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    Breath of the Wild hidden song? (recent dev interview)
    • Hello all!

      I recently saw this quote, from an interview the BotW sound team did for the release of the soundtrack in Japan last year. It was translated just the other day by Nintendo Everything. (super interesting interview in general by the way, I recommend it all to all. It is three pages, I linked just to the second page where the hidden song comes up...)

      (…music-formula-and-more/2/ )

      Here is just the relevant text pasted directly here:

      "Kataoka: Wakai made a rule that we shouldn’t rely on the cheap technique of re-using the music for easy fan-service points. So, rather than using a previous piece just because it was popular, he decided to use only things that fit with the mood and had relevance. He gave particular preference to the traditional overworld music, Ganon’s Theme and Zelda’s Theme, which have been included in Zelda games for a long time. Aside from those, though, he didn’t want to unnecessarily include old songs…and I think he had a tendency to try and hide them! (Laughs)

      Wakai: No-one has even realized the one in Kakariko Village!

      (All laugh)

      Wakai: There is a bit with a glockenspiel in the song – please listen to it carefully."

      This really intrigued me! I googled around, searched forums, could find no one else talking about it, and no one else seems to have found this hidden song. I assume he hid the classic Kakariko theme in there, but I cannot for the life of me hear the melody being played on the glockenspiel in BotW's Kakariko music. He didn't specify day or night, so I listened to both, and, nothing.

      I have an embarrassingly bad musical ear, and absolutely zero skills or knowledge of how one might go about messing with the sound levels in Audacity or a similar program, to try and isolate or emphasize the glockenspiel to determine what in tarnation he's talking about. Because he certainly says there's a hidden classic Zelda tune in BotW's Kakariko. I just can't hear it.

      So, if someone can please listen to BotW's Kakariko music, and hear a hidden song, or take the time to play with the audio in Audacity to figure it out, I would so greatly appreciate it! If not, and this is boring or dumb or not worth it or you can't hear it either, oh well, I understand. Or, if someone did already figure this out, and I didn't find it on the internet, please let me know that as well.

    • Yea....I've tried listening to the songs, I just can't seem to find the hidden parts.....But I believe the Night Kakariko village song actually has the Original Kakariko song from the olden Zelda's, but In a vidoe I've watched he claimed that People were upset because of this, but he states that stuff like Twilight Princess and others that I forgot he said, did have major changes to Kakariko village music.
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