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    The Game of the Year discussion thread or something. Haha
    • Great news everyone!

      Behold my latest thread!

      It is a thread where we can discuss the games in the GotY thread! (Found conveniently here: Link!)

      So, uhm... Have at it! :D

      The nominated groups and games is in here

      Group 1

      Pokemon Lets Go (Switch) vs Subnautica (Multi)
      Dragon Ball FighterZ (Multi) vs 428: Shibuya Scramble (Multi)
      Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (PC) vs. 11-11 Memories Retold (Multi)
      Octopath Traveler (Switch) vs Overcooked 2 (Multi)
      Far Cry 5 (Multi) vs. Moonlighter (Multi)


      Group 2

      Iconoclasts vs The Forest
      Darksiders 3 vs Death's Gambit
      Guacamelee 2 vs Fallout 76
      Wizard of Legend vs Frostpunk
      BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle vs Rust


      Group 3

      Hitman 2 vs Graveyard Keeper
      The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit vs Bloodstained Curse of the Moon
      State of Decay 2 vs The Banner Saga 3
      Monster Hunter World vs Return of the Obra Dinn
      Soul Calibur VI vs Dead Cells


      Group 4

      Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant King vs Detroit: Become Human
      Tetris Effect vs We Happy Few
      God of War vs Mega Man 11
      Battlefield V vs Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
      Towards the Pantheon vs Fire Pro Wrestling World


      Group 5

      One Hour One Life vs The Messenger
      Yakuza Kiwami 2 vs Shadow of the Tomb Raider
      The Red Strings Club vs Valkyria Chronicles 4
      Kirby Star Allies vs Spider-Man
      Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 vs Celeste
      Into the Breach vs Red Dead Redemption 2


      Group 6

      La-Mulana 2 vs Super Smash Bros Ultimate
      Two Point Hospital vs Assassin's Creed Odyssey
      Vampyr vs A Way Out
      Rimworld vs Mario Tennis Aces
      Sea of Thieves vs Forza Horizon 4
      Yakuza 6: The Song of Life vs Super Mario Party
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    • So, I made this thread mostly because I had barely played any of the games in group 3.
      Uhm... What are they?

      I only recognize 3 out of the 10 games, (Hitman, Monster hunter and Soul Calibur).

      Obviously I googled the games and got a gameplay video of each game. Still didn't really get what most of them was about. I noticed others have voted for the games and found it curious as to why you picked what you picked. So tell me, why did you pick what you picked? (I will at random pick a person who has voted and it is you! @Big Daddy Biggles!
      Others are obviously more than welcome to chime in. :D

      (Side question, anyone want the gameplay videos for the games? Should I add them to the OP?)
    • Deaths gambit was really cool, really liked that game. Should play more of it actually...

      Bloodstained Curse of the Moon I have don't know. Its a metroidvania and a homage to the Castlevania of old I have found out, so that should make it good... It even exists on the Switch. I've added it to my want list and I will wait for some reduced pricage.
      But there is something about it that I'm hesitant over. Idk what. :s

      I talked with my brother about these games in group 3 that I didn't know about and he got angry with me because he had told me about Graveyard keeper apparently. Thought it was really awesome and even showed me the trailer AND I had also apparently told him that it looked really good.
      It does look cool.... But I have no memory of him showing me this, until he told be about it that is.
      Still haven't played it yet tho :s
    • I never win being randomly picked for anything! I feel so special!

      Here are the choices I made for Group 1 and a short reason why I picked them

      Pokemon Lets Go - I've never gotten into the Pokemon games like others have. I enjoy them, don't get me wrong, but it hasn't been "there's a new one coming out?! Pre-order that shit!". I enjoy this more casual, laid back retelling of the original game. Being able to avoid encounters is a huge plus (as you could barely walk a step in the original without finding a pidgey) and the catching mechanic of Pokemon Go makes things streamlined and much simpler.

      428: Shibuya Scramble - Honestly, this one was just a throw away for me. I wasn't a huge fan of either one of these games but Dragonball FighterZ just did not grab me as a fighter. 428, while not anything impressive, at least kept me entertained, albeit it being a completely different game from Dragonball FighterZ (it is a visual novel adventure game).

      Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - I love me some games where I get loot. I love me some Diablo and this is a good runner-up to Diablo. It's not as graphically stunning as Diablo but it does things well enough that if you are looking for a good replacement dungeon crawler, you'll get enjoyment out of this.

      Octopath Traveler - what can I say? I love old school JRPG's (Legend of Dragoon and FFVII being among my favorites). I haven't really gotten a chance to tear into this as much as I want but the battle system is tight, the story is engaging, and the art style feels modern and old school at the same time.

      Far Cry 5 - I'm also a sucker for games where I can just fuck shit up for no reason other then I want to. The Far Cry series is just a big sandbox with story elements strewn in here and there. Game play is always tight and you can always find something to do.

      Here are the choices I made for Group 2 and a short reason why I picked them

      The Forest - I'm sure we have all played games where the AI was laughably inept. Not so much in The Forest. The AI (a group of cannibals spread out through different tribes) are some of, if not, the best AI enemies I've ever seen. They don't just rush at you in an attempt to kill you. They will watch what you do. They will stalk you. They will tail you to your base then go report back to their tribe to later come attack you if they deem it worth while. I would almost prefer they just mindlessly rushed me as this level of self preservation is much more terrifying and it made the game that much more engrossing to play.

      Darksiders 3 - If you've played either of the previous Darksiders games, you already know how this game is. It's basically one of many God of War clones but it does what it sets out to do well. The game play is mostly tight (some glitches can be frustrating) and the story, while nothing spectacular, is still worth while and adds to the previous games.

      Guacamelee 2 - I love Fallout but Fallout76 just did too many things wrong. Guacamelee 2, while not game of the year comparatively to others, is still a great game to pick up and play. It is a standard 2D sidescrolling beat-em-up. The music is festive and the art style is gorgeous. The characters are a bit over the top with their stereotypes sometimes, but it is still a charming adventure.

      Frostpunk - this is a unique game. It's kind of like Sim City and one of the Civilization games had a baby and named it Frostpunk. You start off with barely anything and are tasked to gather resources and survive in what I'm guessing is like a second Ice Age. As the game progresses you are able to build more advanced buildings to help your little guys survive. It's a great little strategy game with a different feel from the others out there.

      Rust - another survival game. It's not for everyone. You need to put in the time to get a solid set of items and a decent base. You start off the game naked with only a rock and a torch to get you by. You need to loot or find items to build a base. It starts off relatively easy but to get better items/gear/etc. you need to venture out and hopefully find blueprints. Unfortunately, a lot of stuff can be left up to the luck of the draw which will turn some people away as it can be frustrating to not find things you need for hours on end. If you enjoy survival games though (ala DayZ), then you will enjoy Rust.

      Here are the choices I made for Group 3 and a short reason why I picked them

      Hitman 2 - I've always loved the Hitman games. While I enjoy running in places, guns blazing, Hitman makes me think more tactically. You can't just charge in. You need to likely play a level multiple times to figure out how best to go through it. It feels like a great accomplishment to finish a level, completing your objective, and not getting seen by anyone.

      The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - I've said it before but I love a game with a good story. If the story is solid and engaging, it trumps game play (the good and the bad). The Life is Strange series grabbed a hold of me as the story was just amazing. This game, while imo, not quite as good as LiS, was still excellent in its delivery. I haven't played LiS 2 yet so I don't know how this ties into it just yet.

      The Banner Saga 3 - I haven't mentioned this lots on the forums, but I enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics. While not my favorite game in the series, it was a nice departure from the norm and I enjoyed the more tactical (Oh my God, I get the name now!) feel it had. The Banner Saga is in the same realm. The art style also grabbed me (though I know lots of people wouldn't be a fan of the more cartoony feel it has).

      Monster Hunter World - admittedly, I haven't played this one yet. Well, not fully. I've played a tiny bit and it was my first jump into the Monster Hunter series but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. It has been made much, much simpler to learn the ropes from previous games (which is why I've never gotten into the series) and it is graphically impressive. The game play is tight and the monsters are stunning and live up to their name.

