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    Amber Moone
    • Name: Amber Moone

      Nickname: Gem

      Age: 18

      Sex: female

      Race: human

      Height: 5'9.5"

      Weight: 130 lb.

      Eye Color: honey golden eyes

      Hair Color/Style: She has bushy, black hair that looks like a black thundercloud around her head.

      Skin Color/Complexion: dark chocolate brown skin

      Appearance: Amber is slightly muscular. She is slim and beautiful with a heart-shaped face, full lips and long lashes. She wears black leggings with white tops. Amber has no tattoos, but she has four parallel scars from her right cheekbone to her jawline, as if made by an animal. She also wears black leather combat boots.

      Weapon(s): a single, five-inch dagger made of steel

      Armor: none

      Carried Possessions: A silver inter-looping snake and skull charm necklace.

      Powers/Magic/Skills: She is clairvoyant meaning she can see visions of the future. Her skills grow as she gets older. Each vision lasts about half an hour, and she can witness anytime from the near (like an hour or so) to the very distant (like a century) future. Usually she sees things that are inevitable like someone finding her or someone dying. Her visions are often blurry and hard to make out the farther into the future they are.

      Limits: She can only see visions while at night. Fire is usually the trigger, that is why she fears it.
      Side-Effects: she is often thought to be crazy and people avoid her for that

      Battle Strengths: She is quick and agile in battle. Sometimes she has a vision of the battle and she knows how to win it. Her fighting skills are limited due to the fact that she hardly ever uses them.
      Battle Weaknesses: She is easily distracted by everything. She is afraid of fire, which can affect her fighting.

      Other: She is single, but she used to have a boyfriend before he was murdered by a jealous friend.

      Personality: She is an introvert to the core.

      Likes: honey, snakes, emeralds, tulips, cats
      Dislikes: people, frogs, dogs
      Fears: fire
      Virtues: smart, kind (usually)
      Vices: a little selfish, a little arrogant

      History: Amber was raised in an orphanage with her twin brother, Azi. She ran away from the orphanage at age thirteen after Azi was killed in a car accident. In order to survive, she joins a traveling circus where she puts her clairvoyant abilities to use. Amber soon becomes one of the main attractions, and when she decides to leave, they won't let her.
      “We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.”
      J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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    • Hey so it’s me again. Decided to take this one since I have experience with clairvoyance.

      OK so let’s start with appearance. Can you describe her body type? Is she skinny? Muscular? Lethe? Any noticeable scars or tattoos? Does she go barefoot?

      I’ll leave it off there for now but I will say that with a clairvoyant you are going to need a lot more than what you have in how the powers work. You will need:
      1) What triggers the vision. I know you say she can only see visions in the dark but it doesn’t say what the trigger is.
      2) How long it lasts.
      3) How far out in the future she can see.
      4) If it HAS to come true.

      That last one is super important because otherwise you run the risk of meta and power playing.

      Luckily there are multiple types of ways to make it work. You can see a multitude of futures which the path CAN take and guess the most likely one, and leave it more open while still being a badass. (See Garnet in Steven Universe). Or you can have certain triggers that have the vision which can change based on future actions.

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    • Hmm looking at it, if fire is a phobia of hers probably should put that under weakness. My biggest question now is her ability to see a battle and how to win it implies that she can see vision during battle when it is said she can only see things within an hour or so and last 30 minutes. Battles unless they are a war only last for a few minutes.

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      Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
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    • OK so my biggest thing finally is there is a contradiction with her powers of clairvoyance. You say usually she sees things which are inevitable but at the same time you imply that she can change the future by acting upon it - especially when it comes to winning battles. Not only that but you said her clairvoyance lasts 30 minutes. If she has a vision which she can act on during battle she would be out of commission.

      Clairvoyance in general is a very powerful ability. While the limits of only at night and only when looking into a fire are good ones for when it starts, what she can see is still very vague and not quite defined.

      My suggestions are the following:
      1) Either make the visions able to be acted upon, therefore they are as accurate as Amber allows them to be where one change can make the vision not come true OR Make it so that no matter what she does, they will not change. This means she would not be able to use her visions in battle.
      2) Define the scope of her visions. Do they only relate to her? Do they relate to certain events? Fire at night causes those visions to happen. So what is it about those limits which define her powers. Can she only see catastrophe? This would make her fear much more interesting narratively and help you develop your character.

      If you want an example of a clairvoyant with limited powers to get an example from, check under the spoilers:

      Ruki wrote:

      Seer: More commonly called "clairvoyants" today, Cassandra can see what is in her future. However, how much she sees seems to be dependent on her personality. Due to being selfish in personality, the primary Cassandra can only see events which will affect her or relate to herself. On the flip side, Cassandra of Troy cared about people as a whole - as can be seen by her numerous upon numerous attempts to warn her countrymen of the Greeks of their plot and ploys. As a result, Cassandra of Troy's vision abilities align to show the future of anybody who are her allies - those who are working with her or fighting on the same side as she is on. However, with the exception when they directly relate to herself, she can only see visions concerning her allies as a group and if there are in the same area as Cassandra. So, if she is one city and they are in another, she cannot see events going to happen to them. (Not that it would matter at any rate.)

      The next stipulations though are needed for both lives.
      • a) It is always negative. As part of her curse, Cassandra cannot see positive endings concerning anything. And not only that, but it is always the worst possible outcome she sees. For example, let's say she is about to attack somebody and she doesn't see anything. That doesn't necessarily mean she will succeed. That just means her actions will have no repercussions towards herself. (This may be due to a vision she has later which allows her to act on it, however.)
      • b) There must be intent somewhere for her powers to activate. This could be her intent or somebody else's. She sees the vision the minute there is intent. This means if somebody is planning on doing her in, she will instantly know about it. In addition, during a fight, the minute a person decides to do an attack, she will see it coming.(However if it is an instant attack she cannot dodge-just make it so it's not a mortal hit.) Due to this, she cannot see accidents. So, she will not see natural disasters. Unless somehow someone forced it to happen. Then she would.
      It should be noted when Cassandra has a vision, time for her just seems to freeze and she sees events happen at a fast rate in front of her eyes. Depending on what the vision is on and what it entails, she either understands exactly what is to come or only have a small picture which could lead her to a wrong conclusion. Either way, the whole thing happens only for a few seconds. Except for dream visions. Those last the whole dream. Always fun. (But not really.)

      In addition, not all of her visions are accurate because she has the ability to act on them. They show one possible future. The "bad end" if you will.

      As an interesting side effect of her clairvoyant powers, to the normal person it seems Cassandra has incredible reflexes. Moving her body before the attack even comes or is even coming. However, this is only when her visions have forewarned of an attack. In actuality, her reflexes are that of a normal person.
      So you can see in this there is two main things which are steadfast. She can only see events which are negative and when intent has been made. Her visions are very quick while awake, allowing her to draw wrong conclusions and can be acted upon. So they can not come true. Depending on her personality she sees either in relation to herself only or her allies if they're in the same area. So while the ability itself is very powerful, it is incredibly limited into what it can see.

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