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Rules that members should have for Moderators.
  • The moderators are required to abide by the same rules as every other member here at Zelda Universe.

    You can find them here: Zelda Universe Forum Rules

    That thread clearly lays out what is, and what is not appropriate, and the repercussions for breaking the rules.

    For example:

    • SPAM (2 points): Please confine any spammy posts you make to the appropriate threads (ie. threads labeled "fun"/chat thread, threads in the "Forum Games" section, appropriate threads in the Clans. And even spammy posts made in these threads must at least be comprehensible and related to the thread's purpose) Do not spam in threads labeled "serious" or any thread in Serious Discussion. Sending mass spammy PMs is also frowned upon and could be considered SPAM. Duration of infraction: one month.

    Posting something that is no way related to the thread or the topic at hand, or with the sole purpose of being annoying and off topic can land you with either a warning or an infraction of two points with the duration of 1 month.

    It goes without saying, the post that warranted the warning will be deleted by the moderator.

    There are no special rules for moderators. They must follow the same rules as anyone else. If you notice that anyone on the mod team is not doing that, you need to report them to either myself or @Pietro, and we will warn or infract according to the rules that you have available to you.

    If you wish to provide feedback or submit a complaint, my inbox is always open!
  • I would like to put in my opinion which I’m sure is very valued and you’ve all been wanting to hear: let’s state mod rulz4admins.

    Like mod appreciation day where adminz give us cash monies for our work. And make us special sigs and stuff.

    Ty I’m feeling underappreciated, we should have a team building activity to boost morale. Maybe we could all read a leadership book and talk about it and then do a ropes course activity involving trust building measures.