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Spy Thriller Mafia - The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. (Game over EoD3))
  • I did want to add to my post to you @Aquamentus that I understand you're trying to generate content and it is very much appreciated. You're leading the conversation today and that is very pro-town.
    Just let me put my thoughts out there for future reference on what your motives could be, and we'll see how things play out. I'm suspect of everyone, but consider my reasoning for you to be plausable.

    Anyways, I've said my peace, I'm good with a Realmwings vote if only to punish him for not reading the thread ;)
    Actually, how about this post:

    RealmWings wrote:

    1) I... well... forgot when EOD was because I'm dumb and didn't vote in time. >_<

    2) I think Tingle seems most suspect, but could go either way being new.

    3) Ruki seems least... for now. It's too early to rule anyone out in any significant way.
    He said Tingle seems most suspect, a confirmed townie from his flip, (yeah he didn't read oh well) and I really don't see any reason to suspect Tingle and this could be a "hey I'm mafia, I've been mia and I'll help by throwing shade at this random townie". Playing it off like it was a non consequential hunch. *shrug* Also, I'm 1 for 1 on my initial psychic guess list, and Realm is on there so, let's go 2 for 2.

    That leaves...
    1) Lady Sunshine - iffy / not much of a read
    3) Kae - town as fuck
    5) Big Daddy Biggles - voted for Romano, I like that
    6) Rambo - seems to be picking up what Monica is putting down, interested to see where this leads
    7) GuardianFIN - claimed town tracker
    9) Aquamentus - iffy
    10) gerudoyoshi - iffy
    11) Monika - rambo wants to see what's going on with monika based on ??? okay with me we can deep dive on other players for the time being
    12) Realmwings - iffy

    I think we'll find red within the iffyness that is LS, gerudoyoshi and realmwings. Those are the three I'm comfortable with voting for today.

    As far as the kills in the night - I have nothing to base the following on besides general mafia knowledge - but I feel like the second kill was a trigger happy townie who had a kill and picked a rando to see if they were right. I hope that's not the case, but I'm worried it is. I didn't see any reason to shoot Tingle <OR> it's a serial killer, I don't think this small of a game would have the set-up with 2 mafia kills unless there was some OP roles on the town side.

    @gerudoyoshi - are you useful to the town?
  • Let’s put it this way. I could’ve been more useful to the town uh depending on certain results today. I’d say I have potential.

    I need to read back at tingles stuff now before I can make an actual good post. I liked tingles analysis on one of the first few pages so I’m gunna look over that. Everyone seems to be against realmwings and I want to look into that too cause I feel like I missed something. I mean he could’ve totally missed that tingle died but the fact that he’s harping on tingle in general is weird to me since I didn’t see tingle as scummy when alive.

    Idk. I’ll be back

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  • Aquamentus wrote:

    Aquamentus wrote:

    I also just remembered Tingle is dead. @RealmWings Please choose two different people. I really need to freaking sleep.

    Big Daddy Biggles wrote:

    @Aquamentus - you guys do realize that Ruki AND Tingle both died, right?

    Lmao, we had this happen already ahaha!!!!

    Just putting up the list again.

    1) Lady Sunshine
    2) Ruki
    3) Kae
    4) TingleMakesMeTingle
    5) Big Daddy Biggles
    6) Rambo
    7) GuardianFIN
    Romano-British Medli
    9) GregariousTree Aquamentus
    10) gerudoyoshi
    11) Monika
    12) Realmwings

    Current Actions:
    1) Aquamentus has voted for Realmwings
    2) Big Daddy Biggles voted for GuardianFIN
    3) GuardianFIN votes for RealmWings
    4) RealmWings votes for GuardianFIN

    Total Votes:
    GuardianFIN - 2 Vote (Big Daddy Biggles, RealmWings)
    RealmWings - 2 Votes (Aquamentus, GuardianFIN)

    Edit Made for formatting a cross on the list
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  • @Kae Nevermind being obscure. Here's what I'm looking. The "interaction" I'm talking about is Ruki voting you last minute. Then I'm seeing the two posts below by Monika. Given these, Ruki and Tingle would be likely targets to Monika if she were a Night Vig. Both of them died overnight.

    I see two scenarios: She or someone paying attention to her made a misguided night kill and/or someone is trying to implicate her. I'm just assuming scum doesn't have two kills.

    The scenario is plausible for either victim last night, so I trust her as town atm.

    Monika wrote:

    There is one hour left. Anybody who doesn't vote for Guardian, Romano, or gerudoyoshi. Any other vote shouldn't be considered.

    Monika wrote:

    Welp it seems pretty damning that GuardianFIN is about to die unless he hops in and manages to turn the tables last minute.

    If Guardian manages to turn up town I'm going after Tingle tomorrow
  • Thank you for clarifying! That makes perfect sense.

    Do you think DLR's vote for Romano is enough to take him off the suspect list?

    Because if you think it is, then our only good options for lynchs today are: LS, Aquamentus, and Realmwings. Assuming you, monika, DLR, Guardian, and I are town.

    Do you you, @Monika, @Big Daddy Biggles, and @GuardianFIN agree and want to vote for one of those three?
  • @Kae I don’t. I think it could’ve been a jump on a bandwagon to make him look town by killing another mafia member. Just point it out. It’s happened.

    i have no idea what Rambo is getting at. Wait why is this italicized ignore that my phone is freaking stupid.

