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    Calling All Zelda Modders!
    • Hello!!! ^-^ If you’re checking out this thread, it’s nice to meet you! ^-^ I’m Linkle, and I was hoping you could help me out. I don’t have a PC or any kind of computer — just an iPad Pro, so I can’t mod BotW myself even if I wanted to. But! I was hoping one of you would be able to work with me in creating a special mod. I can give you references of the character I have in mind, and the outfits and such, and I would be willing to pay you to do it! Would any of you be interested in taking up the job, or know someone who would? If so, please respond here and tell me your prices, as I’m very interested, and I’m sure we could work something out! ^-^ Or PM me!

      - Linkle

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    • I myself am not a modder, but I do know if you create an account on the GameBanana website you can put up a Mod bounty, basically people get website ppints that make them more prominent on the site in return for them making a mod for you, so I can recommend trying that. Also, you could always try and contact someone there directly.

      Also, what is the mod you are looking to do? There are a lot on the aforementioned website and what you are looking for might exist.
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