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    Games I played besides OoT.
    • I'm pretty much ALWAYS AND FOREVER going to place OoT above every other entry into the series 100% because of bias and I will never be ashamed of that.

      HOWEVER! Considering this isn't an OoT specific forum I figured I should probably share some of my feelings and experiences with some of the other titles in the series in no particular order. (Not saying the others are bad at all, but i'm sure i'll ramble quite long enough with what I have)

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      ok, this is particularly ordered on the list first because it makes sense. I remember as an adult when I read Miyamoto's inspiration behind designing the game was to capture the memory of playing in the woods. He cited coming across a lake while exploring as another source of inspiration. Instantly I thought of my childhood memories of playing in the woods and then cross referenced that to how I played the game and was struck with it's brilliance and how well he actually captured the feeling of exploration.

      Do not EVER tell anyone I told you this, but still to this day I say the "exploration is rewarded with secrets" aspect of the series design is the strongest in this game. YES even stronger than a particular other game in the series but I won't say it's name and as far as I'm concerned, I never even wrote this short paragraph (bias).

      I do however think in terms of character development and general lore the game really hasn't aged well, and in terms of super serious intense "HOLY S*&^ so that's what happened!" it's just not there for me anymore. Still a beautiful masterpiece.

      ZELDA 2
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      I guess most people my age don't like this game, I was unaware of that until pretty recently while watching the CUpodcast. I guess I probably just didn't mind it because I didn't play this until right after I player Final Fantasy for the first time AND LOVED IT!(of course) so the overworld traveling to me was awesome and I liked.

      In terms of general design I really enjoy the color palletes and platforming feel. I also think that the idea of hoodlums trying to kill link for a blood sacrifice to ressurect Ganon was probably a little too dark for their demographic at the time of release but I love it. So as far as story goes, 2 is pretty high up there for myself.

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      I'm a sucker for the sea so this one is pretty high on the list as well. I think the games setting was most obviously the best part of the game. I also think the game did very well with the musical aspect of the game. In my opinion I LOVE the cell shading but a big part of me wishes they didn't do this and stuck with traditional 3d models.

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      I don't get it. Why does everyone love this game? The time aspect is much more of a pain than a puzzle. Clearly no innovation had been done in terms of artwork. To me, the game feels like a thrown together cash in made with leftover assets from OOT. Puzzles, boring. Crazy awesome traveling through time storyline changing events in the past effects the future, pretty sure they already did that.
      You are all more than welcome to gather with your pitch forks and torches, nothing will change my mind I just do not like this game.

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      I think the design and technology awareness behind these games are absolutely brilliant! Also being able to see the goddesses in the same window as Link is insane. These are by far my favorite titles to play on the go.

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      Amazing. Do we even need to break this down right now? I don't think so. But I will say this was the first game I ever played where you could change the clothes you wore, and that blew my mind as a kid. Also one of the best Ganon fights ever.
    • MM is a super controversial game for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I appreciate that! Personally, I think MM is one of the most finely crafted games on the N64. Yes, they reused most of OoT's assets and shoehorned in a "parallel world" scenario because they were short on time because their parent company was poop-ish back then lol. But considering they had a year to put something new together, what they ultimately produced is, I believe, a masterwork of experimental game design. The whole three-day system, with some characters even scripted to the minute, and the way it affected the Termina's characters is still wildly original. It paved the way for NPC schedules in games like Oblivion, but the way time was inextricably woven into the plot, as far as I am aware, has yet to be replicated. The game is also extremely heavy on themes, and the atmosphere is so affecting that I have had one or two nightmares very directly inspired by the game that left me feeling absolutely hopeless when I woke up, and I can't not admire the writers for instilling that kind of emotion within me.

      I'm just a sucker for character development, and MM has some of the very best there is that side of 2005. It was way ahead of its time.

      Also, if you're play through the game without using the Inverted Song of Time, you're only making it (literally) twice as difficult for yourself lol.

