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    SS Link is the biggest moron of all time
    • We all know the ending of SS by now.

      In an act that infuriated some fans and gave others a new appreciation of lore the source of the recurring struggle was revealed.

      Demise in his death throes manages to have his last laugh by cursing Link and Zelda for the rest of eternity.
      No matter when they are reborn they will be hounded by his hatred, in the form of one incarnation or his entire demon tribe depending on how you read it.

      Link seems to take this news in stride.
      But why?

      Over the course of his quest he became master of the Triforce, using it to eradicate Demise in the present.
      He is shown standing before it in the ending, but instead of using it to undo this curse placed upon him and Zelda he just strums his harp.
      The entire series could be resolved without issue then and there, or anytime in the future but he does nothing.

      Instead he condemns future generations to suffer for the end of time due to his lack of action.

      Excessive stupidity is no different from malice. So who is the real villain of the series?
    • The common belief that Ganondorf gained his triforce part in Twilight Princess is that the triforce affects stuff beyond time and space (or something like that) which means that when Ganondorf got his part in OoT, every Ganondorf in other possible timelines got theirs as well (if they didn't had it already). With this logic, the "past-Demise" should also have been eradicated by the triforce when the "present-Demised" died, but NOPE.

      I have actually never thought about that the triforce was floating in the ending lol, and yeah it is very stupid. And this is what happens when you don't care or take story/lore seriously as a video game developer, and just adds shit in because it looks cool visually.

      By the way, do we actually know if there is a limited amount of wishes that you can make, or is it literally limitless? Because if you only could make one wish, that could be an excuse. Then we have Zelda or Hylia, which according to Zelda's own theory can't use the triforce...

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    • Fal Cie wrote:

      A limit on wishes is kind of a headcanon to explain why Ganon didn’t just wish himself free in ALttP.
      But if that was the case couldn’t Link tell Zelda to use it instead?
      Or leave a note for the next user?
      So by "limited"; just one wish...? Because that is the only excuse in this case. As I edited in in my previous post... if Zelda's theory is correct she can't use it either (unless I remember something wrong).

      I don't think however that the triforce will just stay there and chill. I don't know why it is even there to begin with.
    • Yeah the fact that the fans had to come up with an explanation for why the Triforce isn’t used willy-nilly is a poor reflection on the writers. Especially after all these years from when it was introduced.

      It was Hylias plan for it to be gathered and used by someone that could demonstrate all three virtues.
      That said Zelda does acknowledge its their responsibility to keep it safe, why wouldn’t they set up a warning for future users to ensure they wish away the curse?

      And of course Link could have wished from the start ‘destroy Demise and all his followers’ but then we’d be owed a final boss. :v:

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