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    2020 US Presidential Race: HERE COMES BERNIE
    • the national polls were correct - clinton won the popular vote by just about the same amount she was predicted to. she lost the election because of something like 50k votes spread across 4 or 5 states.

      Secondly Tim Pool is 3000% alt right. The fucker hangs out with nazis and white supremacists. Constantly carries water for people like McInnes and Cernovich. This isn't new or controversial. You're just falling for the grift.

      “Gandalf put his hand on Pippin's head. "There never was much hope," he answered. "Just a fool's hope, as I have been told.”
      ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

    • Pietro wrote:

      In his first run for president Joe Biden plagiarized a former UK Labour Party leader's speech, was exposed as having plagiarized a paper during law school (for which he received an F), was called out for lying about the number of degrees he had and lying about graduating at the top half of his law school class when in reality he graduated near the bottom of his class.

      Yet for some reason he remained relevant enough to be in the senate for decades and run for president 2 other times in 2008 and now, despite being clearly sub-mediocre (made up word, but calling him mediocre is an insult to people who actually are mediocre.)
      Joe Biden plagiarized the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition for his climate change plan... lol White mediocrity... well sub-mediocrity. Someone who was mediocre would learn not to plagiarize the first time he was caught.

      Also he supports continuing the federal ban on abortion funding, while a number of states push for an abortion ban, he's not stepping up for women (even in a way that is non-controversial in the Democratic party, a number of candidates have come out against the Hyde amendment already). I don't know who will win the primary, but it won't be Joe Biden looking at the polls he's already slipping.
    • I still think it will be a third-stringer that Trump will easily curbstomp. Aside from Sanders and maybe Biden, far too few of their candidates who have a chance at getting the nomination show signs of being able to easily counter Trump's "attackattackattack" strategy. Pelosi is showing all signs of not being in the corner of wanting to take on Trump directly, and most of the party still listens to her.

      In any case, I wish I was surprised about Biden... but I'm not.
    • Elizabeth Warren is now firmly in 3rd place and closing in on Bernie (who's support has stagnated at about 15-20%). Meanwhile Joe Biden's quickly falling to about 25-30 (which is what I expected.)

      Everyone else is having trouble gaining traction.

      This race is getting interesting and is sure to get a lot more interesting once the debates and votes start.

      I'll probably do another power ranking thing because I had fun doing that.