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.。.:*☆ Winter Awards 2018 Nominations Thread - Roleplaying ☆.。.:*

  • Welcome to the Nominations Thread for....

    Below you will find the awards for this season!
    The thread will be open from January 9th - January 17th.
    Please only nominate one member per award, and as always, please follow ZU guidelines and rules in this thread.
    Please do not negatively comment on someone nominated or spam this thread with unrelated content.

    Thanks- and happy nominating!

    Please note: This awards category has some more specific guidelines, put forth by @Ruki so please read through them and make your nominations accordingly!
    Nominations posted without these guidelines will not be counted. :mastahsword:

    ** Since this is the ROLEPLAYING awards section, there will be a VOTING thread opened once nominations are finished! **

    Eligible Awards:

    Best Overall Story:

    It can be through the written word or by voice, sitting down with a group - or one special someone - to shape a story.
    Some call it a campaign, others an RP, but whatever you call it you love it and can’t wait to continue it. You’ll cry when it ends.

    *Please give the name of the campaign/RP and what section it falls under: Tales of Characters, Tales of Worlds or Dungeons and Dragons.

    Best Character:

    God you just love this character. They could be a paragon or a bastard, but either way you connect with this character.
    You love everything about them and hold them up as the best around, nobody is going to bring them down.

    *Please give the character name and the player name. If the character is in a Tales of Worlds RP or Dungeons and Dragons campaign, give that as well.

    Best Backstory:

    Some things aren’t told in the story, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t have a life prior. The trials and tribulations of this character make you go “Jesus Christ” and “someone call up Hollywood, because this shit needs to be a movie with how awesome it is!” Or just beg (or demand) the writer scribe it all down for you to enjoy.

    *Please give the character name and the player name. If the character is in a Tales of Worlds RP or Dungeons and Dragons campaign, give that as well.

    Best Storyteller:
    This can be a best DM, a really good player or RPer. Whoever they are, they keep you on the edge of your seat wanting for more.

    Most Creative:

    This is a catch all term for a catch all award. Does the most creative plays in DnD? Makes the most creative RPs? Maybe stories? Perhaps they make super interesting maps or monsters. However you define creative, as long as it can connect to RPing, this is the place to give that creative person a shout out!

    Best Character Interaction:

    These characters have chemistry. It could be platonic, romantic or just try to kill each other at every turn. Whenever they are interacting though, it’s the best and you love it.

    *Please put the characters, the players who play them, nature of interaction (platonic, romantic or spiteful) and if they are in a Tales of Worlds or Dungeons and Dragons campaign, that as well. Extra details about the nature of the relationship is always good for better context.

    Most Memorable Moment
    Do you remember that time, bro? This can be funny, serious or heart-wrenching. All it needs to be is memorable.

    *Please give a description of the event, character(s) and player(s) involved, as well as what RP or campaign it came from.

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  • Best Overall Story: The Fragmented Accord in the Dungeons and Dragons section

    Best Character - Owlbear and Tower, a drunk monk played by SacredSturgeon in Storm King’s Thunder

    Best Storyteller - KyroThePurple

    Best Backstory - Conall Stormblessed by Avalanchemike in The Fragmented Accord

    Most Memorable Moment - When Ciaran, played by Sami Nornal, revealed she actually wasn’t the paladin Arterus causing the entire group to go not only #concern but Deliverance the sentient sword played by Rogan to decide love was awful and must be avoided at all costs in Storm King’s Thunder.

    Best Character Interaction - Barley, the Kokiri Glamor Bard, played by Malia, rather contentious relationship with Chiro, the Korok druid, played by KyroThePurple, due to Chiro constantly insisting that Barley is a villain and Barley just being a little shit in Dimension Drifters.

    Most Creative - Liah, for her beautiful maps, engaging characters (both benign and malicious), fantastic stories, and heartfelt voice acting.

    :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
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  • Best Character: Li, played by Liah

    Best Backstory: Arwyn, played by Ruki

    Best Storyteller: Liah

    Most Creative: Angel

    Best Character Interaction: Arwyn, played by Ruki, and Faith, an NPC played by Kai, who are just plain adorable together <3

    Most Memorable Moment: Li and Erik's dream <3
  • Best Character: Deliverance the Talking Sword, played by Rogan.

    Most Creative: SacredSturgeon, for off the walls memorable characters fairly consistently.

    Most Memorable Moment: When Deliverance, the Talking Sword, was lowered to the ground when a hostage-taking goblin told us to lower our weapons...only to CATAPULT HIMSELF LIKE A ROCKET and stab the goblin in the face in Storm King's Thunder.

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  • Best Character: Chrom, Played by Angel in Aliana

    Best Backstory: (Sorry TFA-ers I'm trying not to be Bias'd) Liah and her super hard work she's put into her backstory as Li

    Best Storyteller: Avalanchmike

    Most Creative: Liah

    Best Character Interaction: Chrom and Tia, and how they are hate/stick up for one another. Always tense and comedic when it needs to be (Angel & Sacredsturgeon)

    Most Memorable Moment: Desi, and Tia in Aliana, Learning about their previous history in past lives (Avalanchmike and Sacredsturgeon

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  • Best Character: Desi - Played by Avalanchmike in Aliana
    Best Backstory: Hana - Played by Ruki in Dimension Drifters (Although the game hasn't been running for a while, Ruki has made a well developed character)
    Best Storyteller: Liah - Aliana has been great to play and you are always able to pull a story out your ass <3
    Most Creative: KyrothePurple - Always very creative at making characters and just rules for dnd
    Best Character Interaction: Tia (Played by SacredSturgeon) and Desi (Played by Avalanchmike) interaction when we discovered that Tia's job was to watch Desi.
    Most Memorable Moment: I think Chrom (Played by Angel) and the rest of the Aliana's interaction with the play production was amazing. I will always remember that.