      Soul Calibur VI - I've always been a sucker for Soul Caliber. I'm not good at fighting games (as in I could never compete in a tournament). Soul Caliber VI was a much needed return to form for the series and with a few small, but needed, changes it made the game much more engaging and easier for casual players to pick up and play.

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    • Here are the choices I made for Group 4 and a short reason why I picked them

      Detroit: Become Human - As I've mentioned before, I love a good story telling game and Become Human has a pretty solid one. I also enjoy games that have multiple choices that effect the outcome (Mass Effect series comes to mind). The game is also graphically stunning and you feel for the oppressed AI in the game.

      We Happy Few - I'll be honest, this game wasn't everything I hoped it would be. It's not a bad game, by any means... it just gets pretty repetitive quickly. The visuals are great and the writing is great as well. I think if they did something like a sequel to this I would pick it up (assuming they made it less repetitive).

      God of War - come on. Anybody who knows me knows that I live and breath God of War. Even before the first game I've always been super interested in Greek mythology so when God of War (the original for PS2) came out, I was hooked. I also love Norse mythology so already I was a fan before even playing the game. I'm very glad this game was able to stray from the norm we have come to know from the series while still making it feel like God of War. The story is amazing. The game play is amazing. The graphics are amazing. Everything about this game is amazing and I'm telling you right now I will vote this game for GOTY forever.

      Battlefield V - The difference between Battlefield and Call of Duty is simple - BF goes for realism while CoD goes for the the more arcadey approach. I like both series but in recent years BF has won my heart over. Stunning graphics, great story for a shooter, solid online gameplay - BFV really has the whole package.

      Towards the Pantheon - Towards the Pantheon is, imo, a lower end version of classic FF games. It has the same type of battle system and over world exploration. The big difference is the encounters which aren't random. They show you on the screen where an encounter will happen so you can choose to avoid it or not. The visuals are a bit lacking (imo) and some of the design choices they made seem weird (casting a healing spell has the chance to miss - why the fuck would you do that?!). All in all, it's an alright RPG but doesn't hold a candle to some others out there, new and old.

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    • Group 5

      Display Spoiler

      One hour one life, such a fantastic idea for a game. But I like... no. I really want to like the gameplay as much as I like the concept, but I just can’t.
      Such a shame really.
      The messenger wins on walk over. :-/

      Tomb rider, like what’s not to like in the new tomb riders? Sure they are pretty similar from one another, but I still like the heck out of them.

      Haven’t played either game here, so I looked up both the red string thing and Valkyrie game. Both looked like games I don’t want to play. So... pass.

      Kirby vs. spider man? How is this even a competition?
      I own Kirby, don’t own a ps4. Spider-Man is one of those games I wish I owned a ps4.
      My brother gets a not so welcomed guest from time to time as a result. :D

      CoD, always want to play some CoD, but putting it up against a good platformer as Celeste? Hah, get outa here! And Celeste isn’t even an advanced game, just simple and awesome.

      RDR2 I haven’t played more than 10 mins sadly, but It is such a good game. Had to pick it. Love me some good strategy game like into the breach but yeah.
    • Here are the choices I made for Group 5 and a short reason why I picked them

      The Messenger - this is mostly for nostalgia reasons. The game itself does what it sets out to do well but does falter a bit in the second half. It is a nice homage to Ninja Gaiden on the NES (and plays almost exactly the same for the first half) while the second half brings more of a Metroidvania type feel to it (lots of backtracking). The switch from Ninja Gaiden-esque to Metroidvania-esque is what makes this game falter a bit as the latter half of game, while still enjoyable, feels less fun than the second. I picked this one over One Hour One Life because OHOL is, imo, a lame Don't Starve rip off. Plus I just wasn't a big fan of it's graphical style.

      Shadow of the Tomb Raider - I've loved Tomb Raider games since back in the PS1 days. This reboot series is no different. I've loved playing the last three Tomb Raider games and seeing Lara become more defined and steadily heading to the kickass heroine we know from the older games. The game play is always tight and the story is intriguing. I will consent that a bit of it feels over the top (like some of the jumps that Lara can make and surviving stuff that should by all means kill a person) but at it's core that gives me a slight sense of Lara being just that much better than the average person.

