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DnD Mafia: You all failed the quest!
  • I suppose I'm too early for the long sleeping friends.
    Based on that this far it's been me, Sasha and The Table doing the talking.
    Catrina and Notbill raised their voice right in the sunrise and have been silent after.

    It seems I somehow completely forgot rerouting ability. So there is probably our fourth mafia role
    Godfather, Deflector (not sure is this the right term), rolecop (dead) and role block.
    Or is there other reasonable options?
    Because of all 3 remaining roles, I'd be very careful with cop.
    I'm curious, will cop out themselves at all.
    I'm at least in the dark atm. I had scummy feeling on Mordred, as Table did too.
    But mostly cos, well it was Mordred after all.

    I guess there is not much to do but to wait Thundersack @Big Daddy Biggles Quackmire @GregariousTree Aendül @RealmWings and doc priestess @Dr.Gazooks to let us know of themselves and Notbill and Catrina to come back
  • I'm way too exhausted/on mobile to try to roleplay right now, sorry folks.

    Yeah, this game's been inactive as hell. Which is a pretty bad spot to be in on day 3. Monika's play on day 2 was a spectacularly disastrous backfire for the town and I'm a bit salty about it actually. It blocked all voting from being used to pressure people and dredge up conversation, and also rendered day 2's voting record nearly useless, being unanimous in favor of Monika. It also did not confirm Dr. Gazooks as Town. Frankly, I'm passing skeptical at the idea of two doctors being in the town. At one point I believe @Cody mentioned that the 5/5 bastard rating related to events and items, not roles. Considering only assigned roles, the game is closer to 3/5. We had one town doctor die already. So I'm casting doubt on Dr. Gazooks role claim. This NEEDS to be discussed today: yesterday he made the claim, everyone was like, "yeah, sounds good," and then we unanimously killed a townie. As I recall @Sabbo mentioned that Dr. Gazooks had already made a soft claim on day 1 and seemed content with it. I must have missed it, I don't recall. Can someone provide that please? Cody also jumped pretty fast on the "Well, better not risk killing a doctor" train with a Monica vote, with no discussion or questions. For that reason, Sabbo and Cody get a slight scum ping from me.

    Which would make my potential scum list: Cody, Sabbo, Zooks.

    That being said, we've got some real grifters in this game, sliding by super inactive. I understand that life gets busy and things happen, especially with DLR's situation, but on day 3 with as little as towns got going for it, it's time to show up and get serious. If any previously inactive player hasn't shown up and done SOMETHING to move the game along by the time I get back to the game after school, my vote will go to them for the day. Same applies to non-voters.
    A dark chase requires a silent hound, and deep roots are not reached by the frost.
  • Sorry, forgot my vote.


    I'm stressing about you bub. I wish Monika would have gotten back on to tell more about his reasons for dueling you. I'm going to go back and look at both why you were targeted in the first place and also what you've said about your role, cause I dunno about the two doctors thing.
    A dark chase requires a silent hound, and deep roots are not reached by the frost.
  • As far as having a bodyguard and a doctor in the same game setup it's relatively common, since a bodyguard is only like 1/3rd as useful as a doctor, due to only being useful in some situations. Most of the time you're trading one town life for another town life, leading to a net gain of 0 for the town. It mostly comes in handy when e.g. the cop's already claimed and the doctor's dead and they need to stall for time to make the cop to live as long as possible. A setup where a bodyguard is the only healer is a bit of a bad deal for the Town.

    Edit: you posted while I was posting lol
  • Yep, my bad. Did I just make it up that Medli was a doctor or did someone else start that? Either way, you can pretty much disregard most of my earlier post, haha. I gotta run to class, but I will be back several hours before EoD. For now, just to pressure a more inactive player to get in here and contribute a bit,


    See you guys soon.
    A dark chase requires a silent hound, and deep roots are not reached by the frost.
  • I could probably benefit from showing my working more often, as my maths teachers always used to say, but basically, I switched my vote to Monika quickly because moving the vote away from a Doctor claim is a no-brainer for me. Doctor is such a regularly-seen role that if it's being faked there should be a doctor elsewhere who can counterclaim, or die later in the game and reveal the fake.

