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    What do you think the meaning behind this quote is?
    • He was talking to Skull Kid, but also Link at the same time.

      It's clearly about Friendship like most of the game, it might be about Navi, since she left Link with no explanation at the end of Ocarina of Time.

      Link suffer from Loneliness too, he is an orphan, was rejected by most of the Kokiris because he didn't had a Fairy, he had to quit his best friend, Saria, just to learn that she will not be her anymore since she is a sage plus the fact that she is a Kokiri, the Deku Tree died, and in the end, everything he did was undone, like his romance with Zelda, and Navi, his last friend, left him because of duty ? And he died without enjoying his own family ?
      It sucks to be the Hero of Time …

      There is so much reasons to why he became the Hero's Shade …

      I want to believe he was able to see Navi one more time.
    • theterriblefate wrote:

      I think it could mean he will appear in another game.
      Well, he did appear in OoX, which came out after MM, so. And there was a theory that I agree with that suggested that Zant is the HMS reincarnated as a Twili or disguised as a Twili or something. Remember that this guy is a creepy mysterious twisted psychotically insane multi-faced sociopath nutjob with the ability be anyone of any race he wants through his magical transformation masks, so anything is possible. That said, even Vaati could've the HMS in disguise all along in all three of the FS games. After all, they do share the same type of creepy laugh of a narcissistic psychopath.

      So with that, the HMS could've secretly appeared in more games than we think, but just don't realize it. Even Ganon could've been him in disguise all along. He's that twisted and dangerous.

      Anyways, that's all just what I think of things anyways.
    • WAIT I THINK I GOT IT.WHEN HE SAYS "Whenever there is a meeting, a parting shall follow." HE IS DESCRIBING THE FINAL BATTLE WITH YOU AND MAJORA. THEN HE SAYS: "But that parting needs not last forever. MEANING THAT A PARTING/ DEATH OF SOME ONE DOES NOT LAST FOREVER. AND WHEN HE SAYS : "Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short while... that is up to you." Meaning If you want to see them/him again you can decide to bring them back. So the only reason why Ganon is coming back in the OoT timeline is because Link wants to fight him again
    • Rewatch the ending.

      Skull Kid comments surprised that the Four Giants "remember him".
      They depart back to the four corners of the world.
      Happy Mask Salesman says he's off.
      He also leaves a comment on how Link is about to leave.

      Just take it at face value; the comment is literally about the nature of separation, and how sometimes you must have the courage to mend a broken relationship yourself.

      Of course, you can fit any other aspect of the game into this quote, from the "forgive your friends" speech of Igos du Ikana, to the separation and possible reunions of the Stray Fairies, Anju and Kafei, the Gorman Brothers, Lulu and her eggs, the Goron Elder and his son, the Deku King and the Deku Princess, the Deku Butler and his son, the two seahorses, Tatl and Tael, Koume and Kotake, Flat and Sharp, and finally, Pamela and her father.

      Majora's Mask has a very strong theme of separation.

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