      All that said, I'm not actually refuting your points about MM. Loads of people can't stand the game. I see it as art, and they see it as trash lol. My brother is in the latter camp, too, and he got the holographic, gold cartridge when it first came out. I'd take it off his hands, but he has our N64, and I have the game on my Wii and the 3DS remake (which fixes a lot of the little problems with the original, so I recommend it).

      Wow, I'm exhausted. Don't mind my stream of consciousness!
    • Guinea wrote:

      The only Zelda title I dislike is AoL. All the other ones are awesome.

      Just my opinion. AoL is awful. *shrugs*
      I actually prefer AoL before the original. At least AoL is funny to play, the original just feels outdated to be honest.

      Personally however there are plenty of Zeldas that I find better than OoT, like (in no particular order):

      *The Wind Waker
      *Twilight Princess
      *Breath of the Wild
      *Skyward Sword (yes you heard right)
      *Majora's Mask

      Probably because I have played OoT so many times that I am just tired of it, even if it was like forever ago I played it.
    • EzloSpirit wrote:

      The whole three-day system, with some characters even scripted to the minute, and the way it affected the Termina's characters is still wildly original. It paved the way for NPC schedules in games like Oblivion, but the way time was inextricably woven into the plot, as far as I am aware, has yet to be replicated.
      I will 100% give you this as an irrefutable fact. I think most titles no matter how good or bad (in whoevers opinion) will always give us some gold and this is one of the best models for that (imo)

      MVS wrote:

      Probably because I have played OoT so many times that I am just tired of it, even if it was like forever ago I played it.
      I can see this. As I age my yearly play-through gets spread wider and wider amongst the months. But once I do gt to the end it's always worth it.
    • TruEdge67 wrote:

      I'm happy to see the Oracle games listed. They don't get as much love as the other titles despite being awesome. They're my favorite handheld Zelda's and have a special place in my heart.
      Ikr, I do rather enjoy minish cap as well but I didn't include it to save virtual trees :lol: But Oracles just take because the idea of game swapping was so friggin '90s and awesome!(and other reasons of course) They took a rock and turned it into a mountain.
    • Guinea wrote:

      When I heard about the cancelled Oracle of Secrets (?) game I was like: CRAP!!!

      I'm calling it now: the new Zelda being made is a reimagined Oracle of Secrets game.

      Hopefully it's on 3DS. They can end the systems run with a bang!
      I'd absolutely love this but the oracle games are part of two other games in the downfall timeline featuring the same Link (Link To The Past, Oracles, Links awakening) according to historia, so I doubt there would be much room to implement another one unless it was a direct continuation of the Oracles, which would be sick.
    • GregariousTree wrote:

      I unironically love AoL and consider it one of the greatest games in the series. It's actually one of the few Zelda games I replay annually. I would be hyped out of my mind if it got a remake.
      So much fun! Some people just don't know what they are missing. LOL A remake to this would be isane, how would you do it though? just sharper sprites?
    • As I've said before, I feel like a remake of Zelda II with new dungeons would be fantastic. There's so much potential for its brand of gameplay. They could have better, more elaborate, dungeons with some of Link's post-1987 items. ... Sidescrolling Hookshot . That is all.

      Perhaps some day it will become a thing. Until then, I guess we'll have to settle for the various sidescrollers with swords that were either influenced by or just straight up copied Zelda II. :( Lost in Shadow on Wii was criminally underrated.

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    • I also think tAoL is underrated, it's a really solid NES action-RPG. I think people don't like it because it's such a different (and hard) Zelda. Which is fair enough.

      Do think the Oracle games are overrated though. They feel like elaborate LA rom-hacks to me, and lack the charm and quality of LA. Still not bad games, though I do particularly dislike OoA and its Jabu-Jabu Belly..

      Guinea wrote:

      I want to say that BotW is now my favorite Zelda game.

      But I still really love Majora's Mask and Tri Force Heroes.

      Still just your opinion tho haha <3