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    • I’m starting to think I’m nosy about people’s home life...

      How organized are you? What sort of storage space do you have available at home? Do you have a lot of stuff or do you prefer to keep things minimal? How often do you sort through clutter? Are you more organized at home or work/school? When it comes to keeping things organized, what’s something you struggle the most with? Have any tips for people?
      You get the idea! It’s a thread about organization and various aspects of organization.

      Anyway! The inspiration for this thread occurred while I was sorting out my baking cabinet. You see, I used to have this super advanced method of organization that involved “open the door, look away, throw it in, shut the door!” I know what you’re thinking, “but Colu, why would you want to quit using such an advanced method??”

      So I took the time to pull everything out (more like, I wanted to shove things around on the shelf to make it “look” neater and wound up knocking a variety of items on the floor...), and got to sorting! I e now got things in various labelled containers and jars, and everything is sorted to be with likeminded ingredients. Suddenly, the cupboard looks great and I can actually find what I’m looking for (as well as keep track of inventory...)!
      Yesterday, I took the time to organize the fridge to fit in all the produce.
      Last weekend I took the liberty of rearranging our clutter in the entrance to make it look (kinda) neat. We also took the time to organize some random things in the bedroom, now that we have proper nightstands (with drawers, omg).

      The biggest thing I struggle with, when it comes to keeping everything tidy, is the lack of storage space in our place. We have one tiny closet in the bedroom, and limited cupboard space in the kitchen, aaaand that sums it up! It results in us having to get a little, er, creative with where things go. We have ideas on how to make things more manageable, but we need to save up some money for the appropriate furniture! In the meantime, we try our best to keep everything clean so that it’s not as frustrating.
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    • Are we the same person?

      I’m generally very organized. People think I don’t notice when something was moved or touched. WRONG. Haha. Everything has its spot.

      I’m lucky enough that I’ve got a lot of space, but since I have someone else live with me who is a bit of a hoarder, I still don’t reallt have enough space to actually have things the way I want. But I do my best at least.

      I recently installed a basket on a track for the pots, I might get another for the pans. Kinda a temporary solution until I redo the kitchen though. New kitchen: no cupboards down low. Only pullout drawers.
    • Oh man, lower cupboards in the kitchen are always such a pain. I have to get on my hands and knees to be able to reach my food processor at the back of the cupboard on the lowest shelf! And heaven forbid something gets into the void of the lower corner cupboard (I have to awkwardly crawl into it when that happens).

      We were at Andy’s aunt’s house for Christmas dinner and she only has drawers down below. They’re nice deep drawers that fit everything and involve no hands and knees! As a bonus, the drawers actually have “hidden” drawers in them at the top of the drawer for smaller items likes utensils and such. The result is a very streamline and sexy kitchen, with twice as many drawers as it looks on the outside!
      She also has a narrow pull-out shelf down below for taller spices and whatnot. And one of the drawers is actually huge and has three bins in it for sorting the recycling. Her kitchen is small with tons of useable space and everything is hidden.
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    • o r g a n i z i n g . . .

      organizing relaxes me. I don't even notice I'm doing it half the time it's just become an engrained habit.
      I like things neat. So even if I don't have time to super properly organize something, I like it looking neat, at least. I always organize and clean a little every day so nothing piles up on me. Mostly its tidying up- putting my receipts together, cleaning out my purse that day to make sure things that went in that don't need to be in there come out, usually dishes, making sure clothes are in the hamper, etc.

      I made my bed every morning. It's not always super well done, but enough so its tidy. If I read or have chapstick and water and glasses on my bedside table, those get put away in the morning.

      After showering, the towel and bathmat get hung. Any products I use goes in my over the sink cupboard after use. I just put everything back in its place once I'm done with it, therefore I never have to worry about built up clutter. I believe in the "leave the space cleaner than when I arrived" methodology.

      I don't have nearly as much space as I want in my apartment. I have a very tiny kitchen which only has one drawer which I use for silverware. Most cupboards fit what I need since I don't have a ton, but its not as neat as I would like because the space simply doesn't allow for it. I have a tiny shelved pantry that I organize ~3x a week because I'll use things and not always put them back nicely or on the right shelf when i'm rushing or in the middle of dinner. I have a closet in my room which is where my dresser is and honestly my biggest clutter is just owning too many clothes. Mostly casual t-shirts. I should go through them but that for me is the hardest to get rid of because I do wear most of them. There just isn't enough space for them.

      Aside form that my only storage for misc. items is my bookshelf, which I only like for displaying because storing stuff on it looks messy, and a weird small closet in the foyer room thing that connects my apartment to my landlords. All I have in there is the box with my christmas tree and an empty suitcase. I have a few things under the bed, mostly small boxes for things I've unpackaged but want to save the box to.

      I'm a very visual person so I like the -look- of organization. All DVDs with each other. All books with each other. All games together. Gaming systems displayed nicely. Table cleared off and clean. It feels good to sit down and look around and just feel ahhhh in a clean comfy space. With a lit candle and mood lighting.

      (when I'm sick this all goes to hell and everything becomes a mess though)

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    • Ah, making the bed! Doing it definitely makes things look instantly tidier, which I find helps make other tasks not as overwhelming.
      I don’t make my bed in the morning though. I nest in that thing all night and practically have to be pried out of it in the morning. That being said, I don’t wake up early enough to have time to make my bed before work!
      I’m weird and make the bed right before I go to bed. I like the blankets to be even and my pillows fluffed. I also make it when I’m tidying or someone might come over (our place is tiny and I like the bedroom door open).

      Ooh, speaking of doors! Here’s another question~
      When having company over, do you close doors to hide untidy rooms?
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    • We tend to keep all doors except kids room closed. But there's this 20 month old reason.
      We even need to lock bathroom door since she tends to just walk in there and carry all the stuff she can reach, around the flat.
      Also, everything under the height of 80 cm / 31 inches has to be either screwed tight or it won't stay there.
      Brings some challenges to keeping the home in order.
      Atm we have our guest room/library still out of use because the moving company hasn't had time to pick their cartons.
      And yes, we moved 8th of December and emptied the last borrowed box on 14th of December.