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DnD Mafia: You all failed the quest!
  • You’re getting ready to set up camp for the night when you spy a cave.

    “Hey, wouldn’t it nice to sleep not out in the open for once?” One of you looks at the cave and then looks at the sky - cloudy, clearly about to pour down rain for the entire night - and decides to head in and check it out.

    Everything looks good. You start setting up camp when all of a sudden you notice that there are about fifty Kobolds deeper outside of the cave now. Maybe this was their home? Probably shouldn’t have ignored signs of their being kobolds here before setting up camp...

    Send me a number between 1-20 before the end of N2!
  • You all look at Monika who just said "KILL ME OR HIM, ONLY US, IT IS A CHALLENGE!"

    Someone says "wtf." And then Monika is kicked out of the party! Hopefully they can get to the nearest town before they're murdered by some random monster.

    (They were murdered by Orcs.)

    Display Spoiler

    Monika was the


    They have three roles:

    A) They can ask me a yes/no question at night if it does not involve a player or roles alignment.

    B) They can steal other people's items.

    C) On Night 2 they can create a night chat with another person of their choice. If that person dies they can start a new chat with someone else.

    Note that they must chose between one of these actions each night.

  • My role was: 18.

    The range falls between 16-20.

    Everybody failed except for @Cody.

    The Kobolds collectively beat the shit out of your group and kicked you out of the cave, forcing you to set up camp in the open right as it began to pour rain. It was not a fun night.

    Everybody except for Cody will have the following debuff:

    You're all Hated and will have an extra vote tacked on to your total for the day. This vote cannot be removed.
  • You wake up in the morning to find one of your friends dead, their head severed and sitting on a stick in the middle of camp. A note, in blood, reads, "I found a rat!"

    It was @Mordred.

    Display Spoiler

    @Mordred was the Warlock.

    They were able to do two things:

    A) Role cop

    B) Attempt to summon a Stump.

    You go to find the person who killed this fiend and congratulate them.. only to find another dead as well. Riddled with fifty thousand knives.

    Display Spoiler

    @korokpeach was the Barbarian

    They were capable of a 1-Shot Strongman Vigilante kill.

    Day 3 Begins

    Ask me for the clan test!

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  • Catrina surveys the scene almost detachedly for several long moments before silently turning to leave. "Alright, good news, we got one of the killers. Bad news, they took one of our own. Now that I've stated what we all already know, let's get to business. I don't have much to go off of in the present moment, and will thus be reviewing the past two days carefully. While I do that: did anyone learn anything last night?"

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  • Time for some analysis. I'm not sure yet whether it will be useful, but now that we've had a mafioso flip it might be.

    Display Spoiler
    Sabbo votes Realm
    Zoraluigi votes Gerudoyoshi
    GuardianFIN votes Gerudoyoshi
    GregariousTree votes theunabletable then Realm
    Cody votes GuardianFIN
    Gerudoyoshi votes Realm then theunabletable
    BDB votes theunabletable then Monika
    votes GuardianFIN
    Monika votes theunabletable
    theunabletable nolynches
    Mordred votes Gazooks
    Gazooks votes gerudoyoshi
    Realm votes Gregarious
    Medli votes gerudoyoshi

    gerudoyoshi was town
    Medli was town

    Monika votes zoraluigi
    Sabbo votes GuardianFIN
    Zoraluigi votes Gazooks
    theunabletable votes GuardianFIN
    GuardianFIN votes BDB
    Cody votes Gazooks
    korokpeach votes Monika
    Monika duels Gazooks
    korokpeach votes Gazooks then Monika
    GuardianFIN votes Gazooks then Monika
    GregariousTree votes Gazooks then Monika
    Gazooks votes Monika
    Realm votes Monika
    Cody votes Monika
    Sabbo votes Monika
    Mordred votes Monika
    Zoraluigi votes Monika
    theunabletable votes Monika

    Monika was town
    Mordred was mafia
    korokpeach was town

    Not nearly as much information as I was hoping, but it does shine a positive light on Dr.Gazooks despite them not dying the night after being outed as a doctor. Similarly, it puts shade on @zoraluigi, @GuardianFIN, and @Big Daddy Biggles. GregariousTree, theunabletable, RealmWings, Cody, and I all remain in a relatively unknown state, as far as vote records go. That said, if we write in Dr.Gazooks as town, @Cody joins the others I have pinged as suspicious.