    It's never 100% without GM confirmation, and it's true that Gazooks was 100% going to die that day without a claim, so a risky claim seems like a good move for a Mafia member, but the chance that he lucked into a game without a doctor is a lot smaller in my eyes than the chance that he's telling the truth. If it gets down to the endgame and everyone is a confirmed townie maybe investigate it further but for now I'd put him at least-likely to be Mafia out of everyone still alive.
  • Here's a list of remaining players:

    1. RealmWings
    4. zoraluigi
    6. Sabbo
    7. GuardianFin
    9. DLR
    11. Gazooks
    12. Cody
    13. unabletable
    14. Gregarious

    DLR (Biggles) is the biggest mystery to me but has had mitigating circumstances as far as activity. A few others feel like they're coasting also, but I'll give them the chance to post during the upcoming American prime time period while I sleep, and then be back for the last couple of hours as usual.
  • And I'm back. While I was concerned for moment that I'd need to vote for GregariousTree for voting for our doctor, I am glad to see that won't be immediately necessary.

    ...And for what it's worth, the doc softclaim was from here:

    Dr.Gazooks wrote:

    My name is Ar-Neferu and as any other priestess of Bast have been trained to fight and trained to heal the fallen.
    That said, [vote]@zoraluigi[/vote], your voting patterns are looking rather suspect, having voted for both gerudoyoshi and Dr.Gazooks; do you have anything useful to bring to the table today?
  • I'm here today guys and will be around for a few hours now.

    I want to address this:

    Sabbo wrote:

    Not nearly as much information as I was hoping, but it does shine a positive light on Dr.Gazooks despite them not dying the night after being outed as a doctor. Similarly, it puts shade on @zoraluigi, @GuardianFIN, and @Big Daddy Biggles. GregariousTree, theunabletable, RealmWings, Cody, and I all remain in a relatively unknown state, as far as vote records go. That said, if we write in Dr.Gazooks as town, @Cody joins the others I have pinged as suspicious.
    Seeing as there is only one days worth of content from me to go over, what exactly puts me on your shade list? I voted Monika Day 1 as he seemed a bit too confident that The Table was scum. We obviously all had no info to work with so my gut said that he was trying to push a lynch on a possible townie by being over confident. The best reasoning? No, but there wasn't much to go on.

    I've read over the events of Day 2. I'm curious as to why Monika would put themselves into a duel with Gazooks. From what I can tell there was no reason to be doing so and honestly, there were better candidates (although you all are likely aware of that fact).

    For the time being I do have a clear course of action:


    theunabletable wrote:

    I have sent a raven back to Athriel and informed the king of our predicament. It is a great distance even by air. With some luck, in 2 days time, his documentation and official seal shall confirm my identity and status as a man of the law.

    theunabletable wrote:

    As for your concerns, in due time a raven shall return from my king and confirm my authority. Again, Athriel is a full day away by air with a good tailwind. Thus, no sooner than two days from now may I alleviate this pressure. It may take longer, but in time, surely, the raven will find its way back to myself. They don't call me "the Lucky" for nothing!
    My concerns have yet to be eased. Where is word of your status? At this point, I can't imagine any scenario where I trust you.

    You are apparently invincible to any night actions, including kills (which seems stupidly overpowered) and have yet to make good on the promise that in two days we would be made aware of your status and alignment.

    So why is it we should continue to trust you going forward?

