree Pose (Intermediate): 1/4
    Single Leg Deadlift (Beginner): 2/2
    Single Leg Deadlift (Intermediate): 0/3
    Playlist/Podcast: 1/1

    (*Do note that I will continue to try to walk every day after that, so that isn't my actual last walk.)
  • Oof really not all that good this week^^;

    Fruits this week: 2/7, veggies: 1/7 :T

    Workout 2/2 asdfghj
    Plank 2/2 x_x;
    Run 1-Mile: 0/1 yeaaaah that's... xD diff
    Tree Pose: 0/2
    Single leg deadlift: 0/2 (been p undisciplined at this consistency thing heh...)
    Playlist: 0/1

    I should

    Do better

    Next week

    This one absolutely broke me in terms of uni things^^;;; sorry!

    Tho running I find absolutely dreadful because hahahahaha what is this anxiety and danger and HEAT and nooo D:

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    Fruit 'n' veg: 7/7
    Workout: 2/2
    Walk a lot: 1/1
    Plank: 2/2
    Tree pose: 2/2
    Single leg deadlift: 2/2
    Playlist/podcast: 1/1

    That's right ya toads! I ate a bad tomato toady thoug. And I'm trying to forget that experience with wine on this chilly Saturday night.

    Edit: I meant to write "today though"

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