    Further, now that we've reached Day 3, let's look at the numbers: This was a 14 player game, which means the most likely number of mafiosi is 4 (where a quarter of the players is 3.5, and a third is 4.66). With 9 players remaining and likely three of them being scum, we have only a little bit of leeway, and I'd rather not test it.
  • What I find interresting, is indeed two deaths during the night.
    I have no info, but 3 scenarious.
    Least likely, since there is no info about this (I don't know is it usually informed or not)
    Modkill: Mordred was leaning on RL issues about being silent and mentioned she couldn't follow the game that well.
    Second, korokpeach used his one-shot on Mordred but also happened to die the same night.
    Third. We have some other sinister entity with Mafia.
    I suppose Mafia didn't even try our Dr.Gazooks cos he claimed to protect himself.
    Right now I'm getting more than a bit paranoid about anything we think we know. Since it's rather sure there is no vanillas in game and Maf rolecop is dead, what's left?
    Roleblocker and Godfather? At least The Table mentioned being targeted by roleblocker after N1.
    Would there be role for 4th Mafiosi?
    I suppose vanilla is just as deadly as roled one.
    I'm not quite sure what I have done to be suspicious. Yes, I voted for town thrice, without better judgement. Kutter was acting suspicious, that has been talked about already. Also, I voted gazooks first, but he turned out to be more useful than Muffins.
    For me, who I have the most doubts atm is Cody. Why? He seems to like to vote and be about the first to talk, but I haven't seen him say that much, nor give reasons for his vote.
    Also slipped on communal roll.
    Everyone else are just unsure.
    I have to run to work, I'm back when I can
  • Well it might just be flavour text, but according to the death post, korokpeach was the one who killed Mordred. Modkills generally get mentioned explicitly.

    Edit: No I misread the post, it doesn't actually say it, my mistake. I read this part wrong: "You go to find the person who killed this fiend and congratulate them.. only to find another dead as well."
  • It's always tough to find good information from the vote when we haven't voted out a Mafia yet - the closest thing we have to good information is anyone who Mordred voted for at end of day, or anyone who voted for Mordred at end of day (though even that's still flimsy, but it increases our chances of a hit).

    Based on that info, Mordred voted for Dr.Gazooks on Day 1, and Monika on Day 2, though obviously Day 2 only had two voting options and everyone picked Monika unanimously.
  • (Just got home from a long series of flights. I hope to look through the thread and maybe acquire some scum reads tomorrow. I'm not surprised by Mordred, I had a small scum read. Same with Realm and GregariousTree. Unsure about Biggles.

    After a short reread, I missed your post @korokpeach. I had hoped after gerudoyoshi's claim that we could get a switch onto either Realm or Fin; I actually had a post get cut off by the thread ending. I had tried to coordinate something (in fact I'm the only one who reacted to the role claim lol), but there just wasn't time.

    More importantly, though, what are the details on your inspiration? Last inspiration ended up killing a townie and outing a doctor (really unfortunate, because now a cop can't out as early, since they can just roleblock the doc and kill the cop the next night.) It would be good if we could possibly coordinate a bit better.

    This game is very inactive. I'm frustrated by how little there is to look at surrounding Mordred, there just weren't as many interactions as I would've liked.
    @zoraluigi, @GregariousTree, and @RealmWings, I want scum and town reads.

    Also, last night presumably a townie targeted me with an ability, and I blocked it. I'm not sure I should out the role yet, although at the same time, it could verify somebody as town. Given the nature of the ability, though, somebody else can likely verify them, too. Depending on potential cop investigations, it's possible we can confirm a lot of townies.)

    (EDIT: I can't believe I forgot to ask this yesterday holy crap. @Dr.Gazooks, who did you protect night 1? I'm the teensiest bit nervous about town having two protective roles. But, thankfully, in a pinch I can verify doc because I can block the protection at night.)

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