      Valkyria Chronicles 4 - this pairing was a toss up really. The Red Strings was just weird and I didn't really even finish it (still not sure what the hell I was playing lol). I've never been big into the Valkyria series and 4 didn't really do much to make me feel any different. It's a solid game with a nice meshing of JRPG elements and tactical shooter elements.

      Spider-Man - I haven't torn into this as much as I want to yet but the tiny bit I have played has me hooked big time and I can't wait to get into it more. The combat is solid and traversing the city is just hella fun. I can't comment on the story too much yet but from what I've heard it's quite excellent so I'm looking forward to that as well.

      Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - lots of people were concerned that CoD was not going to have a single player story element to it. Honestly, I've enjoyed this entry into the series. I haven't played the last couple as I was not a huge fan of the wall running, flying through the air mechanic and I'm glad they brought it back to a bit more standard play. What really grabbed me is that they took a page from Rainbow 6: Siege and gave everyone operators with certain abilities. I have played only 1 round of the Blackout mode (battle royale ala Fortnite) but I enjoyed it. It would have been nice to get a bit of a tutorial on how to equip armor and shit but overall I enjoy the mode.

      Red Dead Redemption 2 - What can I really say about RDR2 that hasn't already been said. Game is gold. Game play is tight, story is well done and there is no shortage of things to do. The characters are engaging and I enjoy listening to the back and forth they have with each other. The horse mechanics are a bit odd and could stand to be better but it's all made better by the realistic horse testicle mechanics (yes, you read that right).

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    • Here are the choices I made for Group 6 and a short reason why I picked them

      Super Smash Bros Ultimate - what can I really say here that everyone doesn't already know? I guess I can say why I didn't pick the other choice, La-Mulana 2. It is very much akin to Zelda 1 in that if you want to play it without hints or a guide, you literally need to take notes/pictures/etc. to make your way through. While that isn't inherently bad, with my limited gaming time I don't want to have to bust out a notebook while playing a game.

      Assassin's Creed Odyssey - I love the AC series (yes, even you AC3). The last two games have been quite good. They have renewed my interest and I've enjoyed my time time with them. Two Point hospital is basically Sim Hospital. That's not to say that it is a bad game, but after awhile I just lost interest in it. It is charming and fun, but AC has that longevity to it.

      Vampyr - this one was tough as both, while good, were kind of lackluster in the end. I chose Vampyr as it didn't require a second person to properly enjoy the game. It's combat was alright and the story was decent enough. A Way Out wasn't bad, just doesn't work as well if you don't have a friend to play it with.

      Mario Tennis Aces - This is a great game. I like that while implementing new mechanics they still gave you the option to play in the style of Mario Tennis for the N64 - basic controls. I didn't get a chance to play through the whole of the story as I was renting this game, but I enjoyed what I did play. The online was decent enough, but I'm terrible so I got my ass kicked plenty lol.

      Sea of Thieves - I've never been huge into racing games like Forza. They are fun for a bit and graphically stunning, but they lose my interest incredibly fast. Sea of Thieves, while repetitive, has the added bonus of playing with buddies which makes it that much more enjoyable as you can screw around and make your own fun.

      Super Mario Party - When they announced this game I was super excited. I hated the last two Mario Party's as they had that shit car mechanic and no mini-game at the end of each turn (which is the whole spirit of Mario Party!). The mini-games are fun. I haven't tried playing solo yet so I can't comment on that. I do hope that they add more boards (as there are only 4 right now) but other than that Super Mario Party is a nice return to form for the series.

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    • Group 6 reasoning!

      Display Spoiler

      La-Mulana 2 vs Super Smash Bros Ultimate
      I don't like Smashbros, and yet I still had to pick it. :-/
      This is literary the worst.

      Two Point Hospital vs Assassin's Creed Odyssey
      I don't like the type of games Two Point Hospital is. So... Yeah. :s

      Vampyr vs A Way Out
      Played neither, both looks pretty cool and I might actually try them at some point.

      Rimworld vs Mario Tennis Aces
      I do not like Mario Tennis, like at all. Fortunately it paired up against a game I actually like quite a bit, just to make the decision that much easier haha.