    Oh I think I get it. Who is “she” in that scenario Rambo- Ruki?

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  • Kae wrote:

    Thank you for clarifying! That makes perfect sense.

    Do you think DLR's vote for Romano is enough to take him off the suspect list?

    Because if you think it is, then our only good options for lynchs today are: LS, Aquamentus, and Realmwings. Assuming you, monika, DLR, Guardian, and I are town.

    Do you you, @Monika, @Big Daddy Biggles, and @GuardianFIN agree and want to vote for one of those three?
    I'm not going to say we should have a "suspect list" consisting solely of people that we know nothing substantial that they've done. Especially since the reason for Rambo being off the list is basically "had a sound reason to trust Monika".

    Looking back through the thread, I realized I forgot that Kae asked me, FIN, and Medli if we'd say "I'm a townie" confidently. I read it and forgot to respond, and neither of the other two did either. But Kae you didn't seem to care that nobody answered. So for now

  • Ok, there is too much for me to reply right away.
    I hope I can build another responce before I head to work (I should be there in 2h lol)

    So it seems that at least Kae and Monika believe me, but at least Monika doesn't trust Kae.

    I need to read again who turned which way on D1 and when.
    Just let you know I'm here. I'm slow cos I'm 100% on mobile
    (I'd love to have a keyboard or being able to do this at work)
  • Romano-British Medli wrote:

    @Ruki: Care to elaborate what makes @GuardianFIN stand out to you compared to other people who have voted (e.g. gerudoyoshi) due to inactivity?

    RealmWings wrote:

    Ok, I'm back.


    Medli was VERY defensive of you, and paired with the roleclaim, you look very suspect
    I hate my limited ability to quote
    Anyhow, here are both posts.
    @RealmWings that was the only post I found Medli defending me.
    Before you or anyone else brings it up, I mention this myself.
    I also said earlier on D1 that I don't want to vote Medli. There was personal reason, nothing to do with this game. I invited Medli to join his first game, and he got lynched on D2, as town doc due Biggles. You can see this from archives. Next game he was in, Maf killed him N1. I WISHED he could play a bit longer, but since he flipped red, it's different thing. Friendship makes you blind.
    Back to the point. How one point is being "VERY defencive"?
    I'm running out of time, I need to start working.
    So I can just post this poorly structured and haphazard post.
    Atm I'm inclined to think Rambo, Monika and maybe Biggles and Kae town.
    Most suspicious about Realm, LS and Aquamentus I need to see still more closely
    See you later
  • @Kae I'd give BDB as I'd give everyone a chance who was on a Mafiosa's wagon. The obvious idea is scum would avoid bussing if possible, but this isn't always true. It's a smart play to think that mostly town would lynch scum so as to focus our attention on wagons we don't know about. If we make a mistake, we come back to the scum wagon and take a harder look at who voted.

    As for @RealmWings, they're playing as someone who is uninformed. Right away, they thought Ruki and Tingle were alive. If you're in a Mafia chat, you at least know who your faction targeted unless you're all about that "I don't read the chat, the chat reads me life." It could be a play to appear airheaded, but I'd keep my vote off them just for that.

    @GuardianFIN hasn't been counterclaimed, which is good. But this whole I'm a "tracker" but different nonsense is weird. If there's a modifier, share it, but it's odd to change the default role up too much in a low bastard game.


    But let's talk about Tingle, a new player, for a sec. Many of us don't like to kill off new players Day 1/Night 1. This is extremely meta, but I'd focus on who doesn't mind killing newbs early game. It may lower the suspect pool a bit, or accidentally out a Vig, but it's a place to look for suspect.
  • Ah okay. Monika is a he so I was confused af.

    I went back and read and tried to analyze best I could.
    My brain isn't going to work amazing today, there's a -lot- going on right now irl so if anyone needs any clarity on my conclusions please ask and I'll do my best to provide specifics.

    i'm still suspect of Monika, but slightly less so after reading through the Guardian/Monika/Romano/Tingle things.

    I think it's suuuper random someone killed off Tingle if it wasn't mafia's doing. I mean, if there's a night vig like.. that still to me is a weird choice? UnLESS the night vig kill could've be redirected. Aka a mafioso targeted tingle to redirect an action to him OR the night vig themself was targeted to redirect randomly or to tingle specifically. I think that's a possibility in a 2.5 with modifiers?

    If we take guardian at his word as a tracker with no counterclaims especially, then his results would matter. Unfortunate his target, ya know, died. But then why are people still going after guardian now? I'm inclined to agree with kae on this one. Let's nooot lynch unless we get new evidence that its a good idea.

    I've said before that I'm sus of BDB but I think it's past game bias. But I also know he can slip through that.. wily minx. Kae's questioned above so I'll look elsewhere.

    so @Rambo - who would you look at that would've killed off tingle? Are you willing to lay off Realmwings due to being uninformed? Is that even a good reason? You seem to still be suspicious of Guardian. Are you willing to cast a vote for them?

    @Aquamentus heyo, I know you're still new but. What do you think about voting a claimed "townie" ? I apprecaite the tally links (seriously its helpful) buut I'd love to hear opinion!
    What is your opinion of RealmWings being supect? or just illinformed?

    Also, its time for me to vote. [vote] Big Daddy Biggles [/vote]

    I love you to death bb.. but in mafia I can't hold back. Come join us~

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