    Sig & Avvy by Lady Sunshine, the most wonderful girl in the world
  • For the sake of making noice:
    1. RealmWings
    Has been rather silent lately. Was part of the conversation on D1 and has been less and less after.
    Had pretty dark RP that got some attention but wasn't as agressive as Kutter.
    I have mixed readings.
    4. zoraluigi
    Has been among the first to post every day, but otherwise mostly sliding around the edges, doesn't do anything that would pull attention. To my radar too much so.
    6. Sabbo
    Has been intellect, not too many posts but manages to say a lot still, imo.
    Not completely clear from suspicion but I'm inclined to more town than scum
    7. GuardianFin
    Vote badly the whole game, doesn't have strategy and fumbles to get any grip of the game.
    Filled with doubts. I read town, but I'm ready to debate that if you have something to point otherwise. Is Fin's worst enemy.
    9. DLR
    Sadly been very silent due RL. Unable to read much, that's why neutral to scummy
    11. Gazooks
    Doc claim that we all bought. It would be nice to hear something from him. Like answers to Table's questions. Who he protected N1? N2, if doc, mosr likely self-protection. But why did't mafia rolevblock and kill? Not yet on clear waters, needs to talk more.
    12. Cody
    Has also been among the first to inform he's present. More activity om D3. Has he been avoiding the spotlight and is now taking the lead in the discussion? To avert attention away, now that he has been mentioned?
    13. unabletable
    Has had admirable logic and managed to mostly convince everybody of his skills and role. While reading through, I realised BDB had made to post these worries already. But indeed, we haven't gotten confirmation on you. Tho I found following (sorry for horrible copy-paste, quoting just parts is pain in the bum-bum)
    D1 you told us
    I die to lynches, but I can't be investigated. If I get lucky day 3+ and we win an encounter, then I'll be confirmed town.)
    And on D2
    Also, last night somebody attempted to enter my tent. An evil magician attempted to cast a seal-breaking and immobilizing spell upon me (roleblock), but it was prevented. It is conceivable that these evildoers attempted to defeat my lock and kill me, and I was saved by Venali (that is, a role block, then kill, which was stopped by Romano).
    Now, we lack win from encounter. But, you also took the leadership role. You also convinced us to uni-vote.
    I am suspicious. Your skillset sounds very unbelieveable. By convincing everyone of your abilities, you also made yourself less likely to be tested, esp after N1 when you claimed being targeted, saved by Medli and roleblocked. Why they then didn't roleblock doc and get rid of powerhouse of the town? Unless it was a nice little play from you. Either you are very true town or Godfather.
    14. Gregarious
    RP'd heavy in the start, has good posts and druid. Also, very positive image.
    Also could be very convincing facade.

    I'm sorry, by Quackmire I'm home and get interrupted so often by family and phone being annoying, I have to say that's all for now.
    Thank you for reading, now I wait do I have any support for my thoughts.
    For now
  • Well aren't we just a lively bunch today lol.

    Thanks for your read list FIN (I love you included yourself in there).

    I'm awaiting a response from The Table regarding where this proof of character is that we were promised.

    In the mean time, @Sabbo - outside of zoraluigi, who do you find most suspect? Who do you trust most at this point?

    Sig & Avvy by Lady Sunshine, the most wonderful girl in the world
  • GuardianFIN wrote:

    Catrina [...] raised their voice right in the sunrise and have been silent after.
    That's because there was only one post after mine before I went to sleep.

    theunabletable wrote:

    @zoraluigi, [...] I want scum and town reads.
    • RealmWings -- pretty much just skating by. Not really much to go on to say one way or another, but I'd probably lean a touch more towards red.
    • zoraluigi -- voting record may understandably be construed as suspect, but I hope to have better explained myself down below. Please continue to feel free to ask me questions, of course.
    • Sabbo -- I don't really remember the past two days very well vis-a-vis Sabbo's involvement, and I'm too done up on cold medicine to reliably go back and check, but as I recall they've been nothing but helpful and directorial thus far. Today they've been pushing for information all day. Strong town read.
    • GuardianFIN -- In between his busy life, he's had time to come in and make a few decent posts. admitted above in his own read list to not entirely knowing what he's doing, but seems to have a decent enough grasp on the concepts. Seems town-ish, but may not be.
    • DLR -- Don't recall much activity day one and of course he was understandably predisposed on day two. I don't really have much to go off of, then, except his Day One vote for Monika, which doesn't hold much weight to my mind. More or less entirely enigmatic, and I don't have a good read one way or the other.
    • Dr.Gazooks -- Claims Doctor. Lack of counterclaim certainly pulls in his favor. has been silent today, but that's because he has like 40 years of classes on Tuesdays. I would like to hear more from him. To the people asking who he protected night one, he said on at least two occasions, IIRC, that it was me. Inclined to trust, but still a little wary since he wasn't mafia-killed last night.
    • Cody -- I dunno. Like a bunch of others, has been fairly quiet, but doesn't have a bad voting record. Not that that means a whole lot in such a low voting/low activity game, but it is something I guess? Seems to be playing a bit more actively today, which is good to see, but that might just be an illusion because we've only had a few posts the whole day. I think Day Two was his birthday, so I could excuse the low activity a bit for that. Undecided, but leaning towards green atm.
    • unabletable -- under fire today for claiming such an overpowered role, which is understandable. I'm still not convinced of scumminess, but he definitely isn't reading as green to me as he has in the past. Quiet so far, even with two votes on him.
    • GregariousTree -- I have no idea. He blends in, in my memory, and even while reading, with Zooks and Fin. Seems town-ish enough, I think, but that could just be because he's been laying just low enough to skate through my scumdar.

