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    Community Cooking/Baking Togetherness Thread
    • Oh!

      I remembered I gave a recipe the other day but I didn't post any pictures! :O

      The one ingredient no bake cookies.

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      Buy the ingredient "Cookies of your choice".
      They usually have it where they sell cookies.
      I bought this one.

      Then you open the wrapping and pour it into a bowl...

      Or a cupped hand...

      Or into your open mouth! :D

      (Sorry, didn't have a use for an assistant today, as it was such an easy recipe)
    • Those no bake cookies look like they took a long time, you poor thing, you must be exhausted! :P

      I'm excited to have a long weekend and do all the things I want, including baking. I'm gonna do the no bake cookies but now I have molasses I need to use up so I might make molasses ginger cookies as well, THEN I found out I have cream cheese I've gotta use up so...I might make frosting WHICH MEANS I MIGHT MAKE CUPCAKES TO NECESSITATE ICING

      My life has just become full of baking and I wish we could truly send food to people so I wouldn't have so much :x
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    • Starting work on my chicken. Figured, I'd just cook for the week.

      I'm cooking the breasts in different ways so I'm not bothering trying to take pictures of that prep. The most important part is that you sit outside and sing Aaron Watson and Agave Posse Band to your chicken while it's on the grill. It's the only way to get the full flavor.

      Completion Edit:

      The peppers didn't survive the snacking on, but here. The drumsticks were injected with Cajun Creole butter, lightly dusted with garlic pepper/salt, and cooked with those peppers and asparagus. The breasts were wrapped differently. Some had butter injections, apple rub and garlic salt/pepper, along with the peppers. Some just had the butter, and the last batch just had a little salt so I could throw some to the dog next door without spices giving him an upset stomach.

      If I were cooking for others, I'd let the drumsticks get more browned and crispy on the outside, maybe even baking it for a few minutes. I didn't want a whole lot of smoke on it though.

      Timing is just however long it takes to play a few levels of Super Mario World...flip everything....then play some more levels.

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    • LOL so in case people couldn't tell.. chicken is the obvious winner. So excited to see everyone's creations!


      Rambo that looks really good. I want to be injected with butter ngl.

      I made chicken last night! I just need to find the pictures and I'll edit into this post with the recipe. Totally dropped the ball on no-bake but maybe I can get to it this weekend. >.>

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      I am making a baked chicken on Friday, this weekend I was going to make the no bake cookies but I had a massive brain fart and forgot to, y'know, BUY INGREDIENTS.

      I did, however, use up my bananas and molasses to make a loaf of banana bread and some ginger molasses cookies! The picture is the wrong way, I can't fix it but you get the gist :P
      Banana Bread (it's a mom recipe):

      1/2 cup butter
      1 + 1/4 cup sugar
      2 eggs
      2-3 mashed bananas
      2 Tbsp cooled milk
      1 stp baking soda
      1 tsp baking powder
      1 1/2 cup flour

      Preheat oven to 350
      1. Cream the sugar, butter, and egg together. In a mug or bowl, heat the milk in the microwave for about 30 seconds (it should be fairly hot) and mix in the baking soda. Set aside and let it cool for about 5-8 minutes.

      2. In the meantime, mash the bananas fairly well then mix into the creamed ingredients. Your milk should be fine to add now, just give it a quick stir to make sure the soda is dissolved before adding it.

      3. Add the flour and baking powder now, be sure that there are no big chunks of banana as it could trap moisture in certain parts and it becomes goopy. I also added peanut butter chips to my loaf, about 1/2 a cup. Totally optional!

      4. Bake for about 35-40 minutes, if you notice any jiggle as you're pulling it out it's not done yet! Wait until the top is a golden brown and has a nice crack down the middle. I like to toss a dish towel over the loaf when it's out and let it stay warmed for 10-15 minutes before letting it cool in the pan elsewhere.

      Cookies: (I love this baking blog, I steal 80% of my recipes from her!)

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      But photographs of you
      Rescued from the flame
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    • So as mentioned I was going to do no-bake and not chicken.

      My no-bake dessert is .... strawberry cheesecake bites!!!

      Unfortunately strawbs are not in season here right now, so when I went to the store on Sunday they only had these really sad, small ones. So I waited until mid-week to check again and voila!

      Oh my gosh these are so much tastier than I thought they'd be. I put a little extra vanilla in the icing ughhh
    • I made two chicken dishes this week thus far.

      None is very presentable hah.

      First one was a whole chicken.
      Just no...

      The second was baked potatoes with some chicken mix.
      I was running late from work, so gf did the dinner....
      She mixed all ingredients and instead of a mix she made a paste. >_<

      I will however share my recipie for the last dish.

      Put one large potatoe (large enough to feed one person) per person eating in the oven at like 225°C for an hour.
      If it is a really large potatoe it might need 1,5h?
      While that is in the oven, take some ham/chicken/turkey, preferably some in sandwich meat form and cut it up in bits about 2cm long, half a cm wide.
      Grab a red onion, dice it up. I prefer small pieces for this.
      Find some Creme Fraiche or sour cream (kinda the same, creme fraiche is firmer tho).
      Put these three into a bowl, add some salt and pepper, stir it all up. Done.
      Now wait for the potatoes.
      Eat the delishousness.
    • Oh no I forgot my chicken

      I got this recipe off budget bytes!

      It's smoky chicken and cinnamon roasted sweet potato! With broccoli.

      It was pretty easy in terms of the dry rub. I didn't use chili flakes as I don't like spice. The rest was like 5 ingredients (link is above for details)
      I pounded my chicken down to about 3/4 of an inch.
      Sweet potatoes were AMAZING. Took ~50 minutes. I don't mind the tops being slightly burned and the insides were so soft. With the cinnamon flavor added they were perfect.
      I just did some simple steamed broccoli to go with it for extra veg.

      In progress chicken:


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    • Here's a chicken dish I prepared this week as part of my culinary skills final practice.

      It's a supreme chicken breast I fabricated from a whole chicken, along with parcooked and satueed brussel sprouts and a mushroom sauce made from one of the five mother sauces, veloute, mixed with cream and lemon juice, and pan seared mushrooms along with the fond from that to make a white mushroom sauce.

      The chicken is coated in flour and seasoned with salt and pepper, pan seared in clarified butter that we made and then finished in the oven. It's also served with whipped potatoes that we plate with a star tipped piping bag just for presentation reasons because it sure doesn't change the taste.

      Sorry for the fork sticking into it, haha. It's bigger than it looks compared to that. I also took this picture in the middle of class so I didn't get the best angle xp

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    • I made nachos for the chicken dish, but I forgot to take a picture before we ate it looool

      Sweet chilli heat Doritos
      Ground chicken
      Taco seasoning

      Cook chicken, taco season that shit. Cut up the peppers, onions, and tomatoes (or whatever toppings you want, they’re nachos). Grate the cheese
      Throw it together, pop in the oven for melty goodness.

      Nachos, very versatile.
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    • Hey guys! Posting the last two week's here. I made two batches of no-bakes, the first is dark chocolate orange protein balls and the second is peanut butter/coconut butter cornflake cookies:

      Dark Chocolate Orange No-Bake Recipe

      Cornflake No-Bakes

      And this week is my sweet and sour chicken dish. Instructions: heat some oil in a pan on the stove, put cubed raw chicken in the pan and cook it, pour sweet and sour sauce and simmer for a few minutes... then put your chicken with cauliflower rice and peas and ta-da!