      Sea of Thieves vs Forza Horizon 4
      I do not like speedy car games.
      Sea of Thieves was a solid experience for the first 10 hours of game play. Could def have gone on for another 50 with good companions.

      Yakuza 6: The Song of Life vs Super Mario Party
      Mario Party, heck to the yes!
      Finally it is back to the good bits of Mario Party!
      Also, Yakuza, didn't like it. I don't have anything against the genre, just that particular franchise for some reason.

    • Group 1

      Pokemon Let’s Go

      I really love this game. It’s the Pokémon game I always dreamed of playing as a kid. I can have that adorable little Growlithe follow me around as I travel. The world seems alive. You see Pokémon just roaming around all over the place. The world actually feels like it’s alive. I’ve never felt that with a Pokémon game. It keeps all the best parts of the original. Ditches the worst parts. It adds new enhancements. It really is the Pokémon game I always wanted. This is going to be in my personal top 10 I think.

      The story is absolute rubbish, but as a fighting game it’s pretty fun and easy to get into.

      Another one of my games of the year. Pure oldschool fun. Probably best music of the year for me too actually. The game is just a lot of fun. I find it super relaxing in a way. It’s a simple throwback and I dig it. A lot.

      Group 2

      The Forest
      Watched a lot of let’s plays in this, looks like a lot of fun.

      Darksiders 3
      Not really all that good, but the better of the two picks. Haha

      BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
      Usually I find cross over fighters to be trash. This one is pretty good. Again, story is absolute trash. But from a gameplay perspective, this is the best fighting game I played last year. And I love the RWBY characters. Ruby is OP. Haha.

      Group 3

      Hitman 2
      Again, haven’t played it. But I’ve watched a lot of let’s plays. Looks really fun. Played the first one and really, really loved it. This looks like more of the same (good).

      State of Decay 2
      Only dipped into this a bit, but it was fun. I need to get back into it.

      Monster Hunter World
      I mean, obviously. Haha.

      Dead Cells
      A friend has really, really talked this one up for me. I still have yet to check it out. But he was so positive on it, I had to throw him a bone and pick it. Haha.

      Group 4

      Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant King
      Not as good as the first one, but still fun.

      Tetris Effect
      This game is life. That’s really all I have to say. PLAY TETRIS EFFECT.

      God of War
      Haven’t played it personally, but have watched the roomate play a lot of it. Definitely very good.

      Group 5

      Yakuza Kiwami 2
      Haven’t played it. But I just played Kiwami 1 and it was incredible. My brother really talked 2 up to be way better. Had to throw it a vote. I mean, I’m going to love this game. I can’t wait to jump into it.

      I love Spider-Man. And honestly, this is the best incarnation of Spider-Man I’ve ever experienced. The gameplay is really solid. And the story dips into lame superhero nonsense obviously. But where it really stole the show was the Peter Parker segments. The character interactions. His relationships with Aunt May, MJ, Miles, the main villains, etc. The character stuff really set this game above the rest. I can’t wait for Spider-Man 2. If it’s half as good as this game, it’ll be incredible. Or perhaps “Amazing” is a better descriptor!

      Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
      Cod gameplay is fun.

      Red Dead Redemption 2
      Played like 2 minutes of this. Stumbled into unfriendly territory and got chased down by bandits or something. Tried to do that movie thing where I see the train coming, and beat it across the tracks and ride off into the sunset to safety. Horse wasn’t fast enough. Horse guy crushed by the train and I was thrown into the side of the tracks with the bandits. Ended poorly. Game is amazing.

      Group 6

      Super Smash Bros Ultimate
      It’s a good smash game. Haha.

      Assassin's Creed Odyssey
      It’s actually not a shit AC game. Wow.

      A Way Out
      I liked how cheesy and shitty this game was for some reason. Haha.

      Mario Tennis Aces
      I enjoy tennis games. Mario tennis is good shit.

      Sea of Thieves
      Haven’t dipped into this as much as I’d like, but what I’ve done was fun. Seems like there’s a lot of potential here.

      Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
      It’s Yakuza. This was a really tough pick though. I love the new Mario party as well. Hard decisions must be made.