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[Info] Visual Arts Contest, January/February 2019 : Your Average Day
  • ~ H e l l o a g a i n a r t i s t s~

    I am re-starting the Visual Arts Contest! I really hope can get more participation and make this monthly alongside Ezlospirit's wonderful writing contests!

    For this contest, you will be submitting an original piece of artwork related to the prompt word or phrase given - the more creative the better!
    The winning entry will be featured in the Creators' Retreat, and will get to have a say in the next contest's prompt idea!

    This month's prompt:

    Some rulessss:

    • Please relate the work to the theme.
    • Acceptable entry formats: Any visual art at all! including but not limited to: digital art, photography, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, sig renders, logos, sketches, models. If you are unsure your work would fit this criteria, please just PM one of us mods!
    • Submission guidelines: Send in your entry (one per person) via PM to me - Lady Sunshine! You can make revisions and resubmit as many times as you'd like until the deadline. Please title your work - even if the submission is "Untitled."
    • Entries should be new to Zelda Universe; they cannot have been posted on ZU before this contest. It must be your own work, and you must be able to prove that if it comes into question. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action per the rules.
    • Decision process: After the deadline passes, all submitted entries will be posted anonymously in a voting thread in the order that they were initially sent in. Members of the ZU community will then have one week to read the entries and vote on their favorite one(s). The number of votes per member will be allotted at the start of the voting phase, based on the number of entries.
    • Winnings: A feature in the sticky Creators' Retreat thread in the Creative Corner, and the opportunity to select next month's theme. The runner-up (second-place) entry(s) will be featured in the results thread alongside the winning entry(s).
    • Submission deadline: Submissions will not be accepted (except in extreme circumstances) after
    • Remember: Entries and their authors are subject to the ZU and Creative Corner board rules.
    If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread or PM me, Lady Sunshine~

    Good luck and have fun! :fabulous:

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  • I mean, food in itself is a visual art, especially when you’re getting into decorating and sculpting and such. But it doesn’t exactly fit in with traditional/typical visual arts, does it?
    I just thought it might for thought (sorrynotsorry)
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  • @Colu - I’m going to tentatively say yes- so long as the food is aesthetically displayed somehow. Something that makes sense to the theme. We’ll try it out because I’m curious to see what you come up with. If it ends up being too vague or too hard to judge against over types of visual arts then I’ll let you know after this round is over. Have fun!

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  • I’m...remotely interested in this. Haha... I will try to finish a painting in time, depending on the answer to this, or I may wait until next month. “your average day”, does it have to be pertaining to my average day or can it be the average day of someone else/a character?

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