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    Where do you get your news from?
    • I love the discussion that occurs in these forums and I'm curious where you all get your information from.

      Let's list and discuss our favorite websites, blogs, podcasts, twitter accounts, etc.

      I will start with mine (these are just some of my sources):


      • CNN- I generally use this as my breaking news website. I'm not a fan of their analysis and I find their cable shows to be plagued with "both sides-ism" along with talking points that appeals to corporate america (which i'm not fond of).
      • The Hill - I'm not a fan of the two brothers but I feel they report on a stories from unknown sources especially regarding topics that take MSM some time to report.
      • NY Times - This is my haven for investigative journalism and I usually use this website for their deep analytical articles
      • Vox - I just love this website so much. I don't like to brag often but I started using it when it first came out. I love how they explain and break down current events and issues in a easy way to understand. It's easier to read then NY Times in my opinion.
      • Jacobinmag - I just started using this site so I don't know much about it but so far I'm impressed. They offer a pretty wide range of liberal dialogue ranging from all the way to revolutionary socialist stuff.They're great at churning out fresh content which isn't easy to find nowadays.
      Aggregate websites:

      • I'm a huge reddit fan so here are my favorite subs:
        • r/politics - probably the largest sub that serves a haven for politics. Though there is a bias i would say it has a wealth of information.
        • r/neutralpolitics - not a large volume of posters compared to r/politics but the quality of each thread is impressive with each post containing tons of sources. I highly recommend.

      • 538 - I enjoy their stastical approach and studying events and using historical data to create predictions. I'm starting to enjoy their articles a lot since it reminds me of Vox but with heavy data analysis. Their podcasts breaks down a lot of their discussion in simple terms.
      • Pod Saves America - the hosts are hilarious and they offer a more optimistic approach regarding politics. Since a couple of the hosts have political experience they seem to be able to breakdown some of the strategies that may be occurring regarding some issues.

      • Seth Abramsom - he is my go to regarding russia-trump related discussion. I will admit, i was skeptical of him at first but a lot of his predictions he made years ago seems to be unfolding.

      Thoughts, comments, criticism?

      I love to hear some recommendations!

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    • +1 on just Googling. My mobile Chrome always throws me suggested headlines too.

      TV wise, I'll watch CNBC or Bloomberg. All sources have their least theirs favors money more than political affiliation. If something does pop up on those stations that isn't about money, then it's probably more important than usual.

      I mostly watch local news for weather, but occasionally I'll catch a few stories on their stations or website.

      And don't forget Facebook's plethora of gossip/fanatic website news post.
    • For link aggregates from different sources, I use a handful of different subreddits. The biggest issue with these is of course the bias and the tendency for something to explode entirely from the headlines, even when it's from less reputable (or shit) sources such at The Independent, or a lot of HuffPo's articles. For this reason I try my hardest to read the actual source before making any judgement, but since this is usually on my phone it's sometimes impossible due to bad web-coding for phones and so many autoplaying videos and ads.

      As far as a single news source that I very much respect, that would have to go to the Washington Post. They don't usually hold back punches, and I haven't seen them disingenuously reporting on things as much as I have other sources. I'm generally inclined to trust that their headlines aren't exaggerated.

      The most surprising recent news-source for me is as @Winnie said, BuzzFeed News. The clickbaity, kind of garbage mainsite funds what is an extremely committed to journalistic ethics news source, that often comes forward with breaking news before the other organizations do. The only kerfuffle was the recently reported on Cohen story, where Mueller's office came out with a rarely seen rebuttal against what was reported. BF stuck by their story though, so we'll see where this goes once the investigation starts to close.

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    • No single media outlet is 100% correct 100% of the time. I get most of my news from new media, and I reject watching CNN, Fox, MSNBC etc. I do not want to support propaganda. Since I’m a progressive, I like watching new media shows such as TYT, and there are even some great progressive YouTube channels I watch. Still, I watch with a healthy skepticism as to avoid believing anything I hear. From time to time, I will watch right wing biased media so that I don’t fall victim to the echo chamber effect. I like to understand the other side and where they are coming from as well.
    • I read everything. From the good (Reuters, BBC, Wallstreet Journal), to the bad (CNN, Fox, WaPo), to the ugly (Breitbart, Huffington Post), and to even the many stupid comments left on videos and stuff. I read good journalism and compare sources for factual information. I read comments and bs to understand public sentiment because you could learn much more about public sentiments yourself than listening to so-called experts prattle about what people want or think.
    • I get almost all of my news online and I use google to fact-check talking heads and their guests all the time. MSNBC is on the played where I live about 4 or 5 hours a day often, I consider them to be honest but I see them in total line-step with the needs of the Democratic Party. They have something against Bernie Sanders (he's not a true Democrat) and some of their people are over the top, but they have some really good guests on there and it's from those people that I end up finding stories like how the company that bailed out the Kushner's from 666 5th Ave is the same that's selling the reactors to Saudi Arabia, some of the news that is the most alarming yet easy to miss if you don't keep up with this stuff consistently