    Sabbo wrote:

    That said, (votes for zoraluigi), your voting patterns are looking rather suspect, having voted for both gerudoyoshi and Dr.Gazooks; do you have anything useful to bring to the table today?
    I've explained my vote for gerudoyoshi before, but I'll explain again. I voted for it because it was my strongest scumread on a day where you can't really ever be sure of anything. My vote for Gazooks was a pressure vote, and I said as much in my post where I voted for him. When he had replied satisfactorily, and especially because he was claiming Doctor (huh, just noticed the username coincidence), I switched my vote off of him and onto the only other possible target. And I do want to add that it wasn't exactly pro-town of Monika to gladiate someone with so little information.

    I'm going to go lie down now and let these cold meds do they're thing, but I'll keep checking on mobile.
  • Biggles wrote:

    I'm awaiting a response from The Table regarding where this proof of character is that we were promised.
    (You may have missed it, but I clarified the specifics on my role: If I win an encounter roll on day 3+ (it wasn't clear to me whether the roll today could have counted, or whether it would start tomorrow, but we won't know regardless), my alignment will be confirmed town by the GM.

    As to whether the role is OP: There are frequently overpowered roles in these mafia games. I've played... maybe around 7 here? Two of them I've literally broken the game with an overpowered role. No joke, you can read Mafia V - Heroes vs Villains to see. The role was too good, and singlehandedly ended the entire mafia, leaving the godfather, so that at least the game could continue running. I thoroughly ruined that game to win, though. Something similar although not quite as gamebreaking happened I think last game I played, as a serial killer.

    All that is to say, I have a history of both A) Noticing that my role is broken, and B) Abusing it totally.

    I'm not sure my role is even as crazy as Monika's was, but rip.

    I have a really powerful role, but it's a passive one rather than an active one. The best position, as an eventually self-confirming role, is as a sort of center, who can help coordinate town powers (especially since anything used on me is wasted, unless it's to verify a role.)

    Although, much more importantly than any of the above strategy, I can confirm my abilities:
    Last night somebody attempted to motivate me. Motivation takes place the following night, so I expect that a normal role would not have been informed, until the night that they received an extra action. That I learned about it the night that I was motivated (because I blocked it) verifies that, at least, I receive a GM message every time I'm targeted.

    In the eyes of the motivator, given these mechanics, I should be confirmed town.)

    EDIT: (Oh, additionally re: overpowered roles. There have been a lot of them in ZU mafia, I'm sure many more than I've ever seen. I recall a particular "lie detector" mechanic, that lead to the entire town saying "I am town I am not town", so that one could lie detector either of the statements.

    Anyways, mafia doesn't typically fake claim overpowered roles, because they're hard to verify. My role is very verifiable.

    Okay and very last thing: I'm also ridiculously pro-town lol.

    If need-be, however, the motivator can claim to save me. Ideally, it's left unclaimed (as an active role), but with 3 hours left it's a